What is Data Science? [Data Science 101]
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What is Data Science? [Data Science 101]

– Data science is a process, not an event. It is the process of using data to understand different things, to understand the world. – For me, it’s when you have a model, or a hypothesis of a problem, and you try to validate
that hypothesis or model with your data. – Data science is the art of uncovering the insights and trends
that are hiding behind data. – It’s when you translate
data into a story, so you use the storytelling
to generate insights. And with these insights, you can make strategic… choices for a company or institution. – Data science is a field
about processes and systems, to extract data from various forms, whether it is an unstructured
or structured form. – Data science is the study of data, like biological sciences
are the study of biology; physical sciences, it’s the
study of physical reactions. Data is real, data has real properties, and we need to study them, if we’re gonna work on them. – Data science involves
data and some science. The definition, or the name, came up in the 80s and
90s when some professors were looking into the
statistics curriculum, and they thought it would be
better to call it data science. But what is data science? I see data science as one’s
attempt to work with data to find answers to questions
that they are exploring. In a nutshell, it’s more about data than it is about science. If you have data, and you have curiosity, and you’re working with data, and you’re manipulating it, you’re exploring it, the very exercise of going
through analyzing data, trying to get some answers
from it, is data science. Data science is relevant today because we have tons of data available. We used to worry about lack of data; now we have a data deluge. In the past, we didn’t have algorithms; now we have algorithms. In the past, the software was expensive; now it’s open source and free. In the past, we couldn’t
store large amounts of data; now, for a fraction of the cost, we can have gazillions of
data sets for very low costs, so the tools to work with data, the very availability of data, and the ability to store and analyze data, it’s all cheap, it’s all available, it’s all ubiquitous, it’s here. There’s never been a better
time to be a data scientist.

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  1. only after 0:55 explains the key points with level for normal people. 0:00 to 0:54 is more like saying the definition of Data Science straight from the book.

  2. Hello sir
    I am a have just completed my first year of graduation and I have some basic knowledge of c, c++, python. Could you please help me in knowing that how can i start machine learning.
    Please tell me from where can I start and what should I have to learn first and from which source. Please tell me.

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