The Kinetic Molecular Theory (Animation)

*cheering* The Kinetic Molecular Theory is the theory that all matter is made up of atoms and molecules that are always moving. These particles hold kinetic energy and move around in random directions. In higher temperatures, the particles have high energy And in low temperatures, the particles have less energy. The more energy a particle has, the faster it will move. In solids, such as ice, the particles hardly move at all and hold a regular pattern because the energy is low and the particles are tightly packed. In liquids such as water, the particles have more energy and the freedom to move around. Liquids have the ability to flow and fill the shape of any container they are put in. In gases like steam, the particles have the most energy. These particles are sparse and move around freely. Gases are usually invisible to the eye and they can be expanded and compressed in different pressures. All matter is composed of atoms and molecules that are always moving. The higher the temperature, the more energy these particles have and that is the Kinetic Molecular Theory.

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