Universal Supplements Review X-Factor – Molecular Nutrition
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Universal Supplements Review X-Factor – Molecular Nutrition

Welcome to another Universal Supplements
product review. Guys we’re going to try and keep these videos less than 5
minutes long, we’re gonna keep them really simple and not too technical, and
just remember we are supplement users ourselves. Every supplement that we talk
about we have tried and we’re gonna give it our honest score out of 10 at the end.
Today’s product is, it’s a bit of a different product really it’s called X
Factor by Molecular Nutrition. Sharna what is X Factor? All right, so X Factor is
actually a patented muscle and strength builder. This one is unlike any other
supplement that is on the market guys, and that is simply because of its key
ingredient which is ARASYN That’s right so ARASYN, also known as arachidonic acid,
is this breakthrough compound that’s patented. It’s only found in this product.
Basically the way that it works is… there’s some new research that’s been
done that shows the damage that we’re doing to the muscle is actually really
important, and the inflammation is really important. And the compound responsible
for that is a arachidonic acid. So once upon a time, a lot of bodybuilders would
use things like, like ibuprofen and stuff like that to help reduce inflammation
after workout. But we’ve since found that that that actually has a negative impact
on muscle growth. Using a compound like arachidonic acid, you’re actually going
to increase the amount of muscle growth by causing more inflamatiuon, therefore
causing a higher immune response, and signaling the body to send more, I guess,
white blood cells, more amino acids to the area to repair that muscle. So you
end up with a stronger more powerful muscle. So that’s basically what it is.
Sharna let’s give it our scores out of 10. I know it’s a little bit technical
there, and that’s normally have not how we do these videos. But it’s just so
different, so I really wanted to explain to you how it actually works.
let’s give it our scores Sharna. I’ve already got mine up… oh okay… well I better give it my score then.
Sharna, what was your score? she’s giving it a 10 out of 10. so what I’m gonna do,
is I’m going to give it a 9 and a hald out of 10 guys. Really great
product. I do actually love this one. So I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of
X-Factor by Molecular Nutrition.

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