What Is Botanical Garden – Kingdom Plantae – Biology Class 11
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What Is Botanical Garden – Kingdom Plantae – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains an advance videos. Hello students today we are starting chapter Kingdom Plantae in that we are studying topic Botanical Garden you all must have visited a normal garden now what is this Botanical Garden. let’s try and study about this when I say Botanical Garden,Botanical Garden
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that will have particle species the definition says that now Botanical Garden are basically constructed for in C2 conservation of various medicinal herb plants and species which are endangered or which are almost on the words of extension or which have great role in studies or in observations for example if you visit a Botanical Garden anywhere around India or abroad you will never see any normal plant which you find every day in a Botanical Garden what Botanical Garden tries to press up in that exact natural environment species which are in danger which are about to distinguish or which hold a great medicinal or research properties for example if you visit a Botanical Garden garden of aloe vera or to see you will find all the to see varieties in that particular garden with the scientific name and the functions and the properties and the research is done on them even for different species or for different whether it is angiosperm whether it ignores forms you would find different amounts and different categories in this vertical gardens now what making Gardens are a major source of studies for scientists whenever they want to study evolutionary studies or classification studies or taxonomy stands on plants they find the way to about Nicholas Arden even students who are doing research or even companies putting him in Ayurvedic products have a great care or cater to what Nikhil Gardens in India on an uproar now the phineus particle gardens majority of them in located in Kolkata nor the states of the country the largest pot metal garden if I talk about in the world is the Royal Botanical Garden and it is extended approximately around 200 acres of land that’s huge and it will have almost all the species that are present in and around the periphery in India one of the biggest particle gardens that is located is is in Kolkata and the Indian vertical garden that Kolkata has various species which are in a ninja obeying the sp of plans and just preserved in the natural or incitive environment over there but Nikhil Gardens now if I talk about what Nikhil Gardens what in your garden is a very different from a normal furnace your normal Gardens will have different types of plants without any order without any preference just planted for beauty purpose and for respiration and claim but whatever guidance to follow a pattern the vertical gardens are constructed for in situ or you can say in place in natural environment in an around soil and a natural beam for conservation of plant species now this plant species could be angiosperm gymnosperms but I offer its pteridophytes anything it could be which is important to mankind even for zoo studies and for the nation and it is used for get an identification purpose especially during evolutionary studies or during endangered species or rare species of plants that indication is very important come to the read data book each plant is labeled with its scientific name and we all know that the scientific name that includes the genic business name and the species name which is also given by binomial nomenclature by Carl Linnaeus is very important for plants and botanical garden and from which family do they belong whether they are engines for whether they’re a gymnast from tender fighter bryophyte a– what is their category tax lebanon about nickel garden for reference purpose and for smooth studies now the famous particle garden in india would be located in kolkata and it is famous for its various trees or hopes or shrub set up planter which have great medicinal values great ecological scientific and search values along with the banyan tree which is approximately two hundred years and then it’s not as research is going in and around this financial now students i hope you all have got a clear picture of what a normal garden would consist of and what of what if they got in good consist of the only difference here in normal garden is that you would find any random glance whether it is have shops totally flowering plants in any order and grow in any fashion without any source reason use it as a scientific investigation whereas for botany girl gardens the whole and sole purpose are they aim for scientifically evolution for scientific studies for finding out the proteins for hybridization experiments even for genetic experiments particle garden glands are used I hope students Gela clear with this concept of botany the garden thank you

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  2. This is the problem with India. They don’t know what things actually mean. They teach text book definition n once the passes the exam bases on the textbook, he/she thinks she knows everything.

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