Whittaker’s five kingdoms-Biological classification
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Whittaker’s five kingdoms-Biological classification

Kingdom Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia

12 thoughts on “Whittaker’s five kingdoms-Biological classification

  1. Very good attempt Dr. Shanty Paul. Your presentation is simple, easy to understand and the video is self explanatory. I came across your video while searching for my nephew and it was very useful for him. Keep up the good job. Waiting for your upcoming videos. All the best to you..

  2. Important topics (while preparing for exams):
    -Need of classification
    -Two kingdom classification
    -Demerits of two kingdom classification
    -Five kingdom classification

  3. Mam ek alag se question hai
    Ncert me the living world chapter me ek term de rakha hai "catalogue "
    Isko memorisable language me define kar dijiye please
    Ye neet 2018 me bhi aaya par samajh nhi aaya
    Aapki krapa hogi mam

  4. I really liked ur video mam it helps a lot mainly in visualizing things, please suggest some one for physics and chemistry as i m preparing for rrbje exam .

  5. Ma'am, I need one clarification. Binomial system of naming was started by Carl Linnaeus, right? In that we use genus and species names. Before developing proper five kingdoms, were genus and species names were given to the organisms?!

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