Vethathiri Law of Universe Principle 8: Organism
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Vethathiri Law of Universe Principle 8: Organism

Vethathiri Law of Universe Principle 8: Organism The energy particle and its associations,
according to the physical transformation of the magnetic wave,
are classified into five physical sections: There are free energy particles
(Akash, Sanskrit) releasing pressure. This is the first physical section. The joint function of two or more
energy particles is called air. In this second physical section sound is released. More than 16 particles (oxygen) are also air,
but intensified air, which produces heat and light. This is the third physical section (fire). When oxygen and hydrogen both
fill in the gaps between each other this becomes a continuity and forms liquid
(water). Taste is produced from this section,
the fourth physical section. Solid is a more intensified mass than liquid
and it is the fifth physical section where smell is released. According to the releasing nature of the pressure,
sound, light, taste and smell; the physical sections are divided
into what is called in Sanskrit Pancha Bhutas: Energy, air, fire, liquid, and solid. In any mass, large or small, which contains
all these physical sections, a separate circuit unit may be created
so that the magnetic flow arranges the atoms, molecules, and cells
into an order of polarity. The Life-force, formed by marrow, semen, and
blood, becomes the charging unit of bio magnetism. Then the sensing faculty starts. Conversion of bio magnetism by physical transformation
is going on within the physical body continuously. It is felt by the Consciousness
existing within the Life-force as four feelings:
Pain, pleasure, peace and ecstasy. The extended activity of Consciousness
through the magnetic field within the organism is the mind. According to the formation of the senses,
the Consciousness gets induction with external phenomena
and feels the resonance of them in the magnetic field of the body. This complex and complicated work
in an organism is a living being. More Vethathiri Law of Universe Principles
in the next set of videos. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Be blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.

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