Why Are You Always Tired?
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Why Are You Always Tired?

Some people are so full of life and and energy, but for some reason even when you seem to get more than enough sleep, you’re still fighting off yawns and fatigue through the day. So, why are you always tired? If you the number of the hours of sleep isn’t the problem, the second most common cause of fatigue comes from lack of physical activity and a poor diet. Study after study finds that adults who began light exercise a few times a week reported more energy after six weeks. People who exercise more regularly also report sleeping better. Even though studies show that they aren’t sleeping any longer. But if that doesn’t help, don’t go straight to your cup of joe. While many studies show that coffee is good for your health research show that your reliance on it can make you more sleepy. Caffeine blocks adenosine in your brain which normally accumulates through the day and makes you sleepy at night. But consuming coffee or energy drinks less that 6 hours before bed can ultimately affect your sleep quality. As a result people who don’t use caffeine often report feeling less tired in the morning. You might consider making sure you’re fully hydrated with some water first too. One study found that a drop of 1.5% in our bodies normal water levels can cause difficulty concentrating. Your blood thickens which slows down nutrients and oxygen getting to your muscles and organs. However a 2% drop is enough to make you feel thirsty so while there’s no need to gulping down gallons of water. Staying hydrated throughout the day will certainly help. Urine should be pale yellow. Any darker and it’s time for some water. Those glasses of wine or beers before bed may also be affecting your day. Studies have found that after becoming intoxicated while test subjects would fall asleep faster their quality of sleep was actually much lower, particularly during the second half of their night sleep. Ultimately alcohol reduces the amount of REM sleep you get. And, if you’re binge drinking and sleeping in on the weekends be aware that a consistent sleep schedule is key. Try waking up close to your normal time on weekends and having short 20 minutes naps in the day. These will still recharge your body without going into deep sleep and making you more tired. You’re also more likely to fall asleep at a correct time on Sunday evening making Moday morning easier. Of course your mental well-being plays a role too. Anxiety is a big one. Worrying what people think, always feeling tense about work or being overly concerned about every decision can be physically exhausting. And fatigue is one of the main symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. Not only that, but anxiety may be affecting your sleep quality. On another serious end, depression can cause physical, and emotinal fatigue which more sleep won’t necessarily relieve. For some it causes insomnia or inability to fall asleep in the first place. Unfortunately there’s no quick fix for the 10% of Americans who do suffer from depression. So if you think you may be depressed see your physician or psychologist. Finally, you might also simply be a night owl. Around 20% of population have genetics making them predisposed to staying up late. But living in our nine-to-five world may make it difficult for you to get the proper amont of sleep. In fact, scientists call this phenomenon social jet lag. Well night owls feel like they’re living in the wrong time zone every day. If nothing seems to help, there may be an underlying medical condition causing your fatigue which should be talked about with your physician. Got a burning question you want answered? Ask it in the comments or on Facebook and twitter and subscribe for more weekly science videos.

100 thoughts on “Why Are You Always Tired?

  1. This video is awesome! Check out the clip i have just uploaded about why you are tired and what you may be missing!

  2. So… I have tons of energy all day… Until I eat anything and then I am doomed. As soon as I eat I want a nap. If I don't eat I can keep going…. So I workout a lot if I eat after… Doomed…. Don't eat after fine. I drink lots of water…..Still tired after eating. Breakfast… Forget it…… Lunch forget it….. Dinner…. I guess….. As long as I get everything done that needs to get done.

  3. I have some signs of depression and yea .. i usually woke up at 7 am ..when i wake up i open my phone and go on my social media .. post deep thoughts and talk to my internet friends.. i don't go out of bed until 12am .. i use my phone 24/7.. i'm home 24/7.. i'm always tired :<

  4. 1. Not enough exercise
    2. Bad diet
    3. Too much coffee
    4. Dehydrated
    5. Wine or beer before bed
    6. Inconsistent sleep schedule on the weekend
    7. Anxiety (breath)
    8. Depression (see your physician)
    9, You might be a night owl (social jet lag living in the wrong time zone)
    10. Maybe an underlying medical condition

  5. oh…. its cause im a night owl… (its 3am when im typing this) i need to stop staying up to late drawing and watching youtube… (;_; 😉

  6. It's because you are not being yourself, you need to find your passion where work becomes play and effortless. The struggle makes us tired.

