Ursuline students welcome cutting-edge tech to biology classroom
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Ursuline students welcome cutting-edge tech to biology classroom

NEW THIS MORNING – High schools across the nation are getting upgrades technology wise. One high school here in the valley has some technology that some universities don’t even have yet. First News Weekend Morning anchor Connor Kick is LIVE in the newsroom to explain. Connor? Ursuline High School in Youngstown is taking their biology classes to the next level with a virtual dissection table in one of their classrooms. The innovative piece of technology incorporates different biological dissections into one piece. For example students can study different animals, MRI scans, and the human body. It allows students to actually see the human body upclose and give them a look they normally wouldn’t see. When students pull up any type of imagine on the table, it labels everything down to the specific blood vessel and where it starts from. Staci Raab, a teacher at Ursuline says this table gives students more opportunities to learn the way they want to. “WE HAVE A LOT OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE BUILDING AND WE WANTED A WAY TO MAKE SURE WE INCREASE OUR STUDENTS EXPOSURE TO TECHNOLOGY AND TO THE SUBJECT MATTER ITSELF AND THIS WAS KIND OF THE BEST WAY TO DO BOTH” Though it’s still early in the school year, the students will be using it multiple times for their daily lessons. Speaking of students coming up in our next half hour I’m going to tell you their reaction to the table and how some of them feel it helps them learn better. Live in the newsroom, Connor Kick first news this morning.

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