Top 5 Deadliest Diseases
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Top 5 Deadliest Diseases

There’s a lot of stuff out there trying to kill us right now, and today I’m going to talk about the ones that are the best at it. The five deadliest infectious diseases in the world. Now do your self a favor, put away any food you might have nearby you and if you have a dog you might want to move it into another room. You might be tempted to say the monstrous bastards I’m about to talk about are the deadliest organisms in the world but that wouldn’t really be true, because of all of the diseases that you’re going to hear about today are caused by viruses and as you know viruses are just protein covered scumbags full of nucleic acid so they’re not generally considered living things but still you got to hand it to them viruses have probably been around for at least 10’s of millions of years and have managed to make a great living by ripping off our DNA like they’re the fricking pirate bay and using it to copy themselves and pretty much master our asses for as long as there have been warts. But I’m not talking about warts here, guys, it’s much worse than that. I’m talking about the diseases with the highest known case fatality rates which is how experts measure the deadliness of a disease the percentage of people diagnosed with it who end up dying from it Remember the Spanish flu? 1917 to 1918, killed like 30 million people world wide and basically changed the course of modern history That was a strain of a virus called H1N1 and it had a case fatality rate of like 10 to 20 percent Viruses I’m talking about are so much deadlier by comparison that Spanish flu is not even worth calling in sick for. Take for instance Nipah which has an average case fatality rate of about fifty percent It’s named for a town in Malaysia were it was discovered in 1999 among pig farmers Seems a bunch started coming down with severe respiratory problems and inflammation of the brain that caused hallucinations and seizures and not the good kinds… Wait, there’s good kinds of seizures? Outbreaks soon followed in India and Bangladesh, this time among people who had eaten fruit that was tainted by bats that carried the virus The death rate in some of these out breaks was 100 percent and there are no treatments or vaccines for the virus But what’s really pants-poopingly terrifying about Nipah is that it soon proved to be easily transmissible among humans no pigs or bats or pig-bats required. In 2001 there was an outbreak in the town of Siliguri in India and seventy-five percent of those cases were traced back to people who had visited the local hospital Just by being in that building, they got it. But hey, that doesn’t affect you, right? Because, odds are, you’re not a pig farmer and you’re also probably not watching from your home in Siliguri Well, no doubt you’ve heard of H5N1. The virus formally known as “bird flu” has been making the rounds mainly in Asia and Europe where it’s often fatal to birds Luckily, it’s rarely contracted by people and it’s not very good at jumping from person to person until now You may remember a while back when I told you about how scientists genetically engineered bird flu to make it contagious among ferrets and that’s important because ferrets essentially have the same immune system as humans. Don’t ask me why It’s assumed that these new strains are contagious to us as well which kinda sucks because the World Health Organization says that H5N1 kills at least fifty-four percent of the people who get it usually from respiratory problems Now, there is a vaccine for the strain that’s out in the world right now, but at least in the US, it’s been stockpiled by the government and hasn’t been made available by the public yet As for the strains that were made to be made to be contagious between mammals they are currently kept under lock and key in labs in Wisconsin and the Netherlands hopefully big locks with thumb print and retinal scan and voice activated. and some of the scientists who monkeyed with the virus have said they’ve developed a vaccine at least for the strains that they’ve invented so that’s great they can release it on the world and then sell the vaccine that’ll be great business for them “Now, Hank,” you’re saying, “I’m not a Malaysian bat handler, and I’ve already stocked my pantry enough skittles and diet sierra mist to get me through the bird flu pandemic.”

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  1. I don't like how he fixated on viruses, but the world's second deadliest disease is granulomatous Amoebic encephalitis (which is obviously caused by an amoeba, often by either Balamuthia Mandrillaris, or one of many species of acanthamoeba)(there's also naegleria fowleri, but that species doesn't cause GAE, but it can lead to a similar infection of the brain and central nervous system, which is simply known as naegleriasis)

  2. me: "oh fucc oh shidd it's Hank Hill!!!!!— w a i t a s e c o n d"
    also fun fact, there are people who sexually get off to rabies. Rabiosexuals as they call themselves

  3. Ebola: I'm the deadliest virus
    Rabies: no I am obviously
    The flood: pathetic
    Rabies: what was that?!, punk?!
    The Flood: I said pathetic

  4. Fukitol
    Side effects may include, but are not limited to:
    Exploding butt, fire crotch, nausea with Exorcist-style vomiting and death.
    Please tell your neighborhood if you experience any or all of these symptoms, as you will need to help the illness spread.

