The Centre For Urban Ecology – Building Features – Introduction
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The Centre For Urban Ecology – Building Features – Introduction

Hey guys, it’s Grizzly!
back once again, in your screens! Did you guys miss me? Of course you did, what’s not to miss? Unfortunately for you though
this video is not going to be about me it’s going to be about this gorgeous building that you see behind me known as the Centre for Urban Ecology This is the first of many videos
that i’m going to have for you every two weeks, talking about the who’s who
some of the features and other cool facts about the building Some of the features we will be talking to you about will include: The Green Roof and Green Water Harvesting The Thermal Chimney and Exhaust Fan The Glass Walls Our Solar Awning The Earth Bank and Passive Cooling
and much much more. So let’s get started The centre for urban ecology was completed in 2007 It was a replacement for a bird observatory
that was built in 1977 Now you’re probably wondering, why replace it? This building was terrible to work in.
There were termites eating it, it got so hot
that the building actually melted crayons Now imagine working in that The Centre for Urban Ecology It’s a collaboration between the city of Toronto,
TRCA, as well as good old Humber College The design of the building was also a collaboration It was between Taylor Hazell and Associates, GH3,
Architects Alliance, as well as Enermodal Engineering As you guys can see, they did a great job
So you need to come on down and check it out The Centre for Urban Ecology has been a recipient
of a few awards and accreditations The big one being, the Gold LEED Certification in 2007
at the completion of the building 2010 we received the ontario association of architects
Design Excellence Award and most recently, in 2012,
the Platinum Ecocentres Certification The Centre for Urban Ecology was not only built to provide a
natural learning environment within an ecologically focused atmosphere but also to showcase technologies with the purpose of natural
preservation and sustainabilty So, I hope you enjoyed this video, I know it’s just a short one,
but its just an introduction every two weeks, on wednesday, you will have a new video on
a different feature on the building with beaver and myself explaining these features to you guys So if you have any questions please feel free to call or you can tweet us at HumberArb check us out on facebook; check out some of the pictures of the building on our website; and yeah, share, like our stuff, comment we love what you guys have to say
even if its some bad stuff, so,
don’t forget, see you guys soon The Humber Arboretum
where learning is natural

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