What Are Bioactive Molecules – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12
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What Are Bioactive Molecules – Microbes in Human Welfare – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter microbes in human welfare in that today we’ll be studying about bioactive molecules when I say bioactive molecules it means molecules or assets or enzymes which help humans in day-to-day life for example Q berlin’s cyclosporine all this have by the application in human as well as plant life. Today we’ll be studying about chapter microbes in human Welfare in that we’ll be studying about Biomolecules or Bio active molecules when I say about bioactive molecules by Bio means biology and active means molecules whose activity helped mankind or human being one of the easiest or simplest examples of bioactive molecules are cubanlinx second one would be cyclosporine a now cyclosporine A is a bioactive molecule that is given to patients who have undergone organ transplant when I say organ transplant it means a particular organ is shown and an organ which do not belong to them is added to them now this diminu suppressing agents cyclosporine a suppress the immune system suppress their immune system it means slow their immune system so that organ or the kidney or any other part can be accepted by them this for an organ belongs to somebody else so this would be rejected by the immune system second by active molecule is statins statins are blood cholesterol lowering agents they help to lower the blood cholesterol in myocardial patients the third agent is given is given lence is growth hormones which helps in active growth of the plant it also helps in party no copy of fruits that is formation of fruits without seeds so let us say all the bioactive molecules let us study how they are made and what is their function let us see what bioactive molecules are one example of biotin molecule is cyclosporine it is an immunosuppressive agent given for organ transplantation basically cyclosporine are given to patients who have undergone kidney transplant so as to suppress or slow down their immune system the next agent is statins they are produced by fungus given for lowering blood cholesterol basically statins are given to myocardial patients of patients who have higher level of cholesterol or bad fats the third Activision is gibbelins Ghibelline is basically a plant hormones they are group of growth promoting antibiotics which are now let us see the third bioactive molecule which is given ins this are nothing but plant growth hormones gibbelins they are group of growth promoting hormones which are used in stem elongation they are naturally present in plants that help in stem innovation even they are available commercially they are used in innovation of fruits also so basically cable lines help in shoot as less root in Amish they are induced party no copy okay when we use gibbelins they help us to induce party no copy in fruits whereas a path no copy it means fruits the down see basically give a lens which help in production of food without seed in case of fruits like peer and banana party no capping fruits are widely used their fruits without seed and a widely accepted which are produced with help of Cuban Linx so in this part of the chapter we studied about by actor molecules their function then their uses thank you

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