Why People See Ghosts, According to Science
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Why People See Ghosts, According to Science

Scientists say there are explanations for
why people see ghosts. Can’t they leave ghosts alone? Believing in ghosts doesn’t hurt anyone, and
in some cases it actually helps people, and also it’s fun. But nooo, scientists can’t resist endlessly
telling us how wrong we are about why people see ghosts. If you’re a believer in the paranormal and
someone tells you that the place you’re about to enter is haunted, you’re more likely to
have a paranormal experience when you walk into that place. That makes sense. It makes so much sense, in fact, that we don’t
really need a study to tell us it’s true, but we got one anyway. In 1997, researchers put 22 people into a
creepy theater and told them to make observations. Half of the subjects were told the theater
was haunted, and the other half were told that it was under construction. Predictably, the half who thought they were
visiting a haunted theater were more likely to report intense perceptual experiences. So those results seem to suggest that paranormal
experiences happen mostly because people have been led to believe they might happen. In 2012, some researchers published a paper
called “Supernatural Agency: Individual Difference Predictors and Situational Correlates” which
suggested that people who have paranormal experiences tend to be more open to the idea
of spiritual experiences in general. It also found that people in threatening environments
are more prone to having non-religious paranormal experiences. In other words, instead of seeing an angel
or talking to God, a person experiencing environmental stress might see a shadow figure or a full-bodied
apparition. That research has been backed up by other
studies, including one that specifically looked at whether stress can cause women to report
paranormal experiences. This study looked at a group of women in a
town in central eastern Turkey, and determined that women who suffered trauma in childhood
or had post-traumatic stress disorder were more likely to say they’d experienced things
like possession, precognition, and extra-sensory perception. In 2006, a neurologist in Switzerland was
attempting to isolate the part of the brain responsible for a 23-year-old woman’s seizures
when he blundered into a strange phenomenon. When he applied current through a certain
part of her brain, she told him she sensed a mysterious, shadowy person standing behind
her. Even more creepy, the shadow person was mimicking
her every time she moved, he would move. Some scholars think that researchers were
simply stimulating the part of the brain that’s responsible for that creepy feeling you sometimes
get that you are being watched or followed by something that isn’t there. But wait, there’s more. Research using a device called “the God helmet,”
which sends magnetic signals to the wearer’s head, showed that a person can be artificially
induced to feel like there is a ghostly presence in the room. In other words, it’s literally all in your
head. You’ve almost certainly seen examples of this
sort of “proof” of the paranormal a photo of an otherwise innocuous person, place or
thing that contains eerie looking balls of light, also known as spirit orbs. Similar manifestations can be seen on your
favorite ghost hunting shows. The orbs that appear in photographs are usually
just specks of dust or pollen, insects, moisture in the air, or something on the camera’s lens. When the photographer engages the flash, these
things reflect the light and create the image of a large, creepy-looking ball of ectoplasm. The phenomena is actually exacerbated by modern
camera design the closer the flash is to the camera’s lens, the easier it will be for the
light to reflect off of particles in the air, and the more likely it is that the camera
will capture something that can be mistaken for a ghost. Paranormal investigators often talk about
“cold spots,” but haunted houses do tend to be old and old buildings do tend to be drafty. However, according to party-pooper scientists,
cold spots are probably a natural phenomenon. When researchers actually try to find a reason
for a temperature change, it can usually be traced to something like a chimney or a drafty
window. The sensation of a sudden drop in temperature
can also be related to a drop in humidity. Although it’s also been suggested that paranormal
experiences people have could have something to do with natural phenomena like magnetic
fields and lighting levels. Either way, it’s a lot less exciting than
ghosts. “So this place isn’t haunted?” “It rarely is. There’s usually some sort of rational explanation.” If you’ve ever fallen asleep in front of the
tv, you may have experienced a phenomenon known as “sleep paralysis.” When you experience sleep paralysis, you’ll
be deep in the REM dream state, but then you’ll half-wake and experience a sort of hybrid
state of consciousness, where you’re still experiencing dreamlike hallucinations. And just so the whole thing will be that much
more terrifying, you also won’t be able to move. Paralysis is actually necessary for safe REM
sleep it happens mostly so you won’t punch your spouse in the face while acting out your
fighting dreams. But when you experience it in a state of near-wakefulness,
it can be really scary. Add a few dream demons to the mix, and it
can feel like a genuine paranormal experience. Sleep paralysis is actually common about 8
percent of us will report experiencing it at least once and for some people, it’s a
regular thing. But those feelings of a ghost at the end of
the bed are just a feature of sleep paralysis, they aren’t really paranormal visitations. Similar to sleep paralysis, exploding head
syndrome is a condition that happens to you while you’re sleeping. The experience usually goes like this: You’re
nodding off and suddenly you could swear you just heard a massive explosion or a huge crash
somewhere in your house. So what’s the deal? Maybe you’re hearing the paranormal echoes
