This Alaska Man Stated He Was 100% Better After 6 Adjustments At ACR LLC

This Alaska Man Stated He Was 100% Better After 6 Adjustments At ACR LLC

14 thoughts on “This Alaska Man Stated He Was 100% Better After 6 Adjustments At ACR LLC

  1. Also i think the filming part is up to the patient too. Not all patients want to be filmed. No direspect to Greg he is already well known. But i wouldn't want to be filmed. That's my preference

  2. If your name is Vanessa you get real popular with the crack addicts that's Nessa_stays_fit on Instagram she also won her first competition

  3. lolwut? People come in just to be on YouTube? I'm sure if they wanted it that bad, they could use compositing or chroma key to make it seem like they're getting treatment by you. It wouldn't be the same. They'd still feel like crap. It'd be cheap, though. Congrats, Dr Johnson, you're a YouTube celebrity!

  4. In my humble opinion, any patient who has the balls and courage to allow the WORLD to view their private session(s), and put up with comments, should definitely receive a DISCOUNT! Maybe not 50% of course, but some sort of discount. Forget the free prayer, show them the money. Geese!!!

  5. we know its not to be a funny video … but we do like to hear (( there you go !! )) ring dingers

  6. man thats expensive coming from alaska for a adjustment, hotel/flight/treatment, i guess its worth getting healthy again

  7. I've watched some of the other chiropractor videos, and am always disappointed when they don't do a ring dinger. Even that Y-Strap doesn't seem to pull the whole length of the spine, without the hips being immobilized. There is even one doctor who uses some kind of damned scrapper on people's backs, and f*ucks their skin up for days, the purpose of which is beyond me. Nope, if I needed care, I'd be on my way to Houston.

  8. I really respect your professional skills and thorough preexamination of your patients physical condition et cetera. What I don´t like is all that talk about your imaginary friend and praying that you mention all the time. That´s too much nonsense in an otherwise very informative way of presenting chiropractic treatments of physical disorders.
    I am myself a retired nurse and I have had two operations in my lower lumbal (L5-S1) and one operation in my neck (removal and substitution of a ruptured disc as a complication to a whiplash accident in my adolescence). Because of my medical history and profession I like to watch your enlightening videos, but as a non-believing atheist I would have prefered it if you had kept your faith to your off camera time with your patients.
    Everyone is allowed to have his opinion but it`s best if kept in privacy. Thank you for reading this!

  9. I love what you do. Love the channel and I recommend you (or a specialist like you) to everyone who has back ailments. But, how many patients do you get where their backs aren't better after adjustment? (Adjusting for the placebo effect.) I'm just curious from an academic point of view.

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