What is CRISPR & How Could It Edit Your DNA?
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What is CRISPR & How Could It Edit Your DNA?

CRISPR could be responsible for a new era
of genetically perfected plants, animals, and even humans…but what the heck is it? Hello imperfect humans, Trace here for DNews.
A few years ago, something called Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats
or CRISPR burst onto scene. It worked so well scientists began issuing ethical statements
about its use. CRISPR cuts DNA strands with unprecedented accuracy and simplicity, allowing
geneticists to directly edit any of Earth’s organisms however they like. CRISPR could
be used to engineer disease-free organisms, formulate high-yield crops, or even cure genetic
and hereditary human conditions. Of course, it could theoretically also be used to let
parents pick their kid’s sex, eye color, height, or whatever. In the end, CRISPR is, as one
Nobel scientist said to the Independent, “jaw-dropping” in its efficiency and simplicity. It all began in the late 80s when some Japanese
scientists were looking at bacterial DNA. They spotted repeated palindromic patterns
— a palindrome is a mirrored set of characters like racecar or noon (though DNA sequences
only use A,C,T, or G). In the 2000s, scientists realized these repeating characters were part
of an ancient bacterial immune system! The palindromes were framing the DNA of viral
invaders! This viral DNA is used by bacteria’s immune system like a “most-wanted poster!”
It would detect an attack, go to the “most wanted poster” section of their DNA, figure
out which virus was attacking, and create an RNA defender to fight back. Now that the RNA knew what to attack it needed
a way to do so. Which is where Cas9 comes in. CAS9 or CRISPR associated protein 9 is
an enzyme that unwinds DNA and cuts it up. Now, the trick is, that cutting process works
with more than just viral DNA. Once scientists figured out the process, they learned how
to use it to cut out and replace any DNA sequence. I know it’s confusing, but think of it like
our own immune system — the RNA are like antibodies, tagging the invaders, and the
CAS9 eliminates them like our white blood cells do; except instead of the cellular level
it’s on the molecular level. That’s tiny. After word got out, scientists everywhere
began to make their own RNA targets, wrap them in CAS9 and send them out to cut DNA.
Like our own private RNA army. CRISPR-CAS9 is so accurate it can recognize a few as 20
base-pairs, meaning scientists could cut single genes out of a DNA strand. After it’s cut,
the strand self-repairs, disabling the gene. But, if scientists inject replacement DNA
it fills the space instead. This allows us to swap in DNA wherever we like. Want corn
with genes to fight bacteria? Cool. Want fish that glow? Grab some DNA from phosphorescent
algae and toss it in there. This technique is so simple, it’s scary…it’s paving the
way for widespread genetic engineering, and it’s kicked off a media frenzy. Like when
Chinese authorities announced they’d edited human embryos, though they’d not allowed them
to grow. WTF China!? Craig Mello, is the co-Laureate of the 2006
Nobel Prize for medicine and he told The Independent, “It’s a triumph of basic science,” and claimed
it was even more important than the discovery that had won him the Nobel Prize. But because
it is so simple, scientists are calling for ethical oversight, and the need to align science
with “public support.” Now, CRISPR/Cas9 isn’t perfect, sometimes
the process will target the wrong section of DNA and cut there, but a new paper in Nature
describes how scientists altered the CAS9 enzyme reducing “off-target mutations to undetectable
levels.” So, they improved on evolution, and now it’s perfect. And even more super scary. Wanna know more about how these Chinese scientists
altered the human embryos? Check out the video our very own genetically perfected couple
Julia and Julian did over here.

100 thoughts on “What is CRISPR & How Could It Edit Your DNA?

  1. who do you call imperfect human my genes are very good 5xtimes of normal bone density strong physhic strong immune system fast reflexes hiğh IQ dense muscle tissue handsome face from what I can see I have a preety good genome😏

  2. you cannot create unicorns they said you can't create Dragons they said
    BUT NOW WE CAN I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. CRISPR might be as world changing as the invention of fire. Humans now became so smart, they can choose how to evolve themselves. It's scary but wonderful.

  4. If it cuts and irreversible, wouldn't it means human could only be degraded. That's why we couldnt cure aids right?

  5. Hasn't anyone seen man of steel?We could have less diverse people with everyone wanting the same thing.What happens to the freedom of choice?

  6. No ethnics. If we hadn't been so concerned with fucking ethics we'd be so far in our scientific capabilities. (Of course I'm not saying we shouldn't limit ourself like no human testing or things among those lines but other than that, go right ahead Mr scientist.)

  7. Wait… couldn't this cure cancer? Get rid of the mutated genes? Ok looked it up and trials are already under way!

  8. Please do more video on it will help regenerating macula of eye, which I am suffering from genetically disorder called macula destrophy, if it recover my condition it will change my life or I will get new life.

  9. Here is a question: If you could change one thing about yourself with this technology whether it be physically or not, what would it be?
    I would just make myself incredibly smart

  10. Like any other tech it cuts both ways. I say use it for healing the failing health of humanity if we can and try not build things that will just kill us instead.

  11. Question is, can it be used to edit poeples DNA that are already grown, and if so, whats the limits.

    Not gonna lie, I might be tempted by a pair of wolf like ears or sommin πŸ˜€

  12. very positive about it! looking forward to more CRISPR related studies. I feel ethical grounds must be given due importance, to keep check on it's use and experimentations.

  13. Is it a good batch? Yes. It's been throughly processed. Well, it better be. I'm not paying for some garbage that was made in a basement bathtub like the last time. No worries No worries. This, this stuff is the madman. Its pure enough to even remove religion from peoples DNA.