of something terrible that happened in the distant past? Or maybe it’s just exploding head syndrome. You may have actually experienced this phenomenon,
but the name for it is still pretty new. It was coined by a neurologist named JMS Pearce,
who seems to think it’s caused by a sort of syncing error in the brain. As you’re drifting off to sleep, your body
starts shutting down things like muscles, eyes, and ears. When you suddenly hear a phantom “bang” during
this process, it might be because the part of your brain that’s in charge of shutting
down all those functions gets a little mixed up. Instead of shutting down all the auditory
neurons, it just fires them all at once instead. People who have lost close family members
often report having paranormal experiences, especially in those early stages of grief. These could include vivid dreams of being
visited by their deceased loved one, or feelings of being watched over, or even fleeting images
of the person who died. According to the BBC, science thinks it can
explain these experiences by calling them “coping strategies” of the grieving brain. The theory is that it’s easier to accept the
passing of a loved one if you think that person still exists in some form, than it is it to
just believe that the person is gone forever. So the brain invents these spiritual encounters
with the deceased person as a way of easing those feelings of grief. “Why would I want to see my Carl like that?” “Because it’s better than never seeing him
again.” If your once-peaceful house suddenly seems
to be haunted, it might not necessarily be a ghost, and it might not be you, either. In fact, it could potentially be something
really lethal, like a malfunctioning furnace. So before you call an exorcist, make sure
your carbon monoxide alarms are working and if they’re not, get out and don’t return until
your utility company says its safe to. In the 1920s, the Journal of Ophthalmology
documented the strange case of a couple who believed they were living in a haunted house. The woman reported hearing footsteps and the
sound of someone pushing furniture around, even though there was no one else there. She also felt like she was being followed
around the house, and at one point she woke to see two apparitions at the foot of her
bed. The couple spoke to doctors but it wasn’t
until they had experts look at the house that they discovered the real cause of the haunting:
A carbon monoxide leak in the furnace, which was bad enough to cause hallucinations but
not quite bad enough to cause death. So if you’ve ever wondered if ghosts can kill,
yes they can. Or at least, the carbon monoxide that makes
you hallucinate ghosts can certainly kill you. If you haven’t changed the batteries in your
CO alarm in a while, now would be a good time to do that. So your house is clearly haunted and you’ve
already swapped out your CO alarm batteries and then you tossed your CO alarm and got
a new one and ghosts are still throwing your stuff around and hoovering creepily in doorways. Well, it might still be poison-induced hallucinations,
just a different kind of poison. Some researchers think there may be a link
between the mold that tends to grow in dark, creepy places and the paranormal experiences
people say they have in those places. This is of particular interest to Shane Rogers,
who is a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Clarkson University. He cites a 2009 study which showed that certain
types of mold can cause problems like delirium, movement disorders, and issues with balance
and coordination. From there, it’s not a huge leap to think
that maybe mold could also cause the sorts of hallucinations that make people think they’re
seeing ghosts. So in 2015, Rogers and a team of researchers
set out to find out if their hunch might be correct. That’s been a few years ago now, and we’re
still waiting patiently for the results of Rogers’ research. If you’re starting to think that some of these
scientific explanations sound only slightly less outlandish than “it’s a spirit trapped
on the corporeal plane,” here’s another theory that seems a bit out there. According to ProSoundWeb, ghosts could be
low frequency illusions caused by “standing waves.” In basic terms, it’s when low-frequency sound
creates a ghostly apparition. So how does that happen, exactly? Well, the author of the article had an experience
involving a fencing sword and a fan — the fan was emitting a low-frequency sound that
made the sword vibrate, and was evidently also making him feel like he was being watched. Even stranger, he also saw an apparition. Infrasound, which is sound below the normal
range that humans can hear, can cause physical and emotional sensations like feelings of
dread. It isn’t just fans that create infrasound,
it’s also things like ocean waves, vibrating pipes, and even some animals like whales and
elephants. When the sound happens at just the right frequency,
it can also make the eyes vibrate, which explains why some people who are experiencing infrasound
believe they’ve literally seen a ghost. “I see dead people.” If you don’t believe any of those other scientific
explanations for the existence of ghosts, here’s one that’s pretty hard to deny: It’s
just fun to believe in ghosts. It’s fun in the same way that a roller coaster
or a horror movie is fun. We like to be scared, and because we’re fundamentally
attached to the idea that ghosts are real, that makes it hard for us to accept scientific
logic. Belief in ghosts also serves another purpose
it helps us confront our own mortality. The presence of spirits in a house or an old
hotel does more than just satisfy that sense of fun, it also helps us cling to the notion
that there’s something after death. A belief in ghosts makes us feel like we can
glimpse an afterlife that we’re all a little afraid might not actually exist. Even if you look at all these potential scientific
explanations for ghostly experiences as a whole, they can’t possibly explain away every
single paranormal experience that’s ever happened anywhere on Earth. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Why People See Ghosts, According to Science

