This is your brain on Social Justice: Biological Sex doesn’t Exist!
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This is your brain on Social Justice: Biological Sex doesn’t Exist!

100 thoughts on “This is your brain on Social Justice: Biological Sex doesn’t Exist!

  1. OK so I Have a sister with a rare genetic disorder in which she has on less Chromosome than what most humans have, dose that mean she isn't human? Does that mean she can't have human rights? I Mean she's clearly human, but she doesn't fit into that category, so these people hate people with disabilities?! This logic is just so dumb.

  2. Deanna Adkins, an endocrinologist who works with children, is the one pushing the LIE that bio sex is a fallacy. It's in her book. She calls this her "expert opinion" with absolutely zero sources.

  3. These people are the most sexist, superficial, narcissistic and delusional members of society.
    They will deny that up and down if you tell them that though.

  4. I guess that in her feeble brain biological sex doesn't exist because come on, REALLY, who in their right mind would fuck this hideous bush beast?

  5. and trying to make kids transgender is fucking wrong, they are not old enough to make that kind of decision. leave the kids alone assholes.

  6. I have a suggestion for morons like this if you're confused as to which gender you are all you have to do is look in your underpants if you have a penis you are a male if you have a vagina you are a female it's just that simple

  7. I know this video is 3 years old, but whatever. This chick shows my main issue with the 'non-binary' stuff. All these people seem to be doing is reinforcing gender stereotypes. They say "well, I'm not feminine, I must not be a woman. But I'm not a man, either…". They act like it's impossible to be a man or woman without fitting the stereotypes so as soon as a man is feminine or a woman is masculine, they must be something else.

  8. XY … yes, male. XX … yes, female. XO … wtf? Until the W or the Z chromosome(s) is/are discovered, humans will ALWAYS be a binary species.

  9. What? Go to a maternity ward, you got 50 babies, look at them, if you can tell by looking at it that's it's a trans~nonbinary~hufflepuff, then I'll be first in line at the DMV to fill in all of your 50 made up bullshit gender boxes to get me license updated.

  10. You know it's bad when these types claim that having a surgery can turn a male into a genetic female…
    While ignoring the whole DAN thing.

  11. nature = natural selection … survival of the fittest …
    dont reproduce … genes die out …. nature doenst care … xD

    these people are so fucking stupid …

    and thy try to turn that rule in the exact opposite….

  12. Its weird that most these videos are sad little young white chics who probably have daddy issues and little black chica are out have more children then they can handle lol hahahahah who all want to be rappers

  13. I know. This girl doesn't actually EXIST.
    She's just a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT
    A mere Figment of my IMAGINATION.
    Yeah, in my worst NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

  14. There MUST be something they're putting in their food.
    Hormones, fairy dust, genetically modified junk or perhaps these kids have been exposed to too many radio waves/cell phones???
    Basically, they are MUTANTS or ZOMBIES!!!

  15. OK, I subscribe. BTW, the verb "ramoner" in French means " to sweep (a chimney)" and "to rail (someone)" in slang.

  16. What is wrong with this generation of fucking morons? I really hate all of these people. There are only two sexes no matter how many stupid cunts say otherwise. Btw if I run intoa chick with a dick he is getting knocked the fuck out. No surprises for this guy. Although I do feel like a lesbian trapped in a mans body.

  17. If sex is not biological then how can anyone be born in the wrong body? Why do they care at all if it has no meaning? This nonsense is just the sanctioning of insanity.

  18. I'm 29 but feel 19 therefore I identify as that poster behind you is not teenage mutant ninja turtles,they are non binary samurai bird people who live in a magical cloud

  19. You know what I just noticed isn't she regurgitating a Laci Green and video about the same subject which if I do believe was on this channel 2

  20. What goes in her mind to say that biological sex doesn't exist? If I am not a straight male biracial dude? Then what am I?

  21. Was there literally just a gay pride advert at the very beginning of this video… The irony of that is fucking disgusting.

  22. Blue hair. Of course. The companies that make that stuff probably put some ingredient within it that manages to find its way to the brain and seriously damage it.

  23. No, she doesn't know what the word design means, but neither do most television shows, books and other materials related to evolution.

    Although usually it's phrases like "nature has given this bird the ability to" etc etc etc

    Would you say that is also incorrect?

    Also this girl is bonkers

  24. She needs a Rx, I prescribe a brick to the temporal lobe. Five full force strikes a day until your logic is fixed. Side effects may include: death, retardation, coma, and cerebral hemorrhaging. Up dosage as needed

  25. So. If we go along with her theory then all of the people who have bred and contributed to our species were faking it. So we don't really exist. That suits me fine, that means she and her nutty buddy kind don't really exist.

  26. 15-16 yrs old? having the Cahonas to lecture the grown ups about how reality is constructed.
    Reminds me of another delusionel teen.

  27. Men develop breast tissue because SUPER high levels of Testosterone and other androgens get converted into estrogen in your body in tiny amounts during puberty. Sometimes this estrogen levels are high enough that they briefly develop breast tissue, but usually they are resorbed

  28. Trans Guy and Med Student here!
    No normal trans person is like this. If we didn't feel dysphoric about our biological sex, we wouldn't be trans in the first place.
    SJW's don't count as normal in my eyes because they seem to have been drinking the "delusional idiot with no common sense" juice.

    also: certain diseases are linked to organs that only one sex has, or the genetics of a person that is one sex such as inherited disorders.

  29. The fact she thinks having the ability to reproduce or not means shit all says alot.
    Biological sex has NOTHING to do with reproduction, clothes choice, your mind, birth defects or looks.
    I think what she really means is biological sex should not be labeled man/woman but that's still fucking stupid, I'm tired

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