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Why everything will collapse

why is everything gonna collapse and be warned this video won’t make you feel better it’s meant for those who wish to know what’s expect I won’t merely state that we’re in trouble instead I’m going to summarize what I now know of a rough climate change and how it will play out for all of us but mostly I’ll explain why it’s completely unavoidable by now you’re probably aware we’re in the midst of a biodiversity collapse we are experiencing the sixth mass extinction at a rate greater than when dinosaurs were wiped out when you take a 50% of all terrestrial wildlife in 50 years there’s gonna be some repercussions regarding oceans the loss of 90% of whales and sharks has unprecedented impact on phytoplankton whales have eBoost effect on both phytoplankton and krill while sharks are the apex predators that regulate the entire marine food chain without them this chain will topple from its base which happens to be phytoplankton what is phytoplankton it’s micro vegetation that absorbs co2 and produces oxygen it’s estimated that over 50% of our oxygen originates from oceans yet another problem is that reduced phytoplankton means less co2 absorption the oceans can no longer purify the air in a world where pollution is increasing for phytoplankton the loss of whales and sharks aren’t the only threats there’s also plastic waste acidification dead zones oil spills noise pollution that prevents mammals from seeing and mating and for the rest of marine life it is estimated bad and recent findings would show this to be extremely optimistic our oceans will be empty by 2048 if this happens or if we go anywhere near it we are entirely screwed I will conclude by talking about coral reefs which migrate from south to north and are undergoing massive bleaching in tropical regions an absolute disaster for local biodiversity only tropical coral is not particularly an adaptable to temperate climates and it mostly just throws a big fat wrench in the engine of temperate zones biodiversity there’s also the exchanges of warm and cold bodies of water that are changing at a staggering speed because of the melting of glaciers which has a direct impact on major ocean currents but the Gulf Stream if this stops and some scientists now refer to it as nearly certain that’s virtually all temperate climates that’s said to be affected with less heat comes less evaporation and less clouds and less rainfall we don’t just have oceans there’s land biodiversity as well and this one happens to be in complete agony on the topic of agriculture alone you need only know that nearly 95% of our soils life has been lost in the past 60 years you can blame this on the use of pesticides fungicides and herbicides on the reasoning that fields must be plowed on a production based approach that inherently disrespects the life of soil resulting in diseased vegetables designed to withstand pesticides are sorely lacking in genetic diversity which threatens their resilience as far as terrestrial mammals go we’ve encroached upon their turf so badly that they struggled to survive or have no other choice but to live near humans a good example is the wolf we know that each wolf covers immense territory but we insist on leaving them increasingly little space we then wonder why they attacked sheep is our response to concede land of course not we kill them in friends alone they are killed at a rate of 40 per year in a population of only 300 brilliant turning now to humanities of voracious and growing appetite for energy our society is terminally addicted to energy and most of our political and economic decisions perpetuate the misconception that energy sources are somehow infinite so about energy we mainly use oil coal and gas to produce energy all three currently represent 92 percent of the world’s energy production as for the remaining 8 percent 4 comes from nuclear three from dams and one from what we call renewable energy today we’re literally betting the farm on these last three but they’re just a drop in the bucket as far as global production goes and they’re not exactly the Holy Grail the energy production itself doesn’t lead to emissions but it kicks in with a vengeance come storage toilet batteries storage is required for such forms of energy unless you intend on using your solar-powered lights in broad daylight and shutting them off when the sun’s out would you probably not the most carbon stingy Energy’s today are nuclear and hydroelectric dams but this raises a whole bunch of other major concerns radioactive waste and risks of meltdowns for nuclear environmental devastation and habitat destruction for dams in short there is no such thing as clean mass energy production it just doesn’t exist and in terms of oil production oil wells are seeing their returns on investment plummet fast it’s defined as the number of barrels of oil you produce for every barrel spent on extraction in the 1920s the ratio is a hundred to one today it is dangerously close to ten to one or even as poor as four to one in some cases in short we’re consuming more and more oil in order to extract and produce less oil has never been so costly and inefficient in fact this Peak Oil you’ve heard so much about was in 2006 we haven’t produced more in a year ever since experts believe that this will remain through 2020 at which time we will observe a steady decline by the way there is peak gas as well and this happened in 2010 peak coal will hit by 2020 and I sincerely doubt that we have the necessary resources to make a full switch to renewable energies speaking of which the production of metal can’t last forever either and demand for metal grows with every passing day largely thanks to electronics but very much across all industries the problem being that most metals simply isn’t recyclable less than a single percent of rare metals in our phones gets recycled into reuse here’s an example 95% of titanium we use isn’t in the form of a metal it’s used as a universal white pigment it’s therefore in all our titanium white paints think we’ll start sanding our white walls to recycle that titanium no it’s long it’s the same with the three percent of tungsten alloy present and some car doors who will never be recycled back into pure tungsten this doesn’t just apply to metals which theoretically could be recycled almost endlessly plastic can be recycled no more than seven times after that it loses its properties in short a circular economy is a pipe dream it can’t be done with a problem with rare metals mines are bearing less minerals which means we need to dig more for the same yield once again we’re seeing a declining return on investment I won’t list out all the metal Peaks we can expect but rest assured metal shortages are coming all this to say that given