  1. Nice vid guys. I hate how scientists have to rationalize away everything cool and fun. I still believe in ghosts. My cousin was possessed and he needed an exorcism. Scariest pictures you will ever see.

  2. Who EIse is a true fan Of GHOST & Grunge? 😍 I’m giving away “FREE TECH STUFF” at 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS! On YouTube Live🌹 Have a phenomenal day and rest of 2019!🌹

  3. How bout a recorded supernatural footage then? That shown apparition and abnormal movement and vanish in thin air

  4. Well… When several people experience the same thing, science can go fuck itself in the ass. I know what I saw and have experienced is real.

  5. Well then, can science explain why I saw apparitions of blue coats in Western Massachusetts and why a ghost was in my bed at night before I knew I lived near a cemetery?

  6. Wait…the data doesn't support the conclusion.

    If you tell people an allergin is present they are more likely to experience allergy symptoms, whether they are truly allergic or the allergin is actually present. Doesn't prove all allergies are imagined.

    Also, running a current through the brain can cause the person to smell lemon. That doesn't prove lemons Don't exist.

  7. Why things keep moving in my home? I've never seen a ghost but what causes a poltergeist? In plain shight in front of my own eyes.

  8. 4:30 strange thing though is people from across the globe have reportedly seen a shadowy figure standing near them or in a doorway near them with a hat while they are experiencing sleep paralysis. They all give a similar description.
    Not every bump noise and weird sight is supernatural however there are things out there we can't explain or haven't experienced.

  9. Scientist also believe in theories like the man made Big Bang Theory. It’s never based on facts. Ask any paranormal expert that goes to a haunted location. They go in with an open mind but use equipment that can only read certain electric fields as well as capture voices. So these goofs can stick it. Try this garbage on people like me that have had experiences.

  10. A lot of people believe a lot more crazier things that they adjust their entire lives for. Kinda makes ghosts pretty harmless.

  11. I used to tell people I saw dead people until I seen haley Joel osments career tank now I tell those pesky spirits to leave me alone because I want to be successful.

  12. I have seen ghosts and have had poltergeist experiences plenty of times. They are talking about people being asleep when half the time they're usually awake and if you had sleep paralize you would be asleep and cannot move I had that happen to me before.

  13. Hey scientists, you tell me wtf happened when I was sleeping and a huge shadow manifested right next to my lamp and then move to the window.

  14. Ok Mr. Grunge narrator… how about you? What are your thoughts on the existence (or lack there of) of the paranormal? I myself am a believer 100% even though I personally have never had an actual experience of any kind.

  15. Scientists studies are full of "I think" so their studies are flawed its just them with no proof but just them guessing what they want ppl to believe.

  16. That sleep paralysis happened to me literally before I closed my eyes. So in my case I call bullcrap on the scientific explanation. As well as I was told by people that our childhood house was haunted. Even with the evidence of bizarre things happening, I always founds a reasonable enough explanation to not think about it anymore so I could sleep at night. Anyway, it was not until I moved into a farmhouse over 100 years old that I became an absolute believer. During the day we would hear heavy footsteps across the room. Of course, I literally ran straight upstairs into the room and of course no one was there. I asked the old lady that lived there with us what has happened, she just grinned and said "it's just the ghost." I have believed it ever since.

  17. What your seeing when you see a family member who is dead is what's called a familiar spirit, a demon who read your bio.

  18. This guy is the definition of naive, when someone reports an invisible thing on top of then raping them or how women in Hollywould, Holly would do anything to be famous lol, have sex with these demons without resistance. There are no ghosts of family members, lovers, spouses, children ect, out there, their all somewhere awaiting judgement

  19. Science can be wrong when personal biased is in the way, I do like the process of investigation along with the removal of myths but it doesn't work 100% on all cases, ….there was no big bang

  20. Their studies are in a controlled environment. So their hypothesis cant be truelly 100% accurate, plus there is minipulation involved (the placebo effect)… So i cant really truelly believe everything with those studies

  21. I've experienced sleep paralysis once, it scared crap out of me. I didn't know why I couldn't move my body after waking up. Lastly, people can inadvertently or purposely tell their brians that impossible things are real, like ghosts and spirits.

