What If You Lived for Only 24 Hours
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What If You Lived for Only 24 Hours

If we talk about the world, currently, the
average life expectancy is 70 years for men and 75 years for women. That might seem like than enough time to check
off all the things you have on your to-do list! But maybe there’s more to life than checking
boxes. What if people only lived for 24 hours? Well the first I’d do is cancel my cable
contract, and that dental check up for next week. Won’t be around for that! Seriously, play along with me. We don’t have that much time, so let’s get
going right away! Assuming we compress 70 years into 24 hours,
then approximately 12 minutes after you’re born, you start to crawl. Your Mom has to keep an eye on you at all
times to prevent you from inadvertently traveling to another state. The problem escalates when you figure out
how to walk 18 minutes after you were born. Five minutes after you started moving not
on all fours, but two legs, your mouth begins to produce coherent sounds. Yay, just 23 minutes after you saw the light
of day, and you’re already a speaking human! On the other hand, several milliseconds pass,
and those around you don’t look too happy about your never-ending chatter anymore. Now you have to learn discipline fairly soon. Then at the age of about two hours, you set
off for school. Zip, Zip Zip, and 3 hours and 20 minutes after
you were born, you graduate in the half of the class that makes the upper half possible. Congrats, that was fast! You’ll have your first full-time job when
you’re 5 or 6 hours old, and when you’re approximately 7 and a half hours old, you’ll get your first
apartment. You’re also likely to find a partner somewhere
around this time. When you’re 17 hours and 10 minutes old, your
kids are already grown-ups and live separately. At the ripe age of 20 hours, you retire to
the nearest lake to live out the remaining hours of your life in peace. Come to think of it, that’s another problem
of a 24-hour-long life: you can’t travel, because you don’t have time for it! You must admit that it’s a shame to spend
even one hour of your life (which makes up more than 4% of your lifespan) on going somewhere. And then, you’ll probably need to come back,
and that’ll mean that you’ve just blown of 8% of your life! And I won’t even get into adventures like
flying from New York to Singapore! This journey takes a bit less than 19 hours
– almost all your life! – and it’s just a one-way flight! Which life is kinda too. Now, let’s see how much time you’ll spend
on different activities within your lifetime. – Your work will take at least 4 hours of
your life. – You’ll spend about 40 minutes on reading
newspapers, books, magazines, and other sources of information. – If you DO cook, it’ll take 50 minutes
of your life to prepare countless breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Hmmm… It gets me thinking about why I don’t just
use food delivery services. – An hour and 20 minutes of your precious
life will be wasted in jam-packed public transport or in traffic jams. Um, isn’t that a bit too much? – Six hours will be spent on watching your
favorite series and movies, spending time at the computer, and scrolling through your
social media. And if you’re a gamer, then it’ll take you
43 minutes to play all the games you have on your list. – If you love shopping, you’ll spend 2 hours
and 40 minutes on retail therapy. But keep in mind that for a good portion of
this time, you’ll be searching for the partner you’ve lost during shopping. – You’ll listen to music for about 5 hours
of your 24-hour-long life. – And you’ll devote approximately 10 minutes
of your life to showering and almost 17 minutes to getting ready before you leave the apartment. – You’ll be occupied with laughing, crying,
and arguing with people for another 20 minutes. – And if you exercise regularly, your workouts
will take up about 24 minutes of your life. – Now, one-third of your existence, which
is 8 hours, you’ll spend sleeping! Yep, seems likec a waste. On the other hand, living for such a short
time has its own pluses. For example, it’ll take you mere milliseconds
to get to work or University, clean your home, or do other chores. Anyway, on the whole, your 24-hour-long life
is lively, bright, and packed with different events. You don’t have time for procrastinating or
“I’ll do it tomorrow”s. Your main life goal is self-educating and
getting new experiences. What activities would you concentrate on if
your life lasted only 24 hours? Tell me about your choices in the comment
section below! But you know what? Even though the situation we were talking
about is totally hypothetical, there are creatures on Earth who indeed have super-short lives
– some of them live for exactly 24 hours! – For example, let’s take the mayfly. This insect is the shortest living animal
on the planet, and within 24 hours, it has to complete a full life cycle. Unfortunately, it’s nothing much: being born,
flying a bit, reproducing, and passing away. Besides, the mayfly spends most of its life
in the form of a nymph. That means that the insect lives in its mature
winged form for just a few hours. – A teeny marine organism called the Gastrotrich
has a lifespan of about 72 hours, or 3 days. And most of the time this transparent creature
spends swimming along currents and looking for another animal to attach itself to. When this mission is complete, the Gastrotrich
latches onto the host and reproduces there. – As for the animals you don’t need a magnifying
glass to spot, the shortest living one is the house mouse! It lives no longer than a year; plus, the
tiny rodent has loads of natural predators, such as reptiles, birds, and whatnot. Have you ever seen a whatnot? Anyway, despite this, the population of these
little guys doesn’t get smaller! That’s mostly because they breed lightning-fast! On the other hand, nature seems to like extremes. Otherwise, why would it create a virtually
immortal creature? By that, I mean a jellyfish species which
has invented a cool trick to staying alive forever. After this tiny thing has reproduced, it opts
to transform back to its baby state! So, its tentacles retract, its body shrinks,
and the jellyfish sinks to the ocean floor to start its life cycle again! Honestly, even researchers admit that this
creature confuses them to no end. At the same time, it sounds fun to live forever! Or does it? What would the planet look like if people
were immortal? – You would have to go to the office forever. – However slowly, you would still age, and
it will last for eternity. – A lot more people would take up extreme
sports. – People would be trying an incredible number
of hobbies and careers. – You would have problems maintaining life-long
friendships and relationships, because, well, you know “life-long” might turn out TOO long
in this case. And, they’ll get on your nerves.c
– People would have an extraordinary number of children, grandchildren, and so on. Just imagine the family reunions! – Assuming people not only lived forever,
but also never fell ill, there would be no need for hospitals and doctors. – Soon, the population of the planet would
be so great that there would be no free space for people to live. Analysts claim that Earth can comfortably
sustain approximately 10 billion people. But if nothing changes, we’ll reach this number
in 17 years or so! That means that if people lived forever, we’d
have to colonize space, create underwater cities in the oceans, and build multi-million-story
skyscrapers. – The ever-increasing population would need
more and more resources, which our poor planet would be unable to provide. – Fresh foods would become a rarity, and their
prices would skyrocket. Instead, people would eat mass-produced genetically
modified stuff grown in laboratories. How delicious! – Very soon, your clothes and other personal
belongings would look nondescript and uniform because factories wouldn’t be able to produce
anything exciting and unique with so many people inhabiting Earth. So, considering most of these facts, I guess
living forever might not be such a great thing after all. Bottom Line: Each of us has only 24 hours
in a day. So think. Plan how to get the most and the best out
of your time. Don’t waste time on irrelevant stuff. I love this quote from John Howe. He said: “What a folly to dread the thought
of throwing away life at once, and yet have no regard for throwing it away by parcels
and piecemeal.” Wow. And that’s all I have to say about that. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

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  1. Islam says:this life is not eternal and nothing more a Test hereafter is for ever.Worship just one God ( Allah ) the most merciful, who created the whole universe…….

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  3. Commenter –
    If you learn to walk in 18 minutes in real time,you will have good IQ.

    Einstein learnt to walk after much more time then anyone else,in real time.*He did this to proof real time is relative.And thus time can be real*

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