What Is Grafting – Reproduction in Plants – Biology Class 12
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What Is Grafting – Reproduction in Plants – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter reproduction in plants in that we are studying topic grafting in simple language grafting is called as mixing everybody has grown rose plant in their life how you mix two different Rose stems and glue one rose that process was grafting we all have been crafting if we have planted a rose plant. graphic imagine situation you should visit a friend’s house and you see two different types of roses one Rose was bright pink in color and another Rose had bigger size you wanted a rose which is bigger in size as well as pink in color what do you mean you can do a technique called as grafting in the technique of crafting what we do is we take two different stems tie them together for example if you want to plant a roast and take two different steps of Rose tie them together put into soil keep proper conditions and you will get a rose after some pen which has both the qualities it will be pink in color as well as it will be huge how does this technical crafting words the technique of grafting is nothing but joining two different parts of a plant in such a way basically it could be steps that you get another plant which have quality of both the part now grafting has basically the saikhan part and the stop part both these parts are joined together in the process of crafting crafting can be of three different types crown crafting and grafting organs it batch crafting grafting the grafting is a process or a technique of joining two parts or two different parts of a plan so that they grow as one here remember the mixing of two different rows varieties the part of the graph or you can say the part of the stem if you are crafting a rose plant that remains in the soil is called as a stop while that part which is grafted is termed as psycho this icon is obtained from a plan witches has superior flowers or fruit while the pardon to moon or the stock part is derived from when disease-resistant plan here you can say how crafting is done using saikhan and stop the upper back is saikhan whereas the lower part is the stop or the part which is present inside soil now grafting can be of three reflects the type of grafting are the type of crafting a crown grafting and grasping and investing in this the difference is that the siphon or the stock part will be different depending upon the plan if you have to craft a banyan tree will be using crown bra whereas for other prints thunk and veg grafting can be used students in this part of the chapter we did study about different methods of cutting and what actually crafting is we have started about siphon and stop part of the grafting and how you can make a graph of rose plant I hope you look clear with this concept of crafting thank you

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