The New CRISPR Tool That Could ‘Delete’ Disease From Our DNA
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The New CRISPR Tool That Could ‘Delete’ Disease From Our DNA

You’ve probably heard of CRISPR technologies
and their much-discussed ability to edit our DNA. For the most part, these stories probably
refer to CRISPR-Cas9. But a new system, CRISPR-Cas3, has just been
used in human cells for the very first time…and offers a whole new set of tools that could
have huge implications for curing previously incurable viruses. To review, CRISPR-Cas9 is the combination
of a custom-made piece of RNA (that’s the clustered regularly interspersed palindromic
repeats, or the CRISPR part) and an enzyme (that’s the CRISPR associated protein 9,
or Cas-9 part). The RNA is engineered to recognize a certain
segment of DNA, which guides the CRISPR-Cas9 system to that section so it can then cut
and delete, or potentially add to, or even replace with an altered version. CRISPR-Cas9 belongs to a family of CRISPR-based
editing tools called Class 2 systems. There are actually three classes of CRISPR-Cas
systems, most of them belonging to classes one and two. CRISPR-Cas3 is a Class 1 system. Class 1 systems are apparently more prevalent
in our biological processes and are more sophisticated than Class 2 systems, but have so far they’ve
only been used experimentally as gene editing tools in bacteria and archaea. CRISPR-Cas3 has the unique capability to search
for, identify, and delete much longer stretches of DNA than CRISPR-Cas9, chunks up to 100,000
base pairs long—and it makes multiple cuts along that chunk, kind of like a shredder. A research team that recently demonstrated
this in human cells for the first time–in a petri dish–believes the Cas3 system could
be a better option than Cas9 because it uses a longer guide RNA sequence. This means it’s better at more accurately
locating the chunk we want to target. This makes it ideal for editing non-coding
segments of our genome. These are pieces of our DNA, about 98% of
it, actually, that don’t directly correlate to something. Instead they act as regulators, determining
how much that gene is expressed, if at all. We don’t have a great understanding of what
this huge swathe of our DNA really does, so using CRISPR-Cas3 to delete large sections
and then seeing what happens, in a lab setting of course, could give us a much better understanding
of what these non-coding sections do and how they work. CRISPR-Cas3 could also delete sections of
genes that have been permanently altered by viruses. Diseases like herpes actually hijack our DNA,
inserting their sequences into our genome to use our cell’s machinery to make their
own often malicious proteins. Herpes in particular is spectacularly good
at avoiding our immune system and goes through dormant stages, making it impossible to cure. But its permanent alterations of our DNA could
make it vulnerable to attack by CRISPR technologies, and CRISPR-Cas3’s accurate targeting and
powerful shredding capabilities could knock it out of our system for good. Some other teams are pointing to CRISPR-Cas3
as a potential solution for antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Instead of deleting a sequence of DNA infected
by a virus’ DNA, CRISPR-Cas3 could just chew up the bacterium’s whole genome beyond
the point of repair, causing the organism’s death—no antibiotics required! So, CRISPR-Cas3 has the potential to delete
large chunks of our DNA, proving useful and potentially more efficient and cost-effective
in some essential medical situations—but we still have to learn how to control it. While the most recent study into CRISPR-Cas3’s
potential did demonstrate that we can use it in human cells, we still don’t have total
control over how long a section we tell it to delete. And of course, since we’re not even entirely
sure of the complete function of most of our genes, we would want to make sure the stuff
we’re deleting is, y’know…safe to delete. Or that we have a healthy version to replace
it with, some kind of backup plan. There are all kinds of new studies coming
out about the unexpected effects of CRISPR-Cas9— deletions we didn’t mean to make and didn’t
see coming—so with all of this gene-editing stuff we’ll need to proceed with extreme
caution and many more years of experimentation before we see this in a clinical setting. But this new exploration of CRISPR-Cas3’s
potential is an exciting first proof-of-concept for a technology that could one day provide
a solution for previously incurable viruses. If you want to learn more about viruses, you
should check out our new show, Sick. It’s all about what’s happening in your body
when things start to go wrong. We’re talking Lyme disease, measles, lupus,
and more. Is there a disease or illness you want us
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  1. Welcome to the age of genetic uplift!
    The next level of human evolution.
    In 100 years humans will be amazed that we survived for eons without this new genetic technology.
    The Homo-genomicus will supersede Homo sapiens, they will live longer, be immune to all disease, be smarter, faster, stronger and be more adaptable to environments.
    We are on the edge of becoming a multi planet race that will begin to colonize space, make long journeys to far flung star systems.
    That is if we don’t destroy ourselves before we master our own design destiny.