  22. Even tho Dust and Bugs look completely different from Orbs in a flash… Not saying some pics aren't those things, I'm JS…
    YOU CAN Definitely Tell when it is those things as apposed to an Orb

  23. Ghosts are not real. If they were real, they would be balls a swinging and in their "Birthday Suit"
    Your death suit is the same. How many nekid ghosts you see?…..None…😵😵😵

  24. Science cannot adequately quantify the paranormal.
    As a child…..with two friends. ..
    For pocket money we would enter derilict houses for scrap copper or lead.
    A row of houses built in the 1780s for canal workers all lay derilict.
    We entered through doorways with no doors…long since taken.
    The third house,we climbed the stairs to the second floor,that floor long since collapsed.in the corner what remained of a stairway to the attic,we used until we were within the attic of the house ,the floor we walked on plaster and lath and small timbers.
    We removed the roof tiles that surrounded the chimney…..
    Our intent the lead flashing.
    Me being the tallest I looked out from the roof into the back garden
    Two stories below.
    There…among the overgrown weeds…..and the rubbish
    Stood a tall man …he stood still
    Just looking up at me.
    A long black frog tail coat
    White wingtail shirt
    A tall black victorian hat
    And he leant with his left hand on a black walking stick.
    He raised his right hand upward toward me…..crooked his finger
    Meaning come here.
    I ducked down,told my two friends a man had seen us and to be quiet.
    We heard slow deliberate footsteps that sounded like echoes as his feet met wooden floorboards in empty rooms.
    The footsteps grew louder as they came nearer
    Then stopped three feet from where we hid….
    Thinking we were caught…
    We all stood up waiting for a good telling off.
    No one was there…..
    Almost instantaneously we fell
    Through the plaster ceiling…..
    Only our fingertips holding the hidden timbers….and keeping us from a 30ft fall onto mounds of rubble broken timbers and shattered glass.
    With extreme effort born through our terror,we gradually pulled ourselves up…..and made our way down.
    Covered in plaster dust, knees and knuckles bleeding, we made our way home.
    I saw that man….that victorian…
    He interacted with us by thought and deed..and was as much aware of us as we were of him.
    Only I saw him……but all three of us heard his unmistakable slow
    Walk as he came up to the attic.
    This spirit….once a person…..meant no harm….in fact
    He tried to warn us of the danger we were in…..
    We probably owe our lives to this
    Person……and I often think of him
    These 45 years later.
    Those derelict houses long since gone……new houses and a row of shops stand there now.
    Scientists would say mass hysteria….illusion…due to fear of being caught and fear of empty derilict creepy places.
    But we had been in hundreds of places like that…and only on one other occasion was something
    That spirit looked as real as you or I. …..and we all heard him clearly.

  25. Science cant explain everything ,a lot of unknown variables and what not besides how smart are we we only use a small percentage of the brain ,stay open minded folks

  26. A lot of what science says is true. Know what else is true? Ghosts are definitely real… Doubt them and you may become a believer too!

  27. I believe in ghosts, but have never seen one and don't go looking for them. I also believe that all those ghost hunter TV shows are crap, just people using spooky-looking night vision cameras and yelling "Whoa! Did you hear that?" every few minutes. I did sense a presence one night, shortly after we moved into our current home. I was in the study, working on the computer, and I felt like Mr. Stewart, the previous owner of the home, was sitting in another chair in the room, watching me. No sounds, no chills, no visual manifestations, so I didn't feel afraid. I hadn't been sure that we had chosen the right house, but after I thanked God for it, I never sensed Mr. Stewart again. But, given the stories we heard about him and his care for the landscaping, I do often picture him on the front step, waving his cane and yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.

  28. I spoke with my Aunty in a dream once soon after she died and that was really nice , as for all the scientists opinions , they will never actually really know.

  29. Me and my mother went to view a bungalow for her to move into and both of us felt something heavy. We're not into ghosts and stuff but there was something still on that house.
    As much as I appreciate this debunking as I'm sure that 99% of all things people think are paranormal are just 'misinterpretation'… but that 1% is something else and I do believe that some people can connect or are more in tune to that 1%.
    There are more things out there that we can understand. Children and animals seem to pick up on it more than adults and of that I am certain.

  30. Very informative thanks for posting. What would explain people, objects, and etc being photographed as transparent with digital camera?

  31. I never saw a ghost, but I know that my grandmother came to visit me after she passed because my entire room filled with the scent of her perfume. No one else in my family uses that perfume, and I wasn't the only one to smell it.

