28 thoughts on “The Science of Love (Queen Parody) | A Capella Science

  1. Oh dear God, somebody to love is one of my fav songs and watching this video was awesome😂😂😂😂😂❤

  2. Superb ! – I wonder what Freddie Mercury world have thought of this ?
    I’d love to see you put this saucy little tweet by Richard Dawkins to music:
    (You’d probably need his permission first though) :

    “Darling let us wean a type
    Of mixture of us 2.
    Offer up your genotype
    & shuffle our codes anew
    Let me extend my phenotype
    Deep inside of you”

  3. Why are the only subtitles available for this video Galician? It's an obscure language spoken by a handful of people in a remote corner of Spain. Any reason for this?

  4. Just planting a seed of an idea for a new outlet: science karaoke. Instead of just repeatedly redoing the same old lyrics, spread a little knowledge as well.
    BTW, just to be a geek, a friend's Japanese girlfriend once told me what "karaoke" means: "empty music", meaning music emptied of the lead singing voice.

  5. Man… You are genius. You are talented. You have a greeeaaaaat voice. Just amazing.


  6. This is the most romantic song i ever heard. It's about ACTUAL love, not that sugarcoated crap they show in the tv.

  7. Props for taking on Freddie twice man. Damn. Speaking of adrenal glands, do you believe humans can purposely stimulate the gland or otherwise release adrenaline on command? Why or why not? I believe yes but it's based on very simple biological readings (although a doctor friend did advise me what to do etc). But ya good song!

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