What is Science Hack Day?
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What is Science Hack Day?

Welcome to Science Hack Day! [Applause]
[Music] Science Hack Day is a weekend event that
gets scientists, designers, developers, technologists, artists, lawyers, writers,
people from all different disciplines together in the same physical space to
see what they can rapidly prototype with science in 24 consecutive hours. So, these
can be silly things, they can be solving serious problems… it’s really just about
whatever excites you and prototyping it to whatever fidelity level you can. Science Hack Day kicks off on Saturday
morning with lightning talks and welcome talks and people really just learning
about new, awesome things and data and tools that they can use for their hacks.
From space to geophysics to oceanography… these are really things and datasets and
people and resources that people should consider working with over the course of
the weekend. After lightning talks, we just open it up to hacking and it’s kind
of organized chaos in a good way. People are really mashing up different ideas,
listening to each other, and eavesdropping on what cool things that
they might want to work on. As Saturday night wears on, people
really get into their hacks and start getting focused. And people stay up all
night. In fact, Science Hack Day even has a
sleepover component so if you want to stay up all night working, some people do
that and other people take a bit of a rest to have some sleep and wake up the
next morning. Sunday morning people are incredibly tired, but they really start pulling together their hacks and really start putting things together in a way
that you can actually see. And it’s just amazing. It’s kind of like Christmas
morning in a way, you just see a lot of things just emerge out of almost nothing
and it’s just amazing. On Sunday afternoon, demos kick off! People are
presenting all of the stuff that they made over the weekend. They get two
minutes to demo and show us really what they created and how successful or not
they were. We have judges watch the demos and give awards to people based on
different things like Best Hardware, Best Use of Data, Best Design. All the winning
teams get a medal and it’s just amazing to see all of the joy come out of
everyone. Everyone is so tired but so proud of all the awesome things that
they’ve been able to create and the great people that they’ve been able to
meet. What Science Hack Day really brings to the world is multidisciplinary collaboration; getting people from all over to collaborate together who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to. And to me, this is really creating
unique, serendipitous, awesome stuff in science that otherwise wouldn’t exist. So, Science Hack Day is all about bringing things to the world that otherwise wouldn’t be created anywhere else.

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  1. Hey all! Science Hack Day is one of my favorite projects that I work on year-round and I wanted to share what it was like with all of you! I'm the global director for Science Hack Day, which is now in over 25 countries around the world. If you haven't had the chance to yet, read the full description up above and check out http://sciencehackday.org for more info.

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