The Symptoms of General Anxiety and Panic Disorder
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The Symptoms of General Anxiety and Panic Disorder

This is Joseph. His mind is constantly racing and it’s racing
with negative thoughts. He worries about everything – from saying
the wrong thing to a friend, to wondering if he will lose his cellphone, to questioning
if he is eating healthy enough. He also thinks about the bigger problems,
like if his daughter is safe at school, or how to make sure she has a good future. These may seem like typical worries that everyone
has, but for Joseph they consume his life and he is living in constant anxiety and fear. Caroline also worries quite frequently. She is in a high-stress job that demands a
lot of her time. She is also a parent. The worry and stress are natural, but sometimes
she becomes overwhelmed and breaks down, becoming ill for a short period of time. Joseph and Caroline both decide it is high
time to go and see a doctor. They want to better understand and help to
put an end to these unwanted feelings. The doctor tells Joseph he has been diagnosed
with General Anxiety Disorder, also known as G.A.D. While Caroline was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. Before the diagnosis, they never knew the
difference between the two. G.A.D and Panic Disorder are both Anxiety
Disorders with unique differences. G.A.D is a mental condition that is characterized
by excessive and uncontrollable worry about everyday life events and the future. Panic Disorder is characterized by panic attacks
that can occur for seemingly no reason at all. They both can also happen during or directly
after a traumatic event. There is not one single cause for GAD. It is believed to be caused by a complex interaction
of genetics, brain chemistry, personality factors and the environment in which the afflicted were raised. Traumatic experiences and stressful life events
can also trigger a person to develop GAD. The symptoms for G.A.D are as follows: Constant
high levels of worry about everyday things, or things that do not normally warrant anxiety. Inability to let go of your worries even if
you know they are irrational or unrealistic. Feeling restless, irritable or on edge. Problems concentrating. Problems with sleep – either difficulty getting
enough sleep or sleeping too much. Being easily frightened or startled. People with GAD may also experience the following
physical symptoms: High levels of tension in your muscles. Regular headaches and nausea. Low levels of energy or constant fatigue. Increased sweating, trembling or heart rate. Panic Disorder is defined as having recurring
and regular panic attacks, often without any apparent cause. Panic attacks bring about a sudden rush of
intense fear and panic, whereas General Anxiety Disorder is a slowly increasing and constant feeling of apprehension and unease about both the present and the future. Signs of a panic attack are: Intense feelings
of panic and stress. Trembling and shaking. Sweating. Increased heart rate. Difficulty breathing. Numbness or tingling in hands and feet. Feeling dizzy or light-headed. Chest pain. Feeling unreal or detached from yourself. Due to the terrifying nature of a panic attack
and the feelings of pain in the chest area, many people experiencing them for the first
time think that they are having a heart attack, or that their life is in danger. An attack can last from a few minutes to an
hour, and after it’s over, some people recover quickly and never experience another. Others may start to have them more regularly
and the experience can be so frightening that they constantly worry about when the next
one will occur. The symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder and
Panic Disorder can successfully be reduced or controlled using medication. For GAD, therapy and counselling can be helpful
in becoming aware when your worries are unrealistic or exaggerated, along with instilling positive
thoughts instead of negative ones. For Panic Disorder, medication and therapy
can help manage symptoms so that you can calm yourself down when you feel an attack is coming on. Anxiety disorders can affect anyone, no matter
how strong or successful. Getting treatment for anxiety does not mean
admitting weakness, but means choosing to live life on your own terms, without letting
those worries hold you back. If you know someone who struggles with anxiety,
telling them to “stop worrying” or to or to “get over it” will not help. Often times, they know that they are overreacting
and behaving irrationally. However, the fear, panic, and feelings of
anxiety are still very real. Don’t judge, and let them know you are there to support them without adding any additional pressure. Simply spending time with them and showing
that you value them despite their anxiety will have a bigger effect than you can imagine. This video is supported by BetterHelp which
is a website where you can talk to one of over 2000 licensed therapist right away. If you use the link in the description you
will get a 7 day free trial and you will really help us make more videos for people who are facing difficult life challenges. Thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “The Symptoms of General Anxiety and Panic Disorder

  1. Okay , I'm 13 , soon 14 . I don't know if I have anxiety but a have a lot of relatable symptoms . When that happens to me , I feel very light and confused , I then have trouble concentrating on any task , I have an echo when someone speaks, I feel in danger and I feel frightened . I sometimes think I am going crazy , and I am seeking for help and explainations .