  32. I wish I knew what movie each of these clips are from. I know some, but not all. Anyone know them all and care to share?

  33. I have Never seen ah ghosty. It would be like proof of God. Ive had things happen thou. Ive seen orbs at night, summoned an invisible thing that came rushing at me, and got picked up and walked backwards once. ?. They are real dewd

  34. That doesn't mean poltergeist/ghost manifestations don't happen,
    because I KNOW they do. During a two day period in Manila in the PI two years ago,
    FIVE events happened, including a hard-to-turn shower diverter valve which turned ON, in plain sight, as a person was drying herself off, just after the little sweetie had just turned it OFF.

  35. What if u already see them duh 🙄 u ain’t gotta be in a damn haunted house another bullshit science research that ain’t true hahha y’all dumb people are born with clairvoyant n shit just bc y’all don’t have the gift u can’t and will never fiqure it out why bc your not supost to and you will never find out keep searching

  36. scientists know nothing… the brain be crazy, but also there are events with load's of pain or what ever , lead to haunting s, also faith helps and demons will attack as sch

  37. when i was 12 i had a dream about my grandma that she was carrying my uncle's cat and about to bury it in a grave that she apparently dug . she died 2 days later. not related to this video but i decided to share it

  38. Still doesn’t explain how something can be ripped from the wall and thrown when it was screwed to the wall on all four corners. Didn’t imagine it. The mirror was broken. Didn’t do it in my sleep. Saw it. Husband was with me… sooo not crazy…. I’d like to see scientists explain that away

  39. This is dumb af. What about men, they see ghosts? They did what to that poor women's head? In her brain? What the crazy fuck is that?

  40. Then how do you explain how I heard a female voice telling me to "Go Away"? When I have never had auditory hallucinations? It was when my GF and I first moved in to our new apartment. I went to put some stuff into our older girls' room. We didnt have them at the time. Dealing with some bs with CPS because of the homeless shelter we were staying at. We didnt even have a tv at the time. You cant hear the neighbors unless they are outside. And my GF was downstairs. And the voice didnt even sound like her.

  41. Exploding Head Syndrome can often be misdiagnosed. What they might really be experiencing is Electrode Shock Syndrome.

  42. Yes I have at Fort Morgan Ala, I went to catch up with some kides who were out of place they didn’t belong at the fort in middle nit, so me taking care of the kides in my neighborhood, I keep them as safe as I could but they got in to a cult I went for them , when I ran cross a beautiful ladey in blue dress sliver ear rings just beautiful she said what you doing here. The for is closed , well iv come to fine theas kides I’m mad got to get them out here she smiled said oh then I put my shoe back on caue I had to climb over fence to get in fort was closed at mid nite right mindite, when I turn around I realized she was going in as I was coming out well turn out she call the blue ladey, who hunters the fort only thing was I never he read the story, did not always live here ok but she was is a spirit but the thing is she as solid as we are so for few seconds I thought she was. Like us until I thought hum Spanish ladey dress like Spanish lady backe in different time period yes I met an talk to her did not scare me at all love to go back one nit an just try see tak to her again,

  43. Civil and environmental engineering HMMMMMMM. Is he qualified to study the mold itself in anyway or just how it causes problems in living space. Remember these are the guys that will condemn your house unless you pay for a 10000 dollars for “professional” bleaching because you have mold in your vents. Ask them for an honest estimate of how many people don’t have dangerous mold species in their house.

  44. If you need your science to help you sleep at night…Good luck with that reality. I, for one, am very science minded…And have seen and felt unexplainable things. Sweet dreams 🧚

  45. So, seeing the ghost of a loved one after they died is a way of coping with the death? So how do they explain people who see the ghost of a loved one Before They Know that person has died? I know of at least three people who have been visited by the ghost of a family member very shortly after that person passed away. In one of those cases the loved one passed away around 4am and they weren't told until the next morning. Yet they saw the ghost of their loved one shortly after this person died. (she couldn't sleep and was up in her livingroom alone. The rest of her family was asleep. There are many things that can be explained but there are other things science cannot explain.

  46. The experience is not confined to sight. How about those who are somewhat sensitive on the olfactory sense such as myself. A jinxed place smells rotten and when I was lazy to attend a relative's wake, he bombarded my nostrils with noxious candle smoke. Anyway, to each his own. I for one am scientifically and logically-inclined since my professions run in these lines, but it cannot be denied that such phenomenon cannot still be concretely explained by current principles of logic and science

  47. So every single civilization in the past, who believed in spirits, ghosts, and different deities. Supposedly