Why do we use soap to wash our hands? Nanogirls Great Science Adventures

Why do we use soap to wash our hands? Nanogirls Great Science Adventures

kyaa to everyone now you know that when you wash your hands you're supposed to do it with soap and water but why do we need soap well in this experiment I'll show you the importance of using soap to get all those bacteria off your hands you will need a bowl with some water some pepper and some soap or some dishwashing liquid so we're going to pretend that the pepper is the germs and you're going to sprinkle that into your bowl of water so imagine that these are all the germs and the microbes now if you put your hand into here and all you're going to do is not use soap and wash your hands with water when I put my finger in you can see nothing happens and all of the germs are still stuck to my finger but instead if I use some soap I'm going to put a little bit of soap on my finger and I'm going to put it into the water take a look at what happens you can see that all of the germs have moved away and my hand is now clean and free of germs and that's because soap is a surfactant so it helps to clean rather than just wet your hands and so that's the really simple reason why you need to use soap and friction to get rid of the bacteria on your hands and so it's really important to wash your hands every time you go to the toilet and before you eat join us next time on Anna goes great science adventure

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