  2. It kinda sucks comming here and looking at the comments and seeing tons of people dealing with this. Not to worry fellow humans we can manage, we are the temple of strength and we must soldier on!

  3. My GAD and Panic disorders have disabled me so much. I've lost friends to having these disorders. They run my life. And ruin it. Last panic attack i had was while i was driving with my niece and daughter in the car, i was following my sisters car on the highway and i couldn't keep up with her and i didn't know where i was going there was so many exits coming up, overpasses and then boom a HUGE overpass i was making my way towards. My feet instantly went numb and my heart was racing and i was shaking bad. Thoughts of me wrecking the car on accident. And all of those things happened to me so quickly. If it wasn't for the kids in the back seats i probably would've wrecked the car but i snapped out of it. I have no idea how. Or why. Nor have i ever been able to do that before. Luckily, knock on wood that's the last one i had too which is strange but ill take it. The GAD doesn't just go away at least not for me

  4. I like to sit in the dark because it makes me feel like a part of nothing sometimes I wish I was nothing turn the lights on and you'll find me angry that I've been found

  5. So that girl or guy you see looking down and nervous actually try and be nice to them, for a change instead of just making fun of them with your friends/laughing for entertainment.

  6. Me: mom i guess i have GAD?
    Mom: it's because of that damn phone!

    Ps: this really happened to me along side of depresion but then srsly my own family don't believe me that instead my parents will say deeper things that keeps me down of my self for my everday life…😦

    Edit: thanks for the likes i feel a little better😊

  7. Belive me ..Say it To yourself All My negative thoughts are convert into positive thoughts and when you say it Be aware of it.. what you saying its automatically send good signals to brain .. i do it everyday. when i feel anxiety

  8. I’m only 12 and I have all the symptoms of had I told my mum and she said I’m over reacting and it’s not a big deal and I was starting to believe her until watched this video. Has anyone got any advice on how to tell your parents wat you feel like.😓

  9. "I know I'm overreacting but…"
    Sometimes if feels so unreal but then you have another panick attack then you're understand how does it feel.

  10. Help I've been having a few panic attacks in school but I know the reasons are stupid, but I can't calm myself down, I keep yelling at my friends and I can't sleep

  11. I was prescribed meds for anxiety. Good sleep helps, and avoiding triggers. Light daily exercise helps, yoga .and meditation or prayer

  12. i was diagnosed with G.A.D and panic disorder… its a constant struggle and you feel stuck trapped and alone for no apparent reason and the fact that you don't know exactly what is triggering you makes it 100000x worse because you don't know what to avoid. i don't want to be dependent on a medication and they never really helped me so i choose not to anymore….. everyone says it gets better but its been over 16 years and its been constantly tournamenting me.. sensory overload is much scarier (in my experience) than panick attacks because it can be triggered by something as small as someone sneezing repeatedly and theres absolutely nothing you can do and basically all of your senses attack you and I've blacked out a few times…. sorry for ranting lmao

  13. one of the most annoying things ever is when someone gets anxious once and they go around saying they have "anxiety" when they don't show any real signs…..

  14. I started getting panic attacks after college. Before then I was on top of the world. For years afterward the attacks would really cripple me when they happened. I was so new to it and I always freaked out. It’s been 15 years since then. I still get the attacks all the time. Usually out of nowhere. But now I find them more annoying to me now than scary. They prescribed pills back when I was diagnosed but I never took ‘em. Instead, I looked deep to see what was causing dissonance in my life (sometimes you have to really think deep as it can often be subconscious) and then made the life changes to suit me better. What a HUGE help that was. Fast forward to nowadays with an all new set of factors causing the attacks (immediate family, work, etc) I can’t just up and leave things or the people behind so I turned to exercising…jogging in particular. It doesn’t curb the attacks but it brings them way down and, interestingly, completely eliminated the racing heart symptom. It’s like the running retrained my heart.