  5. On Rabies – Dogs are the most common vector for the disease that most people will come into contact with, but it is not the only one. Ferrets, raccoons, bats, all wild canid species; fun fact, Hawaii is the only US state to not have rabies, due to their super strict requirements on animals traveling.

  6. He said Rabies has a case fatality rate of "about 100%"

    That means it could be as high as like 110%

    It could kill you without even infecting you we're all gonna die!

  7. Measles is gonna get #1 spot, just wait for anti-vaxxers to spread.
    Or stupidity might get #1, that's a possibility.
    #ProVaxx #Vaccines

  8. This guy is a big virus himself – so irritating to watch,…eck!!!…blah blah blah…easy stomach…EASSSSSYYY. 🤮

  9. The most deadliest disease: WELCOME TO MY MINE, WE ARE MINING DIAMONDS, WE DON’T HAVE TO DIE IN LAVA!!!!!! Or the disease/virus y e s for all you Alberto viewers

  10. Wrong life had always had a almost %100 mortality rating it always kills it's victims, it is also so spread out that every creature on the planet has it

  11. Thank God I am English! – As an island we have incredibly strict rules, no animal is allowed in the country without being in Quarantine for many months. This has stopped Rabies getting into the UK, so we really don't have to worry about it, or vaccinating our animals against it!

  12. I remember watching something where they used the Milwaukee protocol on rabies. And maybe only 2 people survived that way. And even now its not really a backed procedure because the success rate is so low.

  13. Sometimes watching these videos about diseases and viruses it makes me think about killing myself I rather get killed by myself then a disease

  14. Fun fact: an lightly modified version of rabies can cause a zombie apocalypse. And us humans dont need to mess with it: the virus has the ability to change itself into a zombie virus that spreads like the flu. In short, rabies can become a zombie virus at any time without human intervention. Good luck sleeping at night!

  15. This guy is such a douche. He’s too unfunny and his delivery is too shitty to talk about millions of people dying in generally third world countries. His shtick is “nerd” but he’s not smart so it’s just annoying.

  16. "…our DNA"? Viruses probably pre-date humans by millions of years. Also rabies may have a 100% kill rate but malaria is the king of maladies overall body count wise. It has almost certainly killed hundreds of millions people over the course of human existence, perhaps even billions by some conservative estimates. And here's a fun thing to think about: you supposedly can't contract it in the US, say for instance: El Paso; but you can literally hawk a loogie from there that could land in Juarez where you can get it. And it's carried by a species of mosquito that is still common in the US. So supposedly flying insects respect international borders? Hmm….

  17. I remember passing the remote area where the Nipah virus originated last month as i live nearby. Nothing much left there as the pig industry collapse due to the nipah disease. Still remember watching the news everyday about nipah virus. Its scary and the government had to send the army to ensure curfew and no one can go in or out. All the animals were put down including cats dog and horses as they also tested positive for nipah virus. Hope it won't happen again. The virus actually cause the victim brain become liquid 😓.. there are survivors but they are struggling as they cannot live a normal life like before.

  18. You know why Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever is so deadly?
    It's because…
    Stroheim's theme gets very loud

  19. There was a woman recently who developed rabies and was one of the rare ones who came back from it. Why doesn't everyone get rabies shots?? That boggles my mind! We should get rabies vaccines along with our other shots. Only Vets and some who deal with animals for their living get rabies shots. We all should get rabies shots. Why don't we?

  20. What about Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis, aka Naeglaeriasis? It's got like 99% fatality. Mainly because it is always misdiagnosed as meningitis. It not exactly transmissable but if you do get it, you're pretty much dead.

  21. Why isn't CJD on here? It can occur out of nowhere and always has a 100% fatality rate. Sure, it's rare, but once you get it there's no way to survive. Rabies, on the other hand, can be cured if you get vaccines soon after being bitten, and even then there's STILL people who have survived after exhibiting symptoms, and yes it was with intense medical treatment but it's still possible to survive rabies. Nobody with CJD or any other prion disease for that matter has survived, I think the most somebody lived with it was 16 years.

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