Tradition Meets Molecular Gastronomy: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 1)
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Tradition Meets Molecular Gastronomy: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 1)

100 thoughts on “Tradition Meets Molecular Gastronomy: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 1)

  1. This is what I want to see more of. A breakdown of culture through food culture and food/science stuff interwoven with it. Among the best if not the best series on here so far, and this is only part 1.

  2. Lmao basque is a country? They are no difference from spain they talk the same with their shitty accent.

  3. And thats what happens when you bring a girl from Barcelona to report about food in the Basque Country. 3 Minutes talking about independency….. fuck that.


  4. The content of this episode was amazing, really interesting and amazing scenery – and food. I gotta say that the host is a bit bland, personality-wise, for my liking. She was spot on with the voice over, but as soon as see had to describe or interact with another person it got boring. But hey, I'm just more into the entertainment aspect and her peers make for hard comparisons; Action Bronson and Matty! 

  5. im always surprised at how uneducated, vulgar and xenophobic people are in the comments section of these videos… You're subscribed to a fucking food channel and complain whenever there isnt a video of Action Bronson or fried food.. come the fuck on people, theres more to life than burgers out there. 
    Oh and as per usual, great video; the Basque country is an amazing place, having been to san sebastian and bilbao several times, it truly is a beautiful place.

  6. Canadian here. Just wondering why the Spanish people are hating the Basque people or whatever in the comments. Is there a different accent that they speak? Just curious is all.

  7. if you really want to share basque cuisine with us… how about you get a real nigga to host. you guys are sucking more and more. fire whoever is choosing what makes it to light. I know bland newfags hate stuff like controversy, but fuck them. You didn't make a name for yourself by pandering to the bland masses. I really want you to be better, you wont get to be imbedded with drug dealers or ISIS by being shit.

  8. bit chauvinistic from the guy claiming the basque language is the "oldest" its just an isolated language group, doesn't actually mean it is the oldest… there are languages that have far more older origins, like Armenian, or other isolated language groups from the Caucasus like Georgian for instance. 

  9. "We don't want to be an oppressed nation."

    Jesus shut the fuck up. Fight for Basque independence and I'll support you 100% of the way, but cut the fucking "we're an oppressed people being murdered by our government!" rhetoric. Spain has given you a large amount of autonomy, and just living in an EU country means it's bullshit to ever claim that you're oppressed when you have some of the most well protected speech rights on the planet in addition to being incredibly close to a true democracy. People who actually do live in oppressed nations vomit into their own mouths when they hear that bullshit coming from "Stereotypical Liberal Hipster Freedom Fighter #2056193" living in Europe/any other NATO nation.

    And now I've left this rant in a video that ostensibly should be 100% about the awesome food the Basque country produces. Fuck. 🙁

  10. "They´ve long been known for their fierce sense of identity" – bollocks. Although born out of understandable circumstances, the only reason Basque nationalism is associated with violence is because they've been blowing people up for 40 years or more.
    Under Franco it was understandable to fight fire with fire but he kicked the bucket in 1975 for fucks sake. It´s complete bullshit of her to say that the thing most associable with the Basque country is food; it´s actually terrorism for the majority of Spaniards lol

    And the worst thing is this sense of regional identity in Spain (prevalent in the Basque Country and Catalonia) is mainly filtered down through top to bottom tactics by the filthy rich who control resource distribution in these areas hoping to make more money out of a smaller government that caters solely for that region.

  11. I love all these series please keep doing more – love to see this kind of culture and passion for food. Takes me back to when I lived in Spain.

  12. these day there isn't really anything of independence other than name, and a little bit of politics. if they were independent it would most likely be in name only, since they're so closely linked to spain culture 

  13. The host is very annoying.Can she be put behind a desk and we find some one with more character to host what could be a great series.

  14. "…since 1870… before anything existed in the Basque Country or in Spain"

    LMAO. Have you ever picked up a book on history? Or european history? Spain is one of the oldest nations in Europe!

    Vice, you chose an illiterate and biased presenter who just can't be profesional enough to inform herself or be objective about a topic.

    It's a shame you completely invalidated an otherwise very informative and valid documentary about the Basque Country's identity.

    Well done, Irene, I hope you're happy.

  15. I dont feel her passion for food at all. Shouldnt there be some passion with a host of a food show? The topic is so interessting, but tasting the food with empty eyes is killing it.

  16. Que risa. Todos los comentarios de este video son españoletes insultandose unos a otros en inglés. No, TÚ eres inculto, mentira, lo eres tú !


  17. I like her accent, the blending of the english accent she's been taught with her native spanish one is really pleasing to the ears.

  18. She is so fucking awkward. She walks like a fat person, but is skinny. wtf. reminds me of my stupid history teacher in highschool senior year.

  19. There´s no need for propaganda, stick to the food. Basque the oldest language in the world, oppressed nation, the map doesnt represent the Basque country nowadays.

  20. 6:25 Welcome to the world's most sustainable restaurant, which is also part winery, part science lab, and part greenhouse! In the Basque Country of Spain, Eneko Atxa and his friends have created a completely remote controlled garden to feed their guests.

  21. Send action Bronson here not this girl who’s as entertaining as watching paint dry it really takes the air out of this really interesting place in the world of culinary arts

  22. Wonderful series! A good reflection on many aspects of our culture. Many might not understand the emphasis on politics in here, but the issue of basque identity has simply seeped into our everyday life. Cheers from Bilbao (Biscay)!

  23. at 0:50 you state "the Basque Country is an autonomous region in northern Spain" … No, it is not!! I think you meant Euskadi/Euskal Autonomia Erkidogea/Vasque Autonomous Region. The image displayed is Euskal Herria, the so called Basque Country greater region!! Nafarroa is NOT in the Basque region!! And then all the BS stated from 01:00 til 01:20? Ask around in Lapurdi, Beherea, or Zuberoa about brutally suppressed rights. Oh, I forgot, that's France, they're not meant to that there, isn't? Of course, that's why Basque language is official and recognized in France (jokes!). Sad, very sad this display of bias ignorance. In any case, gora Euskadi, their food is awesome.

  24. I gotta say that the man who spoke basque, speaks it very poorly and this is coming from a person who is from the Basque Country

  25. Portraiting Basques as terrorist… We were brutally repressed by ETA the last 40 years. Shame on you. A victim of nationalist terrorism.

  26. So nice, I would love to eat there. I dated a beautiful Basque girl I met through a bro when I was a teenager

  27. Q. If the Basques are so fucking 'Basque' why did they fight against the biggest Basque kingdom (Navarra) with the Communist Spanish in the civil war?Such cultural bullshit propaganda being deployed by the new ETA cultural war machine on gullible idiots like this skinny foul mouthed Spanish presenter. Go back to terrorism ETA at least you had credibility then. The world is sick and fucking tired of hearing how fucking 'unique the 'Basques are' from your propaganda culture unit.Its the 'Basques' who helped their Castillian / Aragon masters invade and destroy Navarra in 1512 – the only Basque Country to have ever existed. Otherwise there has never been a 'Basque country.Such lying CUNTS

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