  7. I sleep for 17 hours straight and drink shit ton of water I eat normally and I’m tired all the time and my back kills me and I’m only 18 help any one

  8. Because we either get very bored, had an hour at school and being busy at work could tire you out.

    Running out could tire you out.

  9. Me at 8:00am in school 😪🙇‍♀

    some students –🏃‍♀💃🤾‍♂🤸‍♂🤸‍♂🤸‍♀🤸‍♀
    Me — How????😳🤔

  10. I'm one of the 20%. Luckily I have a job that allows me to sleep in (private tutor – I start work when pupils get back from school). Occasionally, people will look down upon me, though, and sometimes even mock me for getting up at 11 a.m. Few understand that I finish teaching around 9 p.m. and sometimes prepare classes until 2 a.m. Nope, parents still get offended that I won't have classes before noon just because their children start school at 11:30 that day (so what if I have to wait until 4 p.m. for my next students and then teach until 9 p.m…). Wish society was more understanding towards different body clocks 🙁

  11. I don't exercise but i walked a lot and my room is on the third floor, i go up and down a lot, but im still tired and spent all the time

  12. Yo I tried a 20 min nap after school and I ended up sleeping for 6 hours during the day, then I woke up at around 8 and thought it was already the next day🤣 and u know how in the morning at 6 it's kinda dark out still, and at 8 PM it's about that same amount of light… ya

  13. I'm tired
    I get enough sleep. I eat reasonably healthy. I'm in gym class running 5 laps minimum 5 days a week. I don't use caffeine. I drink much water. I don't/can't drink alcohol. I don't have time to nap with school. I don't have depression or anxiety (I hope) and I'm def not a night owl. Hmm

  14. The thing is I need energy to workout, but I'll gain energy after I start working out, but I've got zero energy to even get out of my bed 😭💀

  15. Can someone pls help me? My body feels heavy i think for the last 8 months now and also my head feel so heavy idk what is

  16. I'm so overly conserned about everything that i'm tired of being overly concerned and then I'm overly concerned about being tired about being overly concerned😂😂😂😂😂

  17. If mom reacts:

    Child: mom I am sooo tired
    Mom: It’s because of that cursed phone!!

    Child again: Mom, I’m pregnant
    Mom: It’s because of that cursed phone!!!

  18. Yes, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Let's change the way that we live! I'm going to go for more walks 👍 👍

  19. What if I have depression and it gives me insomnia, but my anxiety makes me unbelievably tired. And it’s gotten so bad that when I sleep it feels like haven’t and I’m always tired everyday and fall asleep sometimes randomly in my class or when I’m riding in the car or just sitting down for a minute. But even after napping I’m still so tired I can’t seem to get out of being tired. I eat right drink lots of water, I usually walk or bike to and from school( takes 30 minutes to an hour depending) but I’m still tired. And I don’t know why.

  20. That’s schools fault I hate how it says I’ll be a failure for life if I don’t pass but I’d feel more like a failure for life if I failed my driving test 😔😔😔😔😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😔😔😔😔 funny part is school doesn’t learn us about that themselves

  21. Because of always dealing with bullshit . People who think they are smart but actually aren’t . Arguing against persistent opinion and standing unsupported by TRUE support

  22. The problem is when you go to the doctor, they run lots of tests and really have no conclusion or help for you BUT never want to admit they have no clue. They just continue to throw answers to a problem they cannot identify waiting for you to either magically get better , or blame you when you cannot keep up with their treatment.

  23. Lately I've just been feeling shitty. I am always sleepy and every time i lay down i fall a sleep. I have also been losing appetite but craving sweets. Idk what to do and what is happening to me 🤔 I don't drink coffee, i live a pretty healthy life. The only thing is I am a night owl but I never had this kind of trouble before… Help 😂

  24. Tiredness is like an emotion , when you're happy and content you're alive with lots of energy even if you've not had much sleep . It's the total opposite if you're sad .

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