University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Biological Engineering Program
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University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Biological Engineering Program

Are you looking for a degree program
that combines the challenging field of engineering to the diverse feel of
biology? Biological engineering or BE is an innovative and interdisciplinary
program here at the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. Students apply engineering principles and fundamental concepts from biology and
other sciences to design systems that address contemporary issues focused on
life and life-sustaining systems. In the process BE students are equipped to solve
some of the most pressing issues that face society today the BE is for people
who want to provide a better quality of life in the midst of increasing global
competition, diminishing natural, resources, and increasing challenges for
the environment. Enjoy one-on-one interactions with
faculty in small student centered classes that average less than 20
students and emphasize cutting-edge laboratory and design experiences.
Culminate your studies by demonstrating your knowledge in designing producing
and operating a Senior Capstone Project. Whether you are interested in plants or
animals, whether you want to focus in the system or cellular level, you will have a
freedom to invent whatever suits your interests. There are no limits to what
you can create. With training in analytical thinking and problem-solving
the BE graduates are ready to enter a wide variety of fields not only in
engineering, but also in agriculture, business, law, and medicine our graduates
have designed equipment and systems to sustainably meet society’s demands for
products from biological resources as well as bio-remediation solutions for the
environment. We have developed processes to derive
renewable energy from biological materials and investigated methods for
improving the value of natural products for food and medical applications with
environmental integrity and economic success. Whether you want to pursue a
career in research, academia, or industry the Biological Engineering program is your personalized stepping stone to making a difference.

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