39 thoughts on “Virus DNA in human genome (evolution by infection)

  1. Wow this is mad! Thanks for putting this together. Love the production quality and the interesting stories. You're gonna blow up anytime soon I'm sure.

  2. Impressive quality as usual, and on a super interesting topic! It is quite odd that a single gene is so key to the development of an entire new organ

  3. Impressive quality as usual, and on a super interesting topic! It is quite odd that a single gene is so key to the development of an entire new organ

  4. lmao did you animate this? I was expecting the view count to be half of that of a kurzgesagt video when I saw it, and its 157.

  5. I came from your Verge comment. This is fascinating! Thank you for the great comment on that video to pique my curiosity!

  6. Is Syncytin found in non-placenta mammals? You mentioned it is found in all mammals studied. Just clarifying.

  7. Please add english caption in your future videos, I love your content! I found my way here from your comment on Verge. Awesome vid anyway keep it up!!!

  8. Holy shit! Fantastic video! How do you not have more subs? Came here from Verge comment. Really fascinating topic.

  9. Came from your Kurgesagt video, don’t normally like people who self promote, but you added an interesting comment first which actually related to your channel

  10. Isn't it pronounced /sinsitin/?
    On the other hand, great videos man! I'm waiting for your channel to blow up

  11. I'm normally bothered by channels that advertise themselves on popular videos but when I saw your comment on the vaccination video that Kursgesagt made, you changed my mind. You provided relevant info to the video in a really interesting way. Keep this channel going man, I know you'll be big one day!

  12. Came from the Kurgesagt video, i dont usually come from self promotion but the comment was pretty intersting and i love this kind of stuff. Keep it up man.

  13. I came from your comment on kurzgesagt. And now you have a subscriber.♥️ Loved your work. All the very best bud

  14. This was an incredibly interesting and well documented story. I'm a med student and before this video I had never realised how strange syncytia were, it all makes sense now of course. Also, never expected such a quality content from such a small channel, keep up the good work, you're gonna blow up any time soon!

  15. I have just read an article in a not so recent New Scientist which suggests that the formation of tissues in animals is also instigated by viral genes. Fascinating.

  16. I love this! I was researching mammalian evolution and wondered how exactly something as radically different to the usual body plan of terrestrial animals as a placenta evolved! Thank you!

  17. Your "ad-comment" on Kurzgesagt's Complement System video not only made me click, but is the only of its kind that ever made me subscribe to someone. Kudos to you, this is wonderful content.

  18. It must have infected a Synapsid or something, transforming them from the archaic "mammal like reptiles" to fully placental animals.

  19. Gonna be honest with you, I'm not gonna watch the video but I am sure you are putting a lot of effort into this, so like, sub, and when I will be bored hopefuly I will remember your channel ^^

  20. that's some fantastic production value for this amount of views. great video dude, I hope you will make some more.

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