the context building solar panels and generators using all these metals in order to offset other energy sources is misguided but they’re still gonna be an economist who will state otherwise and the dream might catch on now on to animal farming breeding and feeding animals consumes large amounts of food and water instead we could be using this to feed our own selves or to offset our heavy reliance on production fields farm animals also produce methane a greenhouse gas considered to be 30 times more potent than co2 livestock consumes an astronomical amount of water which contributes to deforestation in the Amazon and overfishing as fish byproducts are often used to feed pigs as for slaughterhouses I won’t dare dig into the ethics though I certainly could energy production metals transportation animal farming all of them pollute and as such they all contribute to the increase in global temperatures if all countries signed on to the cop21 agreement make good on their promises which isn’t a given we could expect global temperatures to rise by 3.5 degrees by 2100 3.5 might not seem like all that much but trust me it’s disastrous are you sitting down here’s what that number represents the Arctic melts completely oceans expand sea levels rise Florida no longer exists Miami and New York are gone Bangladesh and a bunch of Pacific Islands get wiped out the glaciers of Tibet melt Saku summer the three major rivers of Asia including the Ganges run dry major problems would befall densely populated areas Shanghai is located advocates of a desert rainfall turns rare across the Mediterranean Basin crop yields drop forcing millions to migrate north where resources are insufficient to accommodate exploding populations oh and for those who might say relax that’s in 2100 do you honestly believe that everything will run smoothly up until December 31 2099 if the three point five degrees scenario plays out and it is apparently rather optimistic according to many Miami and New York are actually gone by 2050 among other scenarios one is labeled with a 10% chance of occurring which would see a 6 degree global increase in this case expect total annihilation of mankind and if you feel 10% is low enough to rest easy I dare you to hop on a plane that has a 10% chance of crashing you’d probably think twice what about that 2 degree increase you might ask well we’ve already released enough carbon to raise global temperatures by 1.25 degrees which only gives us 0.72 5 degrees worth of wiggle room to meet that target I’ll make this short to achieve that we would have to divide our current standard of living by 6 immediately this isn’t what we’re doing nor is it in the plans of any of our governments let’s move on to more immaterial things though central to the argument over systemic collapse the human collective what better way to address this than to discuss our financial system the crisis of 2008 showed us that risky bets taken by a few banks where all it took to trigger a global financial crisis this is very much due to the interconnected nature of our reckless miscalculations on Wall Street can cause job losses in Spain all financial experts agree the next major crisis will strike within five years my limited knowledge of this field make me fear this as well a population that is already suffering from economic inequality is more exposed than ever before economic inequality is more glaring and it’s only expected to rise this increases the risk of revolt given everything I’ve described so far major societal unrest could greatly complicate things I’ve given you a broad view of the systemic risks that we will be facing I will now explain why given the context a global collapse is completely unavoidable here are the reasons humanity doesn’t perceive these dangers is truly imminent but rather as hypothetical and seemingly distant and it will refuse to fully prepare for them or make the necessary changes to avert catastrophe also actions being taken by our governments are not aiming at true emission reduction we continue to feed and maintain a system that is slowly but surely killing us big change will not happen from the ground up globally we are not sufficiently coordinated here’s a simple example someone decides to avoid taking the plane as an environmental gesture his body becomes a minimalist his sister goes vegan and her cousin decides to consume organic only great the gestures are individually relevant but collectively they lose their importance the vegan sister will go meatless while others don’t the action gets drowned out the cousin cuts on heating but others still have it on full-blast gesture lost to be effective the changes need to be applied across the board furthermore it might be fairly feasible for groups of friends to coordinate their actions but not so on a self-managed global basis change from the ground up is in my view unattainable now imagine for a moment if a government dared imposed drastic sweeping measures to limit the height of the fall prior to collapse it would be besieged by its angry population and should probably expect to be thrown out come election time people would never ever agree to something as Extreme as a six-fold reduction in living standards regardless of the how a majority of people would never renege on their comforts and that’s without counting those that don’t have what Westerners call basic comforts how do you figure they’d react to being told to scale back considering many don’t even have running water the indian president said ahead of cop21 all you Westerners and your kind words I will take global warming into consideration the day my people enjoy your standards of living the fight against inequality is a pressing issue and that is up to wealthy countries to lead by example sadly they won’t do it because nothing fundamentally drives into it and chances are they wouldn’t even know how to divide their standard of living by 6 at the political level the fix is in the most glaring evidence being virtually any environmental adviser within government ranks there are ultimately powerless they must operate within the system and as such been to its every whim our governments which reflect our society do not account for ecology when planning nothing will change on that front either in short a change from the ground up is a big stretch and policy change is just about impossible it’s a deadlock with no solution in sight hence a collapse is inevitable so what do we do you might ask we continue to live we prepare for blissful simplicity we aim for zero waste reduction and reuse we strive to inflict the least possible harm around us we nurture all things local we grow our own vegetables we learn new skills we build communities towards sharing independence resilience but above all and most importantly we must not forget to love each other you

