The Science of Love, Planets & Pollution | V-MAN | Suvrat Joshi | #VishayKhol
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The Science of Love, Planets & Pollution | V-MAN | Suvrat Joshi | #VishayKhol

Baby I love… you… Love, Planets, and Pollution [Sings a Bollywood song expressing his dilemma if to express his love to his beloved. ] Oh my God! Your heart is beating so fast! You look happy. It seems you haven’t slept the whole night and haven’t eaten anything since morning. So, to get over your heartbreak, you have either done drugs or he has again fallen in love. That’s the reason I come to you. You get it so perfectly. I have done drugs of love. Of love… drug… But why is it happening? Hey, there is a science behind it. What happened is… as you fell in love your brain started secreting the chemicals
dopamine and norepinephrine profusely. It made you feel full of love, enthusiasm
and desires. Surprisingly, the same effect is experienced
after injecting Cocaine in the body. Oh my God! So is it going to go on? No dear! This is a romantic love phase. In this phase, the pre-frontal cortex of the brain that helps in applying logic, stops working. But, as time progresses, things change. Though love is initially blind, later it can see everything and a person finally looks for
a stable and long-term relationship. I also want to propose to her. I too want to be stable. I will propose her with a diamond. But, as Saturn isn’t placed favorably
in my horoscope, I don’t think I would afford it. No idea about the placement of Saturn
in your horoscope but if you could actually visit the Saturn, you will find ample of diamonds there. Really? Of course! Baby… I love you. Shut up! I was sure that he would come up
with some amazing non-scientific notion. Nothing of it will happen on actual Saturn planet. On Saturn… Baby… I…. So, you didn’t get what happened. Right? Let’s watch it in slow motion. Saturn is a planet completely composed of gas. It’s a gas giant. Due to very high temperature and the immense pressure of the gas on it, graphite is broken into small pieces to create gemstones. And as the wind blows with a great speed these gemstones keep moving in the air. So it’s like a real gemstones rain! Hitler’s real gas chamber! If I could spend just a couple of minutes with you, I am ready to die for it. This dialogue looks good only in the movies. I don’t want that to happen in real life. I would rather take her for a long ride… in the rain… and then will propose her. The rainy season is such a romantic one! This is true only if it is a normal water rain. What do you mean? I mean… Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter also have a conducive environment to produce gemstones. So, there too it can rain gemstones! Saturn’s moon Titan gets methane rains. And at Venus…. Venus is as good as a furnace. 96% of Venus’s environment contains Carbon Dioxide and the remaining part is made of Nitrogen. So its average temperature is 462 degrees Celsius. Volcano eruptions cause the clouds of Sulphur Dioxide to form. As the vapor gets added to it, sulphuric acid rains occur every day on Venus. Forget it! Moon! I will take her to the moon. Man has already reached there. It is nearer also. That is what you feel when you read it in the books. In reality, Moon is far away from Earth. To tell you in short, these sky maps in the books are never scaled. If you consider Earth as a basketball, then Moon is like a tennis ball and is just 24 feet away from the Earth. In reality, this distance is 3,84,400 Km. So, if you start walking today and keep walking day and night, then you will reach Moon in 9 and a half years. Darling!
-Yes! We have been walking for the last six months. How much more time would it take to reach there? Just 9 more years. Come on! Let’s keep moving. 9 years?! It’s nearby. How about taking a bike to Moon? Where are you going to a late-night? Police uncle, I am taking my girlfriend to the Moon. Is it?
-Yes. Hey, put him behind the bars. He is drunk and driving and telling us that he is going to Moon! Dear, don’t roam with such a drunker at late- night. Then where should a common man express his love? Take her to a beach! But, even the beaches are crowded these days. Apart from it, let’s not talk about the garbage we dump in the sea. Every year, we dump 63 lakh tons of garbage in the sea which causes 1 lakh ocean mammals to lose their lives. This is what it is, my friend! Let’s save it if we can. Because at least for now, Earth is the only planet known to man where he can live for 80 years. And those who are in love, can feel that these 80 years are also like ages. I haven’t succeeded in proposing her. But, if you have or haven’t succeeded in proposing your beloved, then do let’s know about it in the comments section. Also, if you need any scientific explanation of anything then do mention it in the comments. If you have got any scientific questions, then do write them in the comments. We will surely try our best to answer them. V-Man will try his best, right?
-Yes. The most important thing is that do subscribe to BhaDiPa and Vishay Khol, because… It’s for free!
-Yes. Whatever is free, is always healthy!
-Yes. Also, there is a bell icon next to the ‘Subscribe’ button. Do hit it, as even that it for free, so you can get updates about V-Man’s new episodes. And…what about Moon? Moon? Do visit Moon. But be scientific. Be a little scientific.

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  1. प्रेमात propose करतानाचे तुमचे interesting किस्से आहेत का?आम्हाला comment मध्ये सांगा.

  2. Mast
    Pan subtitles pudhe aahet so confusing vatal
    Punha without subtitles pahila
    1 no.
    Itk krnya peksha fkt prem kru naye 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    अश्या प्रकारे आणखी विडिओ करा.

  5. Its good. Marathi vsauce..ani veritasium
    Thodasa drama kami kara ani jast information , research eka topic var taka… Ani shevti kahi tari conclusion asava…
    Anyway good initiative, keep it up , waiting for more

  6. 2050 paryant samudrat fish peksha plastic jast asel asa study ahe. Chan krtay hi series Vishy Khol. Best luck Suvrat Dada and @focusedindian.

  7. व्ही मॅन चं कॉन्टेन्ट एकदम हटके आणि आकर्षक आहे. पुढच्या भागाची प्रतीक्षा…👍

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    पण मी प्रेमात नाही पडलोय…. वाढदिवस आहे आज माझा

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