The Man Whose D.N.A MELTED!
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The Man Whose D.N.A MELTED!

On September 30th 1999 a small village in japan was effected by a serious nuclear disaster. Now known as the Tokaimura nuclear accident it claimed the lives of 2 people. In this video we will be taking a look at one of the
two workers who was so badly effected by radiation it basically caused his D.N.A to melt. The accident occurred within a nuclear plant
in the Japanese village of Tokai. While working on creating a new batch of uranium
enriched fuel. The trio of workers creating the fuel had no proper qualifications or training
requirements in order to successfully create the fuel. Adding too much uranium to the mixture
caused it to reach critical mass and a major uranium leak occurred. The real problem came
once the technicians added a uranyl nitrate solution to the mixture, this caused a chain
reaction which lead to the fuel to begin to emit intense gamma radiation. The workers
described seeing a bright blue flash, they then began to feel nausea and struggled to
breathe. Five hours into the radiation leak surrounding
residents of the area were evacuated from their homes. People located 6 miles away were
informed to stay inside and use items such as sandbags to block the lingering radiation,
they were also told to wash off any rain that may fall on them.
People within the affected area were forced to stay inside for 24 hours.
39 workers were exposed to the immediate effects of the radiation and 667 workers, emergency
responders and nearby civilians were exposed to excess radiation. The worst case of radiation poising from the
accident has to be the terrible effects it had on one of the workers by the name of Hisashi
Ouchi, he was one of the workers who was creating the fuel.
After the leak his entire body began to experience pain he then vomited and fell unconscious.
The radiation had a devastating effect on him, it destroyed most of his skin, severely
damaged his internal organs and he had a white blood cell count close to zero.
Although he was in a critical condition he was kept alive for 83 more days, as the days
went on his condition became worse. His skin and muscles began to deteriorate,
the doctors administered antibiotics and antifungals but the drugs barely helped at all. He would
beg for death. He was losing about 20 litres of bodily fluid
a day, the radiation broke down the chromosomes within his cells and most cells that didn’t
die became cancerous. Within his span of suffering he died several
times however doctors revived him each time. He finally died after 2 and a half months
of suffering. There is a picture of the state his body was
in before he died, you can simply google his name or check the link in the description,
but we must warn you the picture is beyond graphic and may not be suitable for sensitive
people so do not click the link if you do not like graphic medical pictures. The accidents cause was officially ruled as human error and serious breaches of safety principles This makes us wonder if something as complicated
and potentially devastating as nuclear power should be used as an energy source. Do you
think the human race should be using an alternate energy sources and if so, which one should
we use? Thank You so much for watching, we would just
like to explain why we have done this video, sometimes while making a top5 video we will
come across interesting cases but will only come across little or specific information
about the case therefore we’re unable to make a full top5 video out of the case. However,
we don�t want to put the information to waste. Due to this we are thinking of starting
to do documentary style videos along with top5 videos. Depending on the outcome of this
video we might make more and they will be much longer

100 thoughts on “The Man Whose D.N.A MELTED!

  1. The picture is not really him. It’s of an African man who had a severe allergic reaction and also had to have his leg amputated. Real news but fake picture!

  2. If you read the book written about this incident you will know that his family had given doctors an approval to use any medical treatment that could possible help.

    Ouchi's family was also well informed about his condition every day. They also visited him frequently and were fully aware what he looked like. Still during last visits they begged him to hang on.

    Also there was no Do Not Resuscitate order in place. So doctors could not legally let him die. As I see it, his family didn't want to accept the fact that Ouchi could not recover.

    Furthermore they did use powerful painkillers.

    But do not let the facts spoil a good story about cruelty of doctors and scientist.

  3. It should be against the law to forcefully extend the life of someone with so much suffering. These are not doctors, they are sociopathic. This man begged for death’s mercy, and still, they kept reviving him. It is heartbreaking. Doctors like this deserve nothing.

  4. I think dumb inexperienced people should not even mess with enriched uranium evet but for people with experience there is little to low risk we have only had 4 nuclear disasters in history 2 of which the core did not explode and 2 where it did Chernobyl and Fukushima in coclusion coal and other forms of energy have killed more people than nuclear.

  5. The picture is likely one of two firefighters who were victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Hopefully it should be cleared up soon who it is by Dr Robert Gale who treated the ARS victims from Chernobyl, he'll be doing a Q&A on the Chernobyl subreddit soon.

  6. Me: I mean……..the picture can't be that bad
    Me:*looks at picture*

  7. NO, nuclear power should not be used, continued or advanced, it is death to the human race and animal life, and were too stupid to see that, even after events like this, Chernobyl, Fukushima, The Marshall Islands etc. Man has created a monster that it cannot control, contain, or get rid of. The answer is hydro, wind and sun power, nature gives us all the tools we need for power, instead we created a demon in splitting the atom.

