The Spanish Iberian Pig and the ecology
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The Spanish Iberian Pig and the ecology

The Iberian pig is characterized for its streaks, streaks of fat and meat. According to the experts, depending on the pigs upbringing the streaks develop one way or the other. For perfect streaks of fat and meat, it’s ideal they have a long and calm life and that the pig doesn’t suffer stress, like hunger or thirst. I tell my buyers, when things are really bad, like
this year we’ve sold the pigs really cheap, with the crisis, this and that, everything is cheap, this year a told a buyer from Jerez, hey, let’s see cousin if raising an Iberian pig is a work of art, a work of art, this isn’t just any old thing. I don’t just show up and give
them food and that’s it, this is a work of art The pig needs pasture and the pasture needs
the pig…so that they eat the acorns. So the pigs usage is practically…it could be considered a natural usage Furthermore it has something else, I’ve always said that pigs are ecological, because it’s the only animal that doesn’t break
trees, eat leaves or even eat stems pigs eat the fruit that falls on the ground But they don’t damage trees or walk on them or
even eat new stems like goats and cows do, when a plant grows a new stern they (goats and cows)
eat it, a pig eats what falls on the ground, it’s an animal that doesn’t destroy pasture land,
doesn’t erode it, doesn’t erode vegetation. Before, the Iberian pig was essential, that’s why I say that the Iberian pig isn’t
a luxury item, it’s not a luxury because we don’t associate the Iberian pig with
cured ham, but with many more thing with ham, bacon, with ham, bacon, chorizo, sausage, blood sausage, lard, surrapa, it forms an important part of the stew, we don’t
associate the Iberian pig with only cured ham.

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