What are Genetics Experts?
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What are Genetics Experts?

Jana Pruski-Clark: Genetics experts are individuals
who have advanced training in genetics. For example, genetics experts may include
medical geneticists and genetic counselors. Either individuals who have gone on to pursue
masters degree or further degrees in genetic specifically, it is important to think about
seeing these types of genetics experts when considering genetic testing. The genetics expert is going to have the most
accurate and up-to-date information available to you, a genetics expert can talk to you
about many different options available now related to genetic testing, and a genetics
expert can also talk to you about options related to research in the area of genetics. If you are interested in finding a genetic
expert, one please you can go to is the website for the National Society of Genetic Counsellors
which is HYPERLINK “http://www.nsgc.org” www.nsgc.org. They have a link to find a genetic counsellor
or you can put in the area in which you live and a type of genetic counsellor you are interested
in seeking. Another availability is telephone genetic counselling through informed DNA. You can contact informed DNA to schedule a
telephone genetic counselling appointment by going to their website which is HYPERLINK
“http://www.informeddna.com” www.informeddna.com or calling their phone number which is 1800-975-4819. Dr. Michael Alvarado: Did you know that not
every breast cancer patient needs chemotherapy? In fact today, there is a way to identify
whether or not you would benefit from that chemotherapy based on the biology of your
tumor. To learn more about the Oncotype DX assay and how to discuss the results with
your physician, just press this button.

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  1. What are Genetics Experts?

    Genetics have been such a big part of understanding more about breast cancer. Although not every case of breast cancer is linked to the genes we inherit from our parents, some types of cancer can run in your family.

    The people that know most about this field are genetics experts. These are people that have pursued a masters degree or further degrees to understand more about genetics specifically. 

    Informed DNA’s Vice President of Cancer Genetics Services Jana Pruski-Clark explains what genetics experts are and how they can help you.

    #Genes #Genetics #Cancer

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