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  1. We need a good world war that eliminates the majority of people on this planet if I happen to be in the ones that need to go then so be it. Some must go so that we as a species go on.

  2. The guy that made this video didn’t bother to mention how hemp can save the environment. It can be used to make hempcrete, hemp biofuel and ethanol, clothes, medicine, make food out of hemp, feed animals, rope, bio plastics and manufacturing cars. If the United States elected Bernie Sanders to be the next president in 2020 then some of these problems would finally get the necessary attention to fix the climate crisis.

  3. Humans cannot subsist on plant based foods without suffering consequences to their health. I fully support plant based diets for nations such as China, India, etc. if they are indeed effective in helping the environment however,because those countries could certainly stand to lose a good chunk of the population.

  4. democracy is the problem.

    it's unnatural that everyone has the same "power". it leads our societies to become ignorant, and therefor destroying our own habitat.

  5. People should cut their standards of living to a 6th. They do that by "eating organic"… Eating fancy first-world food that uses more resources and produces weaker crops, sure that's cutting down, very scientific and reasonable there. If you mean planting crops in the garden, well, sure why not. But organic farms?? That's gonna cause an immediate famine.

  6. What if we put soler panels all over the major desserts of the world, for example the saharan desert, and maybe from the little rain fall the dessert experiences plants could grow under the panels,

  7. Hey dipshit. Our CO2 levels in the atmosphere are so low at the moment that we are in danger of losing all of our plant species. Anthropogenic climate change is a hoax.

  8. It's pretty funny when somebody predicts there's a financial meltdown brewing; You really don't have to go out on a limb to make that claim

    Just invest in some properties that are 100m above sea level around Hudson Bay; It'll be tropical soon

  9. Your 2006 peak oil stat is wrong. Your number is only looking at conventional sources. Unconventional sources, such as fracking, have picked up substantially. We have not yet reached peak oil, and 2019 is expected to be another record year.

  10. So wait. I'm confused. Given that sharks and whales will die (I'm unconvinced, but…), if things that eat plankton die, the plankton will also die?… How does that work? It sounds like saying that cavemen would die if lions that eat them die. It's a clearly contradictory statement, but I guess that's a given when talking to a climate alarmist. Logic and reason don't appear to be their strong points.

    I really hope that people don't forget about this in 10-20 years like the ozone hole catastrophe from that many years before today. I guess you have to have a memory of a goldfish, not just its reasoning capacity to be on the climate alarmist panel.

  11. Our oceans will be empty by 2048…now i know this is crap…this video is designed for neurotic teens, is full of generality lacking in quantification and rich in emotional poetry

  12. Here it is, October 2019 and the IPCC has just released a report stating that there is no climate emergency.
    It's a problem of resource distribution. Too few at the top are hording way too much of the resoueces and poorer countries are having way too many children. I don't know why anyone would bring a child into this world at this time.
    Ironically, it seems that humanity has been nearly eliminated more than one time by cataclysmic events.