  15. Thought I'd comment in case someone can use this information. I have anxiety and depersonalization symptoms. I believe it stems from gluten intolerance/gut issues. I found the following helps: no caffeine whatsoever, I take Redmond clay every meal that contains gluten, drink daily amount of water, and in my case I went and got prescribed medication (I hate that I have to resort to xanax but it gives me instant relief) I don't really get anxiety at home, mostly at work or somewhere unfamiliar. Also I impulsively keep my mind busy with learning or video games/tv shows (the longer you go without an episode the easier it gets)

  16. I used to be both depressed and anxious , so i've cut alot of relationship and isolated myself from the world so i wouldnt have to get through panic attacks , anxiety or deal with toxic situation. I ended up alone and became too cold. Now nothings impress me anymore even the things i used to love. I dont have much friends and i never had a real relationship

  17. I was recently diagnosed with MDD (major depressive disorder) and GAD
    it started when my second child was born but had been told It had probably started when I was about 5 years old due to a traumatic childhood I panic about everything constantly feeling negative paranoid that something bad going to happen whether my kids are safe and that I feel I'm not good enough……. and much more

    I've since had therapy which helped a little but I sometimes slip back into my funk and it quickly gets bad fast I feel that not everyone is supportive some dont want to accept how someone may feel because they might assume they have it worse my family does not support me as they assume they have it worse and always push me to the kerb to deal with it myself its extremely difficult to live with and people need to start trying to understand that it's not something to fob off as a fad people really do feel that way.

    Sorry had a rant seeing people first hand fob it off has an extreme amount of emotional weight to it I wish this stuff was made more aware of and the effects it can have on people with mental illnesses

  18. I saw the back muscle pic and realized it was me. Anyone gasped for air and then realize that your holding your breath? I've done that for so long I'm using a cpap now when i sleep. Jesus.

  19. People will self diagnose. Blame anxiety and not what is really bothering them. This is. Science and therefore who believe in scriptures have no business talking about this stuff.

  20. Stupid blanket diagnosis… these feelings are what being human is all about….. the ones that cant fight threw the pain on there own were weeded out threw natural selection now we pump kids and adults full of pills so they can survive And spread there inferior seed…. weakening the gene pool

  21. Y’all! This free mini box add.. I literally just was thinking about asking for one! 😂😂 like 2 hours ago! wOw! This adds got it goingggg!

  22. Take magnisium on empty stomach and Walnuts are great source of magnisium .. I am non alcholic and vegetarion still i have develop anxiety i do take medicanes but it not stop my anxiety relaps . but when i did research and found low magnisium . and magnisium help in anxiety so i start taking it and it works ….for me it help to recover me from anxiety . anxiety is not just about our mind it also about our body what we eat and what we do …

  23. Mental illnesses are just stuff we all do or ways we act just super amped up to a life consuming level. We ALL have some form of mental illness, and with varying levels between us. This is how we destroy the stigma of mental illness and the stigma of getting help. Thus solving the mental health problem the whole species of humans suffers from.

  24. my anxiety and depression feels complex. I don't really get the racing heart, perspiring, etc. mine is more like waking up feeling like on the verge of a cold or flu, fatigue, spaced out, tension headaches, ringing in my ears, eye twitching, mood swings, high blood pressure, odd sensations in my chest and head, really irritable, restless, numb, picking at my skin, spots, constant touching my head, dizziness, extreme anger if something breaks, or computer running slow or something that's not a big deal, needing to pee a lot at night ,constantly uncomfortable, feeling like there's a pressure in my head and almost like the frequency way off in my mind.

  25. I think the worst part is that people don't understand or don't want to understand. I've lost everything and everybody due to my severe anxiety and panic disorder. The pain and panic is so deep I literally can't control it. I lose it completely. And instead of people helping, they get scared or angry. I wish a spaceship would just come pick me up and take me away from this cold cold earth. This cannot be it. There has to be a safe place for people like us. We genuinely don't want to hurt anybody or anything. It's US that's hurting. So so bad that we feel we're dying. REAL love and understanding is the cure.

  26. Yeah I have social anxiety and G.A.D. It's hard living like this. The doc gave me an ssri and now I still have anxiety issues but it got cut in half psychically and mentally. I still get massive anxiety in the morning though.

  27. So I dont get enough sleep I'm easily startled I'm irritable I have lower back pain and I sweat easily and I have a headache rn sounds like gad to me

  28. After facing all the hardship since my childhood and continuously having terrible times since years… I'm living as a single mother with no social support…(no medications work).
    Anybody to say a few words to keep me alive???

