23 thoughts on “We Made a Deal with Logan Paul

  1. Light it like yin and yang. All the truths of this earth. Who are we, where did we come from? Its all hidden in plan sight and for the initiated its easy to see.

  2. Only person who would say there are no facts that the earth is flat obviously hasn't checked into it at all. In reality it's completely the opposite way away. Good ol social engineering. Amazing really. Cheers

  3. Curious, if Kim Jong-un propositioned your crew to help make a North Korean propaganda film look extra snazzy, would you take the gig ?
    or for how much money would you do it for his cause ?

    Obviously not drawing equivalency, just wondering where you guys draw the line with this kinda unethical stuff

  4. My barber told me he’s been convinced by the conspiracy theory communities online that we the Earth is flat and the secret evil world government is hiding it from us.

    Normally I challenge extreme dubious claims like this. But he’s my barber.

  5. 3:06 WREN you’re a smart and decent guy.

    The more sweet your VFX skills are, the more you lend to the validity of the disinformation, as perceived by the most credulous demographics who are convinced by this stuff.

    (But yeah, looks cool. good for you)

  6. I mean, yes, this is funny.

    But also, it’s not just a joke to the now millions of people being mislead by disinformation pseudoscience and conspiracy theory propaganda.
    Which you now have lent your high level skills to, which gives the content its legitimacy in the eyes of the kinds of people who Will be convinced by it.

    It’s your choice to make of course. I just wouldn’t feel ethically comfortable with myself if I knowingly contributed to a disinformation campaign in the context of our culture of confusion and deception.

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