The Gangs That Inherited Pablo Escobar’s Drug Empire: Cooking with Cocaine
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The Gangs That Inherited Pablo Escobar’s Drug Empire: Cooking with Cocaine

We were being driven through the streets of Medellin known as the world’s cocaine capital our escorts were members of a powerful drug gang Getting access to one of the most feared criminal organizations in the world Meant that we had to give up our phones and agree to be blindfolded We were completely at their Mercy We had heard the cocaine trade had radically changed and this was a good opportunity to find out It was one of those moments in life. Where you realize this could be a really bad idea The guy bringing me into the room used to be a hit man. He was fresh out of jail This is the drug Gangs method of blindfolding people to avoid attention just eye patches and sunglasses The guys gave us a ridiculous cover story in case we were stopped by the police that we had just undergone a surgery I’m not sure that they would have bought that Thank You, Whoa Okay, we’ve been blindfolded for 30 minutes. That was really stressful. I don’t know where I am What is the dog looking for? -Marijuana Do you think he’s addicted? So this is basically like a deposit. They will sell the drugs from this house. They will distribute them to different places so far They’ve shown is the Pod, but I think they’ve got much more They’re letting has only film in this one room the light has to be dim because it attracts the attention of people outside But it’s already a lot of access I mean these people that you see here are like the foot soldiers of the cocaine cartels for us to be here they basically had to ask and get clearance by senior people nothing going to catch all right I said [Sailor] [Moon] [Kali], Da Miedo [Yatra] Ha come yell No, Entry a esto y [r] ma no tienen see our Master Tomatina Guardado Donde Esta no por Si ellos, Lo Viene La Policia a [cement] a Being a foot soldier is a risky proposition [there’s] thousands of them in Medellin, and they can earn up to five hundred dollars a week They started a really young age and most don’t make it past 25 It’s only the toughest to survive and make [it] through the ranks These are called bricks of cocaine and their boss knows exactly how much they’re supposed to wait So if there’s less merchandise they get into trouble In Miami or the streets of the us this would be $50,000 Cases, and oh was it approaches okay, [Jim] [Kosek], Comedy club Depósito to Just [party] talent for book [a] [soda]. Sorry [Lo] particular Kiara located negotiate When I would see cousin Coochie noonim Admit A Good boy. [yeah], tanto Tiempo. You know Kupuna RK. Kick romera [my] [dominoes]. I located to me Kata Village egg [the] [Chosen] Tres Polite [oh] he may and pokey [they] [said] [this] want Okroshka Lai-wan glom un Gramo. Talk I possess purses Pocky Tambien agamas Lente Okay, nagar Antonio’s Oman like AmI tomar for comedy Yo famous quote vidrio Knme air porque ellos, Tio Hikari, elastic illya s a [baha’u’llah] Lanka da da La Moscow Home Villages eat elohim no Assad LOL Esta bien que somos de Esquina Cristo Namaste Mubarak Tito listen mother [prays] me let’s start it It’s a pretty surreal scene there’s cocaine all over the place It’s all over the floor even it’s just something that’s kind of worthless for them. They’re so used to it They say they’ve grown with this The security guy in the room next door was keeping watch that is when he wasn’t feeding pot to the dog he gave a signal that we had to leave who knows if a dealer was coming to pick up his – This is the part we’re not looking forward to it all but it has to be done apparently again the Blindfolding is not that bad. What’s really strange is to be in that taxi cab for 30 minutes or so? [oh]? well Look at all We were bundled back into their car not having a clue where we were we had just seen the first step in medallions cocaine industry On the surface the City seems stable But if you dig deeper, you’ll find many efficiently run criminal networks modeled after a corporation The official line is that the city is experiencing a relative calm Actually, that’s not the case It’s just that the gangs known as combos have made deals and divided up the city We were granted access to a guy who controls one of these combos. He’s only 26 and yet. They call him kucho Which means dad or old man there are around 20 coaches in the city? Xavier has an army of 500 men including the guys we met at the Depot He is middle management the link between international drug traffickers and the foot soldiers He’d like to move up the ranks but today it takes more than just being ruthless you have to be ahead of the curve La Magia, de La Madre Ecology no hace only say nosotros, [Lo] Dico Cosimo’s Es botticelli Keo, II intrusive, Oliver Finally [Kiko] essays a leaky okay note Rosario moses portable [says] [Ariana’s] Gotas Para La Nariz Para