22 thoughts on “The Future of Genetic Testing for Babies

  1. ONLY if the disease is life threatening do I agree with prevention, because our genetics make us who we are, who are we to change that?

  2. I feel like this will make us obsess over every little gene our children have and worry unnecessarily. What good is life if you are constantly worried about your child not getting a whole list of illnesses.

  3. This is that Downs Syndrome screening we keep hearing about? Totally against that, aborting a child because of an intellectual deficiency is unacceptable. IQ of high functioning Down’s syndrome 95-105, average IQ of normal average people 95-105… see why we can’t just start aborting babies with Down’s syndrome? Well, not unless we’re going to abort babies of average IQ as well. At least they have a legit reason for the IQ they have, what’s societies excuses?

  4. What do they do with the dna and the results. The dna test results are being stored and even the dna gets stored and its not your property anymore.So yes you read it correctly if you take a dna test the company has the ownership of your dna ..google that first.Allso the insurance companys are gettinghthe results so be aware who and what has your dna and testresults.I thinknits strange its never talked about what they do after the results are in and what they do with the dna.Mind you even in this video the mman say when the parents give their concent..concent to what exactly🤔 Not just a gen test or dna test.Google what companys collect and then have ownership of YOUR DNA THE VERRY FIBER OF YOUR BEING!!!! SCARY STUFF

  5. I was wondering if "The Doctor's" show can do a program on Bone Marrow, Stem Cell & Umbilical Cord Blood Donorship so that more matches can be found for cancer patients.  Here is the "Be the Match" website: https://www.bethematch.org

  6. Nope. I would never do this. How would I be able to enjoy life if I knew that my child was at a greater risk of childhood cancer? What difference would it make? Having a family should be organic. This feels very synthetic.

  7. Smh at some parents. Just because you close your eyes, it doesn't mean that health issues won't arise. Testing should be fine, it's not like you're modifying the baby yet…

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