What Fears Do People Have About Genetic Testing?
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What Fears Do People Have About Genetic Testing?

One of the big barriers to genetic testing
and genetic knowledge is fear, fear of the unknown. Fear of healthcare discrimination
or insurance discrimination. Fear of psychosocial implications, but most of its fear of the
unknown because once you sit down with the patient and explained that there are federal
and state laws to protect you that the knowledge is only positive or whatever comes out of
the knowledge, positive or negative there is useful information. The fear goes away
pretty quickly, so I think its fear born from ignorance and again not in a derogatory word,
ignorance is just not knowing ignorance, but that is one of the biggest barriers we have
and to these days so frustrating and sometimes despite our best efforts, we can explain until
you are blue in the face and some people will just say I don’t want to know and that’s
okay, but what’s not okay is when it affects your daughter or your sister, your family
members because I feel like you have a moral obligation to help fellow men and women. Even
if you don’t like your sister or daughter or have a dysfunctional family, there is still
no excuse not to offer yourself up for genetic testing, if you are the one that has been
identified at risk, so that others may benefit. I just simply feel like if someone’s child
is in the street and a car is coming in the way you have to help to get back child out
of the street, so that doesn’t get hit by a car and the same thing with the family member
that may have a genetic risk. You cannot just stand by and do nothing, may be let them get
hit by the same the cancer you do, so I feel very strongly that it is not a legal obligation,
but I am not ashamed to say that people have a moral and ethical obligation to help their
family members and just get over some of the dysfunctionality, but we deal with that fairly
frequently because of the fear and I don’t mean to say that people have mean intentions
where they don’t, I think it’s a simply fear that paralyzed by fear and it is our
job to help them overcome that fear and do the right thing.

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  1. What Fears Do People Have About Genetic Testing?

    Genetic testing can be a very intimidating thing to people. But it is important to take this test, especially if you have a family history of breast cancer.

    According to Scottsdale Healthcare Medical Center’s Dr. Mike Janicek, there is no excuse not to offer yourself up for genetic testing. You don’t want your family to get hit by the same cancer you might have. Don’t let your fear stop you from doing the right thing for your loved ones.

    Watch the video below as Dr. Janicek shares what fears people have about genetic testing.

    #BreastCancer #GeneticTesting

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