is [Dez] infect [non-Hazardous] Estas a consume ideas Para possibly fauna Arias a mass effect, okay, La Cocaina normal chasm for glasses intrusive all analyse Yeah, Jenna vecto Imagine [Calchas] La Cocaina normal [Des] Esos Impromptu totalmente no our porque ya que La cocaina [twas] [a] say the same pass Is a consumer see? Blanca Asiata colleague a velocipede inochi no [Esta] [Ryoko’s] and a Trio seat [regional] temperatures cake emotivist when cinco no digamos Para Emprah [Pori] Hasta La cárcel Oh yeah [mente] por Estar Muerto spore, Lo Cuido say Machen a con mucha libre Muchas Culebra’s pero no, babe. Oh geez Yeah [es] [s] [port] ando [Rosamma] can see informal or [es], El Pasad nosotros en Esto, Momento. De Santander. Oh Para Entrar Oliver cows [yo] G pono look armas Pagar Lana’s Politico’s our escape a comer [yah], Kuzey. Oh, Nadia. No trinomial cough Javier may have big plans with his liquid cocaine, but his superiors operate on a grand scale They are the drug lords traffickers with international business links who make the serious money We wanted to meet one we had heard about a new cocaine production model. Which was supposed to be a game-changer So after days of waiting we finally got notice we were going to be shown something very few people get to see One of the new cocaine laughs okay? Here’s the call. We’re waiting for Hopefully this will work hello pure Kenneth We were going to be shown something very few people get to see one of the new cocaine labs It’s crazy that this place is right in the heart of the city. We’re never expected it to look like this [we] can’t show what it looks like from the outside, but it’s just like a regular Normal building [lion] [oh] wait they need to put The [Senora] te’o como se. De De Pueblos into now [s] cosa merciful. Okay, Claro que ellos no dossier Tipo Sport our Co-Chair [O] Acumen ahmo’s : Hasta que Ellos Para ciudades [Antennae] Communis Tacoinusa me de Grandes consume me, Horas que Nunca, Sawara Apparently all you need is a kitchen with a microwave and a cook it’s all moves that will house when I 30 show use Cocaine has traditionally been made in large labs in the jungle, but these often get busted, so the Cartels have adapted It’s a do-it-yourself Strategy, and it’s booming yes. I’m gonna answer [that] When done Ghazis from the steel of hundreds of kitchen labs are [working] all over [the] city? 24/7 Perry Kopaka Media Several mouths Chakotay to Nami Padilla Commodore Roper Deku Tree Como Kimiko Los que lastima cocido case a loss [process] Akeno [they] [summarize] [a] torna Very gross that right there. They make a cello come let’s amish Okay, well mood as holy It smells pretty strong and they obviously told us that you can’t smoke or anything [cuz] the thing will just blow up Pero Eso, Lo que Salen, La Coka sala de La Cocaina. Yo [Sukwon] dose a second vamos a doses o esto, Los [Kikuna], past Iike a Edema De Aquila met a monk. Oh a meet Rhonda Akeno Makka, Essentia Te Gusta Como [si] las process zito to yost asthma Santo co-come okay caliente Las Cosas Claro que a Las Cosas The boss suddenly knocks on the door and everyone panicked we had to stop all filming Pedro is a big-time drug trafficker, and he says that’s all we need to know giving us more information He says could put both of us in Danger. [I] know What is wrong like with it giving props to theaters and bury your people in they destroy their lives But if I don’t do it somewhere else is gonna. Do it someone is gonna make the money it is what it is Have you made money oh yeah? Now do you want to do something [completely] different? Why not give it to any more business at travel? I don’t want to nothing out prison in the United States or here or anywhere and I don’t need it. So way to be greedy Is that run exactly like a corporation, but how long these was agreed? So whole you have a business degree through this startup is for super people these cute organizations. Have then we have in the past We don’t have that anymore. It’s just like very small groups so many bosses is that easier or harder? Yeah, it is easier. It is no, so violent. We have very low profile sidelights [we] respect as much money [updated] we Head North just to spend we have a million dollar course Everything that Does the HP price I did remind me [a] very particular padres until now we were [happy] [Board] perfectly Then all of a sudden pedro stopped apparently our time was up We were dropped back downtown where the police warned us to be careful about [getting] our camera stolen Seriously after all that. We had just seen this was really the least of our worries Citizens say Medina is now safer and authorities will claim. It’s a result of their effective policies We found that neither of these are entirely true as the boss said bloodshed is bad for business it draws too much attention This is the new cocaine trade low-profile run out of tiny apartments and less violent at least for the time being