  13. 11:35 Unfortunately, veganism will not do anything to stave off the imminent ecological collapse. It may make it worse.

    3:14 is the footage of orangutans wandering what was left of a tropical rainforest… destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations to produce animal-fat and dairy alternatives.

  14. I think the bible says in end times 1/3 of life in the ocean will die. The answer to energy is not solar and wind, IT'S NUCLEAR. PERIOD.

  15. We’ve been here before and we’ll be back again. Earth eliminates us and then let’s us have another go…… enjoy your human experience, you’ve probably been here before.

    Now go and do yourself a favour and whack on Ace of spades – loud !!

  16. Fake News! The information come from IPCC and now proff was wrong. Micheal Mann statistic was fails and he was convited to fruad.

  17. Can’t fix anything with this attitude yes they are facts but let’s changed the facts find new ways it can we done it’s just a matter of how

  18. There is no way whatsoever to trust any of the data on "peak oil and gas".
    Oil wells have been found to be filling back up. We are just now beginning to
    understand just a little bit about where oil and gas come from.
    Most of the ocean floor hasn't even been explored (over 90%) let alone
    surveyed for geologic resources.
    And I'll just stop there, because nature wipes out life on Earth on a regular
    basis. There is nothing you can do about it. Live a honest, clean life.
    Honor your fellow man as you honor yourself. That's as good as it gets.

  19. This video is just another long list of grossly exaggerated problems put together. It doesn't analyse anything. It doesn't compare anything. It doesn't put anything in perspective. It just puts your nose in the shit and tells you the world stinks.

  20. As much as I agree with the message, you don't have to over-exaggerate to make your point. You say species are disappearing quicker than the extinction that killed the dinosaurs. That's completely false. Not sure how you could even compare it to an asteroid that wiped out 75% of all species. You also say that "EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC" estimates say our oceans will be "empty" by 2048. Like completely? Lol. You also say that only 1% of our energy comes from renewable energy. Most estimates put it at around 15-25% globally.

    Nearly all of your sources were French, so I couldn't really dig into them. I really wish people didn't lie about climate change. The truth is scary enough. You don't have to risk people fact checking you and completely dismissing your message.

  21. Extreme poverty has gone from 50% of the world population in 1980 to less than 10% today. Violence is declining almost everywhere. Wars are declining. Famines and epidemics are declining. People dying from weather events went from 400,000 a year in 1920 to only a few thousands today, in spite of massive population growth. But yeah, doomsday is for tomorrow. Sure. Do you have any idea of what a trend is? What kind of person whines about 1.5mm sea level rise a year and pretend it is a big issue? Only rich hipsters who've never experienced real problems. We've had sea level rise for the last hundred years and nobody gave a shit. Nobody even noticed. Our ancestors had wars, famine and epidemics to deal with, and if I recall, the world is still here. Now that humanity is more prosperous than ever before (thanks to our technology powered by fossil fuels), you're telling us there should be a sudden apocalypse reversing a 500 year old trend of progress in technology and human welfare? What kind of BS is that? You're talking about extra CO2 in the air which is good for plants, warmer winters in the northern hemisphere and 1.5mm sea level rise a year? How is that even remotely close to a problem? If anything, it's a great opportunity. Problems will be solved with technology and capital investment. Not by whining and advocating the return to prehistoric living conditions. Humans are great at adapting and fixing problems. If we can overcome things like famine and epidemics, don't you think we can overcome 1.5mm sea level rise a year? Seriously. Besides, why do you only mention the downsides of global warming? What about the benefits? How scientific and objective and unbiased are you … only mentioning the negatives of a phenomenon. I could also mention the negatives of vaccination … that wouldn't mean vaccination is bad.

  22. This was propaganda mixed with truth, half marks. The solution to this problem as it will be implemented is bloodier and uglier than you could ever imagine. WWIII is coming. It will be curated, agreed upon and waged with the intent of exterminating the vast majority of Earth's population, cutting these figures down to nothing, as the human population will drop by a staggering amount.

    The war will wipe away agreed upon international peace conventions through escalation and all non-militarized as well as all 3rd world nations will be buldozed by what "scapegoat Axis", the propagandized "bad guy nation", possibly the coming European super state, Russia, or perhaps even China.

