UTS Science: Get out of the classroom – Forest and Mountain Ecology
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UTS Science: Get out of the classroom – Forest and Mountain Ecology

Jessica Tanna (Combined Bachelor of Science,
Bachelor of Laws): It has been a really valuable learning experience, which has been really
surprising because I’m not really that into, um, camping… as much, um, I’m a real city
girl. like, you don’t even realise that’s all out there happening while you’re in you,
you know, cosy little, like, home back in Sydney. Just being able to walk around the
ground and actually practice what you’ve just learnt and having that fresh and the interest,
being fresh as well, so, yeah, I’ve really valued being able to do that. Jay Falletta (Bachelor of Science in Environmental
Biology): The whole idea of this trip is to try and teach us like you would in a lab or
lecture theatre, but, um, being out here, they’re actually incorporating the sensory
with the academic. It just helps you understand how, how everything works, as you walk into
an area and you’re able to just perceive, and, like, see the interactions, like, it’s
all well and good learning about the interactions, in, like, a lecture theatre, but, to come
out and actually understand it. Harley Lewington (Bachelor of Science in Environmental
Biology): I’ll come out of this with as much experience as I have out of maybe a 12-week
course, where you’re learning in a lecture, you just, because it’s part of your life every
day and like, from when you wake up to when you go to bed, everyone’s on your same wave
length, and you’re all environmentally aware and want to see a better world and everything.
It’s… you get, like, sort of in your own little community. It’s nice.

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