  29. i used to get gad on in tight packed spaces with other people but not anymore really. its a mind control game and its about perspective i think.for me my faith in God helped me so much because it gives me a perspective that the things I think people and events are actually alot less significant than i warrant them and that there is a greater plan and process in play i also care less about what people think becuase i remember they are just anxious human being struggling in their own way and probably just as insecure.the mind is a funny thing it makes you obsess about every little thing. i learnt more about those who came before me and went through alot more than me which reminds me that i am quite blessed and that I have am not a victim of life . the idea of things being predestined makes me less anxious life is short why waste any of it freaking out about how you look or are percieved. all humans are blagging it anway

  30. "Sitting on a bed, or lying wide awake
    There's demons in my head and it's more than I can take
    Think I'm on a roll, but I think it's kinda weak
    Saying all I know is I gotta get away from me."

    -"Gotta Get Away" by The Offspring

  31. Is it still anxiety if you feel like 100% normal then few weeks or months later worried out of your m8nd afraid to talk to anyone or go into stores cus fearing people n everything else

  32. The most hurtful part about me is that I know my exact future, which is me not getting married because I’m to ugly. Every girl I’ve asked out so far has said no, and said I was ugly afterwards.

  33. To call these things the symptoms of general anxiety or panic attack disorder is misleading, because a disorder is simply a disorder/imbalance. But anxiety and/or panic attacks are consequences that can occur when experiencing any type of disorder/imbalance. So pushing the concept that these consequences actually are the problem doesn’t help the individuals experiencing them understand that the problem is actually what they put their focus on and/or their state of being/emotional state. What should be taught is either how to take care of the problems these people are focused on or help them figure out what they shouldn’t focus on in order to better their emotional state.

  34. If he has a daughter then the other 4 problems fall.. Because the biggest anxiety in his case is Divorce-rape and child support ^^

  35. People say
    Oh kids these days can't stress about bills and schools its all just life.

    Not only children or teenagers but also adults and responsible working parents are under this epidemic.

    Back in the day you walked it off?
    There was Anxiety and Stress EVERYWHERE with no awareness to it.

    The world was under rabid uneasiness with war and violence and drug epidemic and crime which is not as prevalent today in a more progressed world but is somehow here.

    Stress Trauma Anxiety Depression is real and it affects the Real World ✔

  36. Anxiety is something in the u.k. that can count towards no life and benefits but it wknt get you pip and esa 😂 I have autism I'm generally born an ass hole, I remember hearing off of a friend back in uni when he did psychology on anxiety and disorders. It basically came down to self confidence, the unknown being the black voided place they like to hide and squalor in. Uh, the excuses I remember they were constant. If you smoke weed and have anxiety that's the drugs not your head 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. i hate when people touch me when i’m having panic attacks, it freaks me out even more and sometimes i get aggressive or shout at them even though they are trying to help, but in the moment i don’t even realise i do, but afterwards i end up feeling so bad, does that happen to anyone else?

  38. I have anxiety too, i felt the same way as the video shows…. i'm a medical doctor and when i had this kind of feelings i always thought of heart attack when i had chest pains, when i had nausea , headaches ,blurry vision and lower extremity weakness I thought about a brain tumor, and i did all kind of test and everything came out ok, it never crossed my mind about contemplating about mental.illness until I hit rock bottom, i couldnt concentrate in studying , i couldnt go out in public being afraid of passing out (even though i never passed out) i got tired of feeling bad i had enough of not being able to enjoy life… and while crying i called a psychiatrist for an appointment… and as I feared he prescribed me antidepressants.. even me being a doctor knowing that there's nothing wrong with taking that kind of medications I felt …… ashamed, i started taking the medication and it makes you feel nausea, headaches, diarrhea, stomach cramping… it sucked , i knew that the medication takes 3 or 4 weeks to kick in but i wanted to quit right away…. but thank god I didnt quit with the medication, now after 3 months of taking antidepressants i feel A LOT BETTER maybe 80%, of course there are days that anxiety makes way and hits you… but way less than before, i know anxiety sucks but it has treatment and please dont be scared or hesitate into getting help, there is no shame in asking for help.

    I wanted to leave my grain of salt about this topic and telling my journey against anxiety… if someone wants to talk about it im here for you, leave a comment and lets hang on together!! Sorry if i made spelling mistakes , english is not my native language

  39. Start doing things that make you happy. Not the gym or anything that puts more stress on you. Go for a walk in an open space like a park or a hike.

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