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  1. this is just sad what people do these days using someone else name for views also this video is 100 percent fake sadly all u fuckers think it's real

  2. It's about time the underground trades is doing what big corporations are doing. Very smart. Corporations are just as the same as the underground trades. They lie, cheat and steal from the publics, sometimes even murders (whistleblowers). The approvals drugs are as dangerous as cocaine, the difference is, it kills you slowly and give you cancer in the end.

  3. @vice – How can you employ a woman to show a drug gang to the world and she asks if a dog is a fucking dependant on marijuana, unironically.

    I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm not watching this trash, disliked.

  4. Soooooooooo, to avoid giving away their location (Must stay in secrecy) they must wear blindfolds, but what I want to know is – so who was tapping?? 🤔 I call BS on a lot of these so call “Reality/Documentary” shows.

  5. It's hilarious how you can tell by the last lab, how the journalist already DEFINITELY tried the product, no joke, no BS, check her with tight jaws😉😄😄, I love it!

  6. So the gram of high-quality Colombian cocaine was either $1.50 or $2.50? That's a pretty good price considering it would get stepped on at least 3 or 4 times in the United States and still cost $50 or $60…

  7. I hate these tell all mini docuseries. Unless u gonna start trafficking drugs wtf you doing research on this for? Sound like CIA propaganda as usual. Idk any real hustlers in Colombia or anywhere else for that matter that would let a camera crew film them….for what? Couple grand? To get sponsored by Coca-Cola? Tf outa here with that stuff. Homeboy in mexico that worked for narcos got murked for scouting locations yet Colombia let's cameras show their operation…..pedro dude in the mask even looks and talks like a fed. This fake af.

  8. Dang y'all brave! I would not have wanted to be in no cocaine lab. What if police came? Would the journalists been in trouble?

  9. They dont stash any guns incase cops come.. lol i think if cops come guns will be the least of your problems tbh.. Also, what trap house aynt got guns in em.

  10. God bless the Dead I,v said this before and let's not HATE your enimes cuz that makes you just as bad and Don,t hate yourself ether love youself even if you did do something bad and forgive got nothin to do talk to God 🙏😇🙌 🙏 Love God 😇 🙏 he loves you

  11. She is brave and they are actually very kind and respectful to her. The way the guy pulls off the eye patches. It’s as if he was helping a loved one….

  12. It is a mistake showing the view of the street as that shows the location. Chances are they will move to a new location after the video is recorded. Also the only reason I can think of that recording of this would be allowed is that it is profitable for their business for them to have this recorded. As in that they are ruthless if you cross them, but will survive if do as you are told. Some like to get to know such people, but I prefer to stay away from them and know nothing about them. The less I know the better. Less violence is always good, and if it can be done without locking people up to end the violence even better.

  13. Those guys are respectful to her see even people doing that kind of line of work has respect for others but people is scared to approach them

  14. Vice. C'mon. Seriously. You devalued the peso by a factor of 100. At 7:20 you say "two or three million pesos ($1,000-$1500)" which is absolutely ridiculously miscalculated. Current exchange rate for dollars to pesos is 1 peso= about .05 dollars. Which is roughly a 20 to 1 ratio. You geniuses made it a 2,000 to 1 ratio. I appreciate your stories because you show shit that most other "media" won't. But when you go off and try political "blame Trump for everything" shit, it gets old so fast. On top of that, the egregious errors that almost seem purposely exaggerated it just leaves me shaking my head.

  15. Weed my ass, that dog is sniffing around for some of that coca they leave around, I kno weed dogs & that ones moving differently

  16. kelos aren't 50 grand,,,,guess its for the story,,in hou,tx,,kees are 14 grand to 20 grand,,,okc it doubles almost,,say 30 or so grand,,,,grams in h-town 40, 50 bucks,,,o.z.s,,,,4 to 5 hundred,,.,dont deal,,,but was in the game when kees were about 45 grand,,,1983,,,now i am 62 and old ,,did 20 yrs,,tdc,,,prison,not a gambler any more,,pot is all,,health is everything,,

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