What is my ethnicity? DNA test results 🧬
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What is my ethnicity? DNA test results 🧬

so I took one of those ancestry.com DNA
tests just because I am curious you’re probably curious I mean everyone’s
curious like let’s be real let’s be honest but hey guys this is Amandy welcome back
to my channel thank you for joining me on this video today’s video is a little
different than my normal videos today we’re going to be looking at my DNA yep
my DNA I am going to be honest with y’all I get the question a lot of what race or ethnicity
I am and as far as I know I’m Mexican I tell people that I’m Mexican I tell my
parents are from Mexico my grandparents are from Mexico and as far as my mom
knows her great her grandparents also known and my great grandparents are from
Mexico so yeah we don’t really know any, anymore
information other than that we’re from Mexico my well the thing that I’m going off since a lot of people do ask usually say oh really
“I thought you’re Asian” or “I thought you’re a Filipino” and then it got me
wondering maybe someone from my ancestry line is probably Asian which I think
could be pretty cool to find out so I took the DNA test. I did buy it during
Black Friday they have a Black Friday which I think it is like $50 or so. So if
anyone is curious also about where their race or ethnicity is or where their
ancestors come from you I would recommend to take the DNA test and see
for yourself it would be pretty cool to see what you
guys ancestry lines from or yeah where your ancestors are oh I don’t know I
think that’d be pretty cool you know and if you have taken the test go ahead and
share with go ahead and share your results. It will be very interesting to find
out so yeah, y’all gonna y’all just gonna do
this with the me. I got my laptop right here so if I’m like I’m look this way. I’m also going to screen
record this so you can follow along with me. I think i’m going to wait after the ice cream truck
is gone because usually it will come up on my camera. Okay I think it went away,
so let’s get started okay and there we go!
my DNA. So it looks Wow okay okay this is really cool this
is the neat! I don’t see any Asian countries. So I guess hate to break it to
you guys it looks like I’m not Asian. Wow
based on this thing but I could see the full results. yeah I don’t
wow this is so cool yeah looks like I’m not Asian. Wow that is a shocker isn’t it! Y’all y’all probably that I was Asian too huh. But you’re wrong so yeah wow I’m Mexican! Who would have thought??? Paul Rudd: “Not Me” Northern African the Congo??!! Boy I am from the Congo!
One-percent though See other regions tested.. wow it says “…tests for all 1000 plus regions
listed below. You’re only linked to regions that appear in your estimate regions
excluded appear in your estimate appear in color so yeah so yeah it looks like there’s there’s nothing really It looks like I am not Asian y’all. Okay. I have to take it all in. it’s not a problem or anything.As I
was saying that the thing from the merchants and everything I was just
saying that maybe like my ancestors they all came from here and then they
traveled to Spain you know they all they all went to like Spain and then from
Spain they went to Mexico and that’s where like I guess you know they called
it New Spain if you don’t know your history but called it New Spain and they say I guess that’s where my ancestors from
Spain they came on to this New Spain and that’s when they settled down there and
they were probably like merchants or something. And you know and I guess from
there my ancestors just lived in Mexico. it’s it’s good to find out where
your ancestors are from like where around the world you’re able to
see how far they come you know it’s very interesting and I am glad that I was
able to take this test and share it with you guys. if like I said if anyone has
taken the test, I would like to hear your results or if anyone’s willing to take the test I say
go for it I like I said I suggested take it maybe
during Black Friday because it’s a lot it’s less cheaper anything that’s like
$80 or something if you do it now but-yeah you look into the history
of your ancestors and see what’s that you could also..y’all I found my third
cousins on here whoa no way there’s my cousin Gabriela is on here Edgar Samuel oh my gosh! look at all these
cousins it’s crazy its crazy
Oh but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video
um please give it a like comment down below like I said and I hope to see you
guys. Bye! Song: Night Ride by Eddie Rohosy

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