When is Science NOT SCIENCE?
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When is Science NOT SCIENCE?

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When is Science NOT Science? When it’s PR. Today on SUGARbriety:
Who brought the science? Bought the science?
Ah, same difference. Anyway, the important point is…
Do you know WHO bought your science? Public relations used to be the devious left
hand of the advertising industry. Weaseling their way into otherwise informative news
stories to sneak in a product mention or even an obvious plug. While that kind of PR continues today, the
big boys have gotten smart. Nobody believes PR people any more. But LOTS of people are
gullible enough to trust scientists. And a few are even dumb enough to trust politicians
and governments. Not you, of course. Which brings us to today’s story. David Gillespie, the Australian member of
parliament, NOT the anti-sugar author with the same name, put out a press release praising
fiber and saying if Australian’s would just eat more fiber, they’d be SO much healthier
they’d save 3.3 BILLION dollars in health care and lost productivity costs from 400,000
people being SO much healthier. Yeah… right. Assistant Health Minister Gillespie goes on
to say that a LACK of fiber puts people at HIGHER risk of developing type 2 diabetes
and cardiovascular disease. If Australians would JUST add ONE serving of high fiber grain
food per day, they could potentially prevent 64,000 cases of cardiovascular disease and
126,000 cases of type 2 diabetes annually saving $1.5 billion in associated healthcare
costs and lost productivity every year. Wait a minute. It was 400,000 people and 3.3
billion dollars in the previous paragraph. Now it’s 190,000 people and 1.5 billion dollars
in this paragraph. Which is it, Gillespie? You’re confusing me
here. Well, it doesn’t matter. These are all made
up numbers written up by the private lab Nutrition Research Australia working for the Kellogg
cereal people. And it’s in a white paper, NOT a peer-reviewed
journal article. So who cares? The founder and director of Nutrition Research
Australia is Dr. Flávia Fayet-Moore who goes by the moniker Dr. Flavs. Dr. Flav’s last
couple years of peer-reviewed journal papers were funded by:
Cereal Partners Worldwide, Nestlé, Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum, Nestlé
again, Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council, Nestlé subsidiary Nestec, and finally Nestlé.
Hmmm… Can we say this is “bogus paid off industry
gun for hire science?” I think we can.
After all, Dr. Flavs wrote a paper for Nestlé about chocolate milk that contained this whopper
of a lie in its conclusions, “flavored milk consumption is NOT associated with higher
added sugar intake” Uh, Dr. Flavs, Nesquik contains 6 teaspoons
of sugar per serving. This is the maximum daily amount for women and too much for kids.
So tell me, doctor, Dr. Flavs, how can you justify saying this? Oh, you work for Nestlé. Never mind. Dr. Flavs is a founding board member of the
Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. ASLM They’re underwritten by Platinum level
sponsor Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing which is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Sanitarium manufactures Australia’s No. 1 Breakfast Cereal Weet-Bix™. So basically she’s getting nearly 100% of
her income from Big SUGAR and the Big FOOD grain carbage pushers. I think we can safely
LABEL her representation of the data as SERIOUSLY CONFLICTED. And where’s the DAA, the Dietitians Association
of Australia in all of this? DAA spokesperson, Lisa Renn, says,“People are confused; so
often we see Australians limiting nutritious foods because they are concerned about single
nutrients like sugar. [which is a good idea actually] It’s our role as health professionals
to guide them through health information (and misinformation) to reassure them that nutrient-dense
foods such as breakfast cereals are good choices for them and their families.” A dietitian describing carbage breakfast cereals
as nutrient dense. Hoo boy, that’s just pathetic. Well it would be if she believed that. It
doesn’t matter what Lisa believes of course because their corporate sponsors direct what
DAA says. Those sponsors include Kellogg’s, Sanitarium, Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers
Forum, and Nestlé of course. So basically, my Aussie friends, you’re screwed.
Industry’s running the whole show down under. From what government recommends,
to what goes on the shelves, to what dietitians tell you is healthy.
Lies. All lies. They’re pushing carbage breakfast cereal at you as if it’s nutrient-dense healthy
high fiber food that’ll make you well and save the country billions of dollars.
Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen. It’s carbohydrate garbage. Carbage. Those extravagant claims about how high fiber
is going to reverse type 2 diabetes and heart disease?
Nonsense. Not supported by the facts. A 2009 Cochrane collaboration concluded that
prospective cohort trial evidence is too weak to be able to draw any definite conclusion
about any possible preventive effect of whole grain foods on the development of type 2 diabetes.
A 2017 Cochrane Collaboration concluded that there’s insufficient evidence from randomised
controlled trials to recommend consumption of whole grain diets to reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease, or lower blood cholesterol,
or lower blood pressure. The data’s JUST NOT THERE. Dr. Flavs works for Big SUGAR and the Big
GRAIN carbage pushers, so she’s immune to research that doesn’t sit well with her employers.
She continues to insist that fiber is “essential for gut health and preventing chronic diseases.”
She also says people should eat more “nutrient-dense breakfast cereals.” Where did I hear that
before? Even if they’re full of sugar. Even if those nutrients are just dumped in on top
of the dead useless carbage.Ridiculous. So whether MP Gillespie meant 190 or 400,000
people. It doesn’t matter. They don’t exist. Whether it’s 1.5 or 3.3 BILLION dollars saved.
It’s not real. It’s just Monopoly money. It’s just lies. Made up lies.
All made up by the food industry to convince you to eat high markup, high fiber, highly
hyped breakfast cereal every morning and foolishly believe it’s good for you and will help prevent
type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
Oi, Oi, Oi Sorry, my Aussie friends. It ain’t so.
It’s just more sugary lies from the sugary carbage pushers down under.
As Dr. Robert Cywes says, “What you do about your personal nutrition will determine not
only how you live, but how you die.” Please, choose well. Just say no to sugar
and carbage. As always, I’m your sweet but not sugary host
Ben Fury. Please subscribe to SUGARbriety.
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help save the world from sugar addiction. Because stopping sugar addiction is up to
us. Thank you and be well.

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  1. Ben Fury nails it in one presentation. Conflicts of interest straight to the Oz government recommendations. #wecandobetter

  2. Fantastic video. So very true and revealing. You can even procure this information on the internet in reputable articles.

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