    That nation's elites will be in on it, with the mutual goal exterminating their poor as well. They will draft millions and grind them in the machine of war, many of which would go willingly due to large scale social eugenics and political theatre reducing their societal status and demoralizing them utterly. The military will be economically attractive to them, so if for nothing else, for the paper, they will die.

    Once the vast majority of humanity is dead, the remaining elite will revel in the paradise and dance in the blood of the rest of us, their own post-Ragnarok forest of rebirth.

    It's so much worse than you could ever imagine.

    In the information age, tyranny took you not by the sword, but by the spoken word. You aren't fighting something you can't see, you're fighting something your own naivete could never possibly even prepare you to expect. Good luck.

  23. The IPCC's own existence is consubstantial with the message that climate change is dangerous. If it wasn't, it wouldn't exist. So how could you expect the IPCC to say anything different? The IPCC cannot be unbiased about that. It would be like expecting a trade union boss to be open to the view that trade unions are useless. It doesn't happen!

  24. When solutions are blatantly obvious …but mankind , There systems , and just about every aspect that is touched by man , will still choose ignorance when death is staring them in the face , by the time confirmation comes to mind… ones own children and loved ones will be a casualty of self arrogance and greed…for it is only when we deal with it at the "face" does a individuals shell of understanding begin to fracture, by then it's to late : ( .

  25. This article sensationalizes a no solution scenario to garner views

    A quick search based on: "Oceans will be empty by 2048" reveals there are easy provable solutions like rotating ocean harvesting areas (if they act of course,).
    Do your own research instead of trusting an 'opinion piece' of consolidated sources that eliminate content that does not support the premise: Why everything will collapse.

    I agree that we have real problems that will have dire consequence if no action takes place. The narrator stating "a global collapse is completely unavoidable" is ridiculous.

    My opinion only: There are people on this planet that would like to see everything crash and burn as they are not happy in with some aspect of their own lives. Don't let them overwhelm you. Educate yourself. Be good to others around you and lets all move toward and solve the problems humanity has created.

  26. What is the most likely social system to be in place by 2030-2040?
    Most social engineers and climatologist agree, one where between 50 and 60% of population live in dire poverty and some 15-20% of the 60 will be not educated but trained in sustaining and support a 40% that will live in relative wealth and semi healthy lifestyle.
    Almost all the technological advancements we have made in last 30 years that today a vast majority are using will be not available to 60% of population.
    No cell phones or home computers, steady supply of, and.electrical, access to top medical procedures, credit, newer housing (modern), automobiles, but more mass transport to and from work centers, educational opportunities relegated to upper society, 40%ers, and a growing number of low IQ, diseased and birth genetics abnormalities and immune system weakness.
    Food rationing with but a maintenance.level for the 60% and a triage system fro food and water, all due to according to top 40% who will be part of necessary managers of production, innovation for their own needs.
    Already in US.we have become an oil and gas exporter, a food importer, brain drain from not domestic but world needed for techlogical advances, need of less manual labor and it is but a very few who will understand modern manufacturing and upkeep of its uses and managers over them and control over populace.
    Education will limit see limited access to only best and brightest, lower IS for military and police lower non officer ranks, at a predetermined level due to limits and control of resources, for advances of just the 40%ers.
    Our air, polluted waters and land by chemical, radiological and bacteria laden environments for the 60% will also lead to an unlawfully and violent lower society.
    The so called Hi Tech, space and earth sciences will not be for advancement of all mankind's but only for those chosen by the 40% to be well educated enough and of high IQ so as to be useful.

  27. Total bullshit fear mongering propaganda made by and for watermelons – green on the outside and red in the middle.

  28. so we need to stop making meat and switch to renewable or nuclear energy and save the ocean, alright so thats never gonna happen

  29. 500 climate scientists have disproven most of the myths here concerning global warming co2 is plant food and acidification iof the oceans has already been disproven. The main issue is the chemicals. Created by greed that enter our food chain. You by your kids lol dolls plastic shit From china billions of little toys that fill landfills up. And service no purpose. The main problem is there are sply to many humans on the planet.

