Why Hormone Blood Tests Are A Waste Of Time & Money, Except… – Hormones Part 1
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Why Hormone Blood Tests Are A Waste Of Time & Money, Except… – Hormones Part 1

And today’s topic is so important because it’s all about something
I really love and that’s HORMONES! As I’ve stated many times… genetics aside,
the reason you look and feel the way you do is because of your hormones. And keep something in mind: Your lifestyle
– food, exercise, stress management and supplements – which I consider as epigenetics – also affect
your hormones. Just think about how much people change the
minute they go through puberty – body and mind (attitude, personality, emotions, etc.) … Or the differences in men and women, its very
much hormone related. Put a woman on testosterone and how she looks
and acts, her mindset and so forth, ALL change and she becomes more “manly”. Same with guys – put them on estrogen, progesterone
and other female hormones and becomes more feminine. Get’s fatter, moody, emotional, sex drive
drops, loses muscle, grows man boobs (gynocomastia) and so on and so forth. Or if you’re at the gym all the time and
yet, you’re having a hard time gaining muscle or losing fat – it’s just all so much hormone
related. For example, you and your girlfriend can be
doing the same exact workouts in the gym, eating the same foods, taking the same supplements
and she will NEVER be as big, lean or as strong as you. However, put her on steroids and wow… you’ve
got yourself a challenge. So your goal should always be to improve,
balance and optimize your hormones. I mention all of this because whenever I take
on a new client, one of the first things I do is a full hormone blood test on them. Of course, I do lots of other tests – genetics,
gut bacteria, medical history and so forth. But hormones are the main priority. Unfortunately, most doctors who do blood tests
will just do the basics and it’s a complete waste of time. Most doctors, even endocrinologists – the
hormone doctors – have no idea which hormones to test for … or, they just don’t care
to deal with. By the way, in part 2 of this series I’ll
reveal a list of all the hormones to test for and why. So you’ll know what’s going on with you. And part 3, I’ll show you where to go online,
to get these important blood tests, WITHOUT a doctor or a prescription. You’ll just select what you want, pay for
it and go to a local lab and you’ll get the results in just a couple of days. So, you’ll be in charge of your health. And I’m doing all of this because the typical
doctor will do a quick testosterone test and will say “you have low testosterone” or
“your within a normal range”. But this tells you nothing about why or the
improvements that can be made or why you just don’t look or feel the way you’d like
to. For example, if you’re testosterone is low
or not as high as you’d like to be, it could be for a variety of reasons. Your testosterone is lower because it’s
converting more to female hormones such as various estrogens (estradiol)… which means
you’re fatter, more fat around your chest, not as driven, lower sex drive, depressed,
etc. Or you’re converting more of the testosterone
to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) – which is a primary cause of balding, hair loss, excess
body hair and prostate problems. Or your stress hormones, such as cortisol
are elevated and that indirectly lowers your testosterone. Or maybe it’s a combination of all 3 of
these. For me, when I was 19, my testosterone was
low because I had high estrogen and DHT. And my stupid doctor wouldn’t listen to
me that things are not balanced or optimal. He kept saying “you’re within the normal
ranges”. Which by the way, is a really big range. I was 19 years old, this was as good as it
was going to get. The older I get, the worse the hormones would
be. I told him that my hormones are NOT optimal
and yet, he didn’t care. Of course, that changed my life and it’s
probably a big reason I became a hormone and anti-aging doctor and why I feel such a deep
need to help others … so you don’t go through all the pain and suffering I did. ….. Anyway, the point is that it’s all about
optimal ratios and balance. If you had a new job or business and made
a million dollars a year, you’d be super happy. But not if later you found out that you had
TWO million dollars in expenses – right? A good accountant would tell you all of this
and save you time and money. Similarly, a smart doctor or endocrinology
(hormone) specialist will know about all of this, as well. By looking at a COMPLETE blood test, a smart
doctor can pinpoint imbalances and potential deficiencies. Then, make adjustments in your life — diet,
exercise, stress management and supplements –, to help make improvements to your hormones
and the end result is that you look and feel amazing. And they would NOT look to quickly give you
drugs when you should always FIRST make improvements using natural methods. …. This is why I created AlphaViril for us guys
– it balances out all of these hormones. This is why it’s got clinically proof and
over 20+ years of documented results. It’s one of my best sellers because it WORKS
and this is why guys keep using it month after month – because they love how they look, feel
and perform. You can get more details about how AlphaViril
works and improves all these different hormones below, in the description area. Additionally, you can get access to part 2,
which I list the specific and exact hormones you want to test for and why. So scroll down below, to the description area
and click on the important links.

10 thoughts on “Why Hormone Blood Tests Are A Waste Of Time & Money, Except… – Hormones Part 1

  1. dr sam what causes fluctuations in sex drive and overall hormonal level in just a few days ( some times i can feel like a real high sex drive and some other days rly low)

  2. Hello Doctor Sam I been using Alphaviril for a month now and totally love it. Got my first bottle off of Amazon then during your black Friday sale ordered 3 more bottles because I already knew I wanted to continue taking it. My question is I know you should take it on an empty stomach but sometimes depending on my day that is hard to do so can it be taken with a meal as well?

  3. Thanks for doing this series. The more knowledge about this subject I have, the better. Why are most endocrinologist so ignorant about the subject they are suppose to be expert in?

  4. Hey Dr. I have heard cryotherapy can make you burn 1500 calories in 8 mins can a ice bath help burn so many calories. A genuine doubt. Because I'm on a cut.

  5. hey doctor sam, iam a natural bodybuilder recently i had a varicocele in left testicle does it affect my testorone? or muscle mass?

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