  8. Its bullshit the doctors were not doing any experiments on him ,they were trying hard to get him back healthy ,after his sister blood transfusion to him was the only positive sign where the doctors thought that they could save him but his condition was worsen every day ,everyone in that medical team had a gutted feeling that he would not live after all they hve done till now ,like restarting his heart 3 times ,transfusion of his sisters blood in hope that somehow it generates white blood cells in his body and giving him skin graft when he was bleeding from outside after his skin deteriorated very badly , His family was not losing any hope on him and were still very hopeful till few days before his death ,a documentary of him is available in japanese with english subtitles ,u should watch it

  9. Fuckers giving this poor bastard extended torture of pain, cruel asf that. They wouldn’t be happy if that was one of them or one their family members arseholes

  10. They should have let the man pass keeping him alive was just inhumane to me there's no way to survive what he was exposed too

  11. Did you do any research at all? That picture is proven not to be the guy, and you don't even say his name right.

  12. I feel sick. That poor man. He just wanted to die and they kept him alive for scientific purposes. Can u imagine the pain. Look at the image of him. How dare they.

  13. We should continue using nuclear power because new reactor design basically have almost no chance of a meltdown. There are tons of safeguards to prevent what happened in the past.

  14. So sad & disturbing 😔… tho very unsettling I think it’s important to show this to the people of our communities what the possible consequences of nuclear energy are. And why we should be looking for safer cleaner alternatives that won’t leave our planet, and our people, irreconcilably scarred. This is a perfect example of why this needs to start happening now before it’s too late.

  15. OMG!!
    That poor man suffered horrendously because his family didn't want to let go of him. The doctors should have educated the family on what was happening to his body and that his state was irreversible. He went through more pain and suffering than just about anyone ever has.
    Resuscitating the poor fellow only to prolong his agony was a tragedy that should never be repeated EVER!!
    Let this man's story be a lesson and a reminder to humanity that it is sometimes better to die and rest in peace than go through unimaginable torment simply because someone wants that person to live.
    May God forgive this man's family.
    RIP ❤

  16. Leonid toptunov&
    Vasily ignatenko: we got the most fucked up in a nuclear disaster

    Hisashi Ouchi: hold my DNA

  17. Those images are not of ouchi it was from some other poor dude most likely from Chernobyl due to the equipment in the background. There are very few photos of ouchi most likely from his family not allowing them to be publicly released. You can find photos of acute radiation from his colleagues.

  18. I think he was kept alive deliberately for experiments or something, his family memebers might be conpensated or something.

  19. The picture supposedly isn't of Hisashi, as he died with all of his limbs attached, while the man in the image has his right leg amputated from the knee down.

  20. So anyone who is involved in keeping him alive after he begged for mercy should be intentionally exposed and returned the same fate. Disturbing.

  21. For people exposed to that much radiation, you should put them in a medically induced coma after the latency period ends and let them die painlessly.

  22. they didnt keep him alive because of scientific reasons. hospital team responsible for his treatment soon realized that they cant help it, they really tried their best, but his family were in severe shock and struggled to let go. it was a situation never seen before. after many blood transfusions from his sister to provide the necessary white bloodcells, the level of radiation remaining in his body after the accident, just kept mutating those and destroying the living cells into cancerous cells. his DNA wasn't literally melted either, most of the chromosomes were seperated or broken or just deformed in any way. a documentary said 'mr. ouchi lost his body blueprint'.
    after all, i really am bothered by all those accusions about the doctors to just let him die, you must know, that there is law in medicine as well as that the family was visiting him every day, after the first three heart failures, the doctor spoke to the family and both parties came to the conclusion to not bring him back again, if the heart failure would appear again. y'all are spreading bad news. of course he had to suffer so much, like really much. i really cant imagine the pain you'd had to go through (even with pain killer or any drugs) when your intestines bleed, your skin comes off, your eyes bleed, even his muscle cells (which get penetrated the least by radiation) were dissolving, and on top of that, horrible fluid loss, he had really bad diarrhea in the beginnings, resulting in bleedings and later as his body started dissolving, he lost more liters of fluid through his pores. its really hard to imagine, but the medical team, just as the family were thrown in front of a situation that never occured before. it wasnt easy for any of them. so please dont make assumption, that they used him as an experiment object. they all wanted to save his life, therefore there were many treatments, new drugs and so on, not because he was a test dummy, but he was a living humanbeing. a person.

  23. Yes nuclear fuel is the cleanest form of fuel their is alot of things people dont know about like those steam towers are water vapor

  24. First of all my condolences to a man who you should have let die I believe. Sounds like so much pain!
    Secondly I kept thinking my burrito was done in the microwave.
    And third his name was Ouchi?!

  25. You Americans think this is horrifying !!!
    What about that time you dropped two fucking ATOMIC BOMBS on two densely populated cities and millions of people suffered from the same fate !!!👹👹👹👿👿👿🤬🤬🤬

  26. Imgur is acting retarded….. I go to sign up and it only shows something stating that all I need to do now is make up a username and I'm "all set", but when I do, it keeps saying "Invalid Captcha" as if there was a security thing I was supposed to check off, but there was literally nothing….. wtf.

  27. The picture was really graphic but it's not like you wont be able to handle it. If you're too scared to go look I'll describe what it looked like.

    He was on a bed, limbs strung up and spread apart. There was hardly any, if any, skin left on his body. There was blood everywhere and it looked like he had been boiled alive. He was very thin and frail looking.

    30% Cruel to keep Alive
    30% image is horrific
    15% Fallout video game
    15% Japan was naughty in history
    1% Actual Japanese people

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