  30. Hey! What's this hurry guys? What's the matter? We are already working hard to find another planet!!! Bigger, better, a lovely place for < e v e r y b o d y>!! Big enough to double the production of what earth can offer at the moment. It's a really big fucking success that you need more, and you choose to contribute actively to our grow. Keep calm and make some money, for us, the "elite". Keep consuming shit..stuff..sorry, it's important… and let this flying astronomic junk free spinning. There are so many wonderful planets out there!! Is nothing to worry about!
    The meaning of wars is to release people, to offer them a better life in Western countries, more working hands and brains in the right place. What 's wrong about it? It is very important for us all, for the world economy, who must grow every year.
    The global elite is struggling to spare money to save us all. That's the main goal! No poverty, no hunger, no astrological differences between social classes. All holding each other hands and singing "Kum ba yah"! It's that not great?? But we all have to work harder for that! So, stop thinking open source, DIY, UBI and shit like this…it's non-productiv and a waste of time! You have to pursuit you real goal 24/7, a great carrier in one of our multi-corporations. That's why they offered you the chance to study.
    That's why they are spying on us…to offer us exactly what we really need at the right moment.
    That's why they are keeping good inventions and patents secret…to offer us joy from time to time as reward for our effort.
    Trully I can not understand your complains, sorry.

  31. you are not helpless, you can do something right now as thousands of others are! There is a movement to prevent the worst to happen, that's trying to save what can still be saved, it's not to late for many things!

    search up extinction rebellion, go to their website, it does not take long to get a view about what it is. you, no matter who you are and what your believe in, are welcome! We need everybody now!

    Be the chance you want to see in the world. Don't just hope, hope dies, Action Beginns!

  32. Dude wtf what evidence of police change is impossible do you have? India is currently building the worlds biggest solarfarms in the world because they are cheaper to run and yes they still build coal as well but just since 2015 they turned around a lot. And i don’t think you understand exponential groth and never heard of battery’s made without chemical property’s. And everything counts what we do. Eating less meat is already a big growing part of society but at the time meat consumption is going up. That doesn’t mean it is bad to do anyway

  33. "Technology advances, but humans don’t. We’re smart monkeys, and what we want is always the same. Food, shelter, sex, and in all its forms, escape."

  34. But because of alarmists, we tend to get people like hmm believe them, there's a catch, we actually only add 1~3% of the carbon emissions, the problem wasn't the carbon dioxide, we still have carbon monoxide with our petrol/gasoline. We already see the alternatives, the problem is, most people do not want to understand the alternatives we have now. We just need to force them to take the precaution, by reducing the carbon we make, and turning into alternative sources for electricity. USA forgets that if they made the first step, other countries will follow as well, since America is one of the richest first world countries. The problem is being heighted by the democrats into an alarmist level: idiotic proportions.

  35. Hahahaha what a BS video xD This is one of those videos people will link til and use as an argument. There are LOADS of technologies being developed to stop everything you mentioned in this video. Stop spreading depressing propaganda and start spreading hope and show people that we can turn this around. We don't need this depressing BS. Big dislike!

  36. I like how you mentioned that "renewable" energy and circular economy is a myth. Wind and solar takes horrible amount of space comparing to the power produced. We don't have any energy storage methods that are practical in nation wide scale. Nobody will scrape the paint or try to extract metal from electronic components smaller than a grain of rice.
    I am not as pessimistic as you are monkey. Yes we are wrecking the ecosystem, we will probably loose a lot of beautiful places and magnificent species. But we will not go under, there are simply to many other options. We will start putting air filters in our houses, we will start wearing masks, maybe some cities will dome over, new cities might be build under the ground. We can grow our food in hydroponic and aquaponic plantations with artificial light, and power it through nuclear fission. And yeas when situation will get dire we will be using this terrible scary nuclear power because it will be less scary then having no electricity at all. There is plenty of metal in earth crust, we are just depleting the easy to reach ores, and hey if the price gets high enough maybe we can get started with that asteroid mining thing.

    There will be a lot social unrest and probably some wars when climate change will significantly affect our food production. So don't cut the military spending yet, you might need that army in few decades.

  37. I can't in good conscious like this video. To add to your last line, we must stop this catastrophe and never neglect the earth or mother gaea again. There also needs to be a major overhaul of our religions and spiritual practices to emphasize the importance of this and to alter our perspective on colonization of other planets, because if we fucked this planet up, what makes people think that won't happen to another?

  38. I’m with Elon musk let’s use this shit and move on yes it won’t last forever but there is always the next planet

  39. And whilst this goes on the 1% build seed vaults and underground bunkers. They hoard resources and stockpile provisions. The only ones losing here are the masses. The propaganda we are being fed is to condition us to react a certain way when the trigger gets pulled. It's a Pavlovian approach to humanity and it's working. After all we are just animals with ego. Our own vanity is our downfall not the planet rebelling against us. I wish you all the best.