  14. Colloidal silver can destroy most disease organisms without gene editing oh ya it's not patentable sorry big Pharma.

  15. Is this technique is possible to change our looks and characters i mean our eye colour, our hair colour and skin colour etc…

  16. Ethics? Who needs ethics? Those are old!! It is time for human bioengineering, let the future begin???

  17. i think what they mean by ethics, they dont wanna end up creating some human abomination, im sure they wanna work on giving the human race the good all rounder, longer or unlimited lifespan, better metabolism, smarter, stronger all that stuff. that is one of our main goals or humanity, a better quality of life. once these doors are officially open to human modification they will never shut. its our next step in our evolution. our own hand made evolution to perfection… no longer we rely on natures random mutations to make us who we are… we will do it.

  18. …. Eons into the future , an interesting exposition .. in a far away galaxy … one of the surviving members of human race,who managed to escape, in his address to the gathering …..and that is how human race ended ! No one can anhiliate the human race as a whole . But ,they are more than. capable of anhilating themselves !

  19. Yeah but why everyone going on about it could change are genes when could help mammals and inscets but no one has fought about that.

  20. Advanced medicine & education, new energies & materials, IoT & big data processing …… they will remove the barrier
    between artifacts & natural objects, being friendly to the natural ( including body-internal ) & social environments.
    I hope we can achieve the sustainability of human civilization by new techs centered on AI and policies to utilize them πŸ’–.
    https://ameblo.jp/lovelucifer/entry-12272343398.html / https://ameblo.jp/lovelucifer/entry-12380764530.html


  22. This is nice for single cell reproduction "editing".
    But does this apply to a full grown person with a genetic defect?
    Is that technology becoming available in the near future?
    How might this be done?
    (My son has Marfan Syndrome.)
    What other diseases can potentially be repaired in a fully grown person?

  23. Can anyone help me find someone to teach me CRISPR to cure my prostate cancer, I can't wait for the double blind studies?

  24. a world without disease should be impossible, if we cure, let's say ebola, that doesn't mean that's the last dangerous disease, more disease will come out because of us

  25. what we we can cure cancer … that would be the greatest discovery or even AIDS , create immunity for every know viruses & bacteria . we humans will then only di from human caused disasters & natural disasters .

  26. The original program of life was written by Allah. He changes DNA as he See's fit. Accidents do happen in the DNA but nothing happens without Allah's will. Cancer are DNA programs that do not want to die and might have came into existence by accident but not without gods will. Like in software there are software writing software. Programs editing program. The same can be seen in DNA. Ie. Cas9 proteins. When the Cambrian explosion happend it did not happen due to accidents in the genetic code. No. It happend because Allah designed each and every different forms individually. Simply Editing and writting new code. Why do we have to sit and wait for Darwin's accidents. We humans can write DNA code as we see fit today. Cas9 CRISPR is an example of gene editing. And why do we have to believe darwinism that man descended from apes. According to the Quran apes descended from man. When a community of people's broke Sabbath and Allah said to them be ape's despised. And the became apes. Is that si hard to believe? Today we can edit gene's like editing a story in a word processor. Why will some people not believe this story when we have all the tools for gene editing available to us today. This sort of Gene manipulation by Allah is but simple. Allah says be and it is.https://youtu.be/SyAo51IYgUw

  27. When will it be available for the public to make you younger smarter and cure you of all diseases what year will it come out and be available for Dr to give you

  28. I will tell you only this β€œ No invention or science miracle will make you better and greater than the pure suffering and pain endurance, work and sweat, hope and love, which our God-creator gave us. No shortcut will help you beat that. Altho some disease immunity would be great πŸ˜€

  29. Tracy: Hello imperfect humans.

  30. crispr is not completly fighting or destroy the virus .its combine but in facts crispr reduce the virus effect so its good or not so good .its a gen addeting

  31. ν•œκ΅­μΈ/2018 λ‘˜ 쀑 ν•˜λ‚˜λΌλ„ ν¬ν•¨λ˜λ©΄ 쑰용히 μ’‹μ•„μš” 눌러….

  32. Seems it's actually being used to allow two (haploid cells) females to make a (diploid) baby with two genetic mothers!!!!
    This was achieved in China with mice!
    Next these scientist will be bringing back the Dinosaurs!!!!

  33. This was a great video. But CRISPR and case 9 is far from perfect. It may be great at cutting and redesigning genes. But man is still the one who chooses what's a good or bad gene. Kinda worse than Nazi Germany. And truly just clearly explained why China is in Africa.

  34. I'm excited to get rid of diseases. Also, I want my daughters to be strong enough to fight off pervs. So they can have the strength of an adult while they are still kids.

  35. Why does the media always say it’s so accurate. If you look at the scientist videos on YouTube they always say the cuts are not always so accurate. Media is so fake these days

  36. Before people get too excited, no, we’re not anywhere close to Captain America super-soldiers. CRISPR can, at best, implant one modified gene. To create a real Cap would require hundreds of modifications.

  37. Couod this theoretically treat autism, Down syndrome…any form of impaired disability/intellectual disability

  38. replace any DNA sequence? with what precision??? deception related to CRISP is that it cuts the DNA(with only 4 basic coding types) in multiple spots, thus altering the genome to something totally unknown!!! Please, stop spreading lies and pretending the Almighty, whom you try to discredit for the entire 'imperfect' creation, now to be overwritten by morons!

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