What Is Air Pollution – Organisms and Environment 2 – Biology Class 12
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What Is Air Pollution – Organisms and Environment 2 – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering, HSC and IIT-JEE Mains an Advance videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter organisms and environment in that we are studying topic Air pollution, pollution caused due to Harmful gases. let us study what is air pollution and its causes. when I say air pollution it is nothing but harmful gases like carbon monoxide ammonia nitrous oxide other natural gases chemical waste then released from industries companies due to human intervention due to burning of garbage which is all released in the atmosphere and pollute the air now this is Air Pollution environment we can only sustain if there are certain parameters that are followed for example the level of carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide or nitrous oxide should never go beyond the permissible limit but it has gone and that has led to air pollution and pollution can lead to large number of respiratory diseases if not taken care sulfur compounds nitrogen compounds halogen is compounds are some of the reasons for air pollution air pollution when I talk about air pollution substances that are present in a by the activity of mankind whereas in this mankind activity I need to say industrial wastes atmospheric waste waste that is generated due to the burning of garbage coal plastics chemical industry in style as to all such wastes accumulate in the atmosphere and lead to air pollution when present in high concentration above a certain permissible limit or a higher ppm that is sufficient to cause damage to biosphere for example to do air pollution there is acid rains that is observed in certain parts of India even crops and human beings are getting respiratory diseases or disorders for that matter sources of pollution could be sulfur compounds it could be nitrogenous compounds or any such things in certain cases burning or emission coming off from particulate matter burning can lead to air pollution and it’s side effects are very harmful in wrong students if you see the whole parameter of air pollution the harmful gases present or emitted during all human activities and industrial activities lead to air pollution which will have adverse effect not only on animals which are herbivores carnivores or the different layers of food chain right from the bacteria then the top consumers which are we humans which are omnivorous air pollution will affect everyone and anyone I hope you are clear with this concept of air pollution thank you

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