  40. Your allleged mass extinction goes back to an assumption by Pimentel in the 70ies, he ASSUMED that 60,000 species go extinct each year and from there fabulated his way through his lunatic predictions. The mass extinction has never been shown to exist through evidence. I stopped watching right there. You are a normal death cultist.

  41. Do not give up hope on humanity's capacity for good. Gene editing will lead to restoration of extinct species, green energy will lead to environmentally conscious energy production and storage, and new ways to fight greenhouse gas emissions will be invented.

    Humanity, side by side with artificial intelligence, will come up with ideas and fix this problem. It's a global problem and humanity is amazing when we work together.

  42. more doom and gloom. i can promise the oceans wont be empty in 30 years. theres gonna be animals adapting there as well as on land. ofcourse there will be extinctions , but not everything will die

  43. Changing of consumer habits are not the solution to this problem. And this is the tough truth! Everyone can stop eating meat, stop flying planes, cutting down the heat, only buy 2nd hand clothing, only buying organic and the list can go on. This is just a way of squeezing the lemon, making room for another few billion people on this planet. When these next few billion people have been born, whats next to cut down on? Oh, I will tell you. things such as keeping a pet will become absurd, owning a car will be completely unquestionable wrong, washing your clothes will be too environmentally heavy. This scheme can go on and on, and each time the population rises people will be told to change habits and cutting down on things that pollutes or in other ways endangers the environment. I bet we can squeeze the lemon so hard, that we can make room for 25 billion people that are only allowed to wear dirty second hand recycled clothing, riding their bamboo bike to work. 25 billion people living together, not allowed to do anything, not allowed to eat 3 nice meals a day, not allowed to keep animals, not allowed to travel or explore the rest of the planet.

    And why is no one admitting that over population is the true root of the problem? The answer is simple, because our society economy model is a ponzi scheme (pyramid scheme) that we all benefit from, and don't want to give up on its low hanging fruits! Each generation feel that they have the right to consume as much as the ones before them, they also feel like the have the right to retire like the generation before them. While we extend our living ages, but not being able to work more years, we have simple created a system that relies on the next generation of children being larger then the previous. Otherwise there will be not enough working hands to do the work when your generation wants to retire.

    Changing people behavior to the better is necessary because we are already too late. Keeping changing people behavior is like only peeing in your pants to keep warm for another 5 minutes. It only buys us a tiny bit more of time while also paying the price that everybody alive will not be allowed to do any of the things that we love to do right now.

  44. Where did you get the peak oil and gas dates from? What are the assumptions, since production is currently higher?

  45. That is why the decreasing birthrate is awesome. Less people means less need for food production and definitely less pollution. Yes, it might disrupt the economy, but I don't even care anymore. If we all get worse standards of living just so we can save the planet, so be it. Everyone seems to be too chicken to just act drastically. People will riot, but only if you don't explain the reason for the drastic measures, and if they are still angry, fuck em, let them come up with an alternative and if they don't their opinion is meaningless and selfish. Everyone should have freedom of speech, but everyone also has a right to ignore stupid ideas.

  46. France's population as of 2018 is said to be more than 500 individuals and growing rapidly. Wolves crossed over into Southern France from Italy through the Alps in the 1990s. Estimates in 2005 put the figure at between 80 and 100.

  47. "the earth is going to die because of us in 10 years" has been said by 'scientists' every 10 years at least 7 times now

    watch tony heller's videos if you want to learn about real climate science

  48. This was just a quick overview of all the bad things happening. I thought I was signing up for some sort of step-by-step analysis of how the decline will unfold. I didn't learn a thing.

  49. This video was like most of the major religions and governments out there. Planting fear and depression in the heatrs while stating several times that we can't do shit about it. Only the last like 5 seconds talked about a possible solution. Just in time for the people to decide "well, we are screwed anyways, let's just fire up the v8 and use all the resources while I can". We could easily cut down the developed world's wasting by probably more than 6 times without actually having less food on the table. Have you ever thought what happens with most of the food in your grocery store? A huge percentage ends in the garbage so feeding that cow and killing it was completely unnecessary. If we only farmed enough that we actually need (plus some backup) we would have other 100 years to figure out the solution.

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