  2. 1st step Delete the Sequence 2nd wait for the disease to be erased 3rd step restore the Sequence. Subject is not altered permanently.

  3. A disease I'd like you to cover is Glandular Fever. I had it as a child, but still don't understand it. And it caused permanent effects to my body.

  4. you don't need Cas3 to defeat anti-biotic resistant bacteria, nature already has an answer. Bacteriophages

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    CRISPR-Cas3: "hold my beer. you'll never see that fake stuff again."

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    Allah is the only one who cures disease.

  8. Type 0 or initiators (pardon my outdated terminology) is my favourite but it's also the hardest to work with

  9. Seems like a nice idea but having worked with Crispr in the past, Cas3 would be much more challenging to work with than with Cas9. Longer Guide RNAs are nicer because they will provide even further accuracy, however it would also make it difficult for longer RNAs to physically enter cells. The bigger the guide RNA the harder it is to get it inside a cell.

  10. They always hold up the little sick girl to gain your approval, and then proceed to utilize these technologies in the pursuit of dominance and control. America has a history of eugenics programs. With this tech you can also craft diseases that can TARGET folks based on their genetics, even very specific to an individual. When China announced that they had breached ethical boundries and had crafted HIV resistant girls (for the sex trade?), Uncle Sam said "I want some of that!", immediately ordering their own machine. When you listen to the hateful rhetoric that is the trademark of the current WH, you can easily guess what "invasive organisms" the MAGAt crew would like to eliminate…

  11. Could this also repair syndromes like down, fragile X or aspergers and if yes, would the brain react to it after full development ? Would be grateful if you answered, honered science enthusiasts!

  12. Our ancestors ate healthy chemical free food and lived healthy natural lives. I better listen to them.

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  15. It's always been a dream of mine to be apart of a scientific medical breakthrough. I'm a grown, healthy adult and would give full consent as a experimental volunteer. Anyone that know of current crispr clinical trials, I'd be very interested in hearing it.

  16. I'm just discussing the results of my bachelor thesis where I used Cas9 in mouse cells, and this video gave me an excellent pointer for an additional discussion point. Thanks for that!

  17. Just wait until we figure out how to put error-correcting-codes in our DNA so that mutations become literally impossible

  18. Cure my herpes!
    Cure all the aids!
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    China already did this ages ago old news

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  21. And what's to stop a virus that can rewrite crispr 3 into destroying all cells…….. Or what would happened if it went rogue and hitched a ride on the flu virus or something easy to transport from person to person and it started deleting and killing all DNA essentially deleting humanity and all other life-forms??? these are things that should be seriously considered for we all know viruses mutate and and crisp 3 is nothing more than a virus. I'm for it but against it on less there was a kill switch to it.

  22. This could be used to edit the gene that heals our bodies and replaces dead cells to help live like 2-3 times as long

  23. can we clone humans using crisper or may be dead humans using the DNA in bones

    i know we can create or engineer baby using crisper theoretically

  24. I saw a movie name elysium where we saw magic machine which can cure every disease like a magic

    Same as with crisper

  25. While this technology sounds promising in the future, it wouldn’t help with genetic disorders like mine. I’m already missing pieces so I need code put in. I have Mitochondrial Myopathy in one of its many forms

  26. Seeker I have a question. If we work with DNA and able to fix it or edit it are we able to create a DNA? I mean are we will be able to create a Life form ?

  27. I am a Botanist from Tripura Central University and I'm working on CRISPR Gene Editing techniques… I liked your piece of work. Everything information you delivered in this video are on point. So good to see people making these good videos. May God bless you. ❤

  28. If everyone could experiment with crispr and not only some entitled self absorbed scientists, we would already HAVE a cure for each disease. The reason why we are still in this situation is refusal to only teach about crispr by universities – you have to learn all kinds of useless information till you are allowed to deal with crispr and on the other hand, there is the government full of dumb people regulating everything they don't get.

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  30. The content was brilliant. The delivery was annoying as hell. Mainly her eye, mouth and head movements, but her intonation as well. She sounds like she got her presentation skills by watching too much VOX. Too salesman-y and upbeat for a learning video. Although, I would take upbeat over boring but somewhere there has to be a middle ground. Anyway, can we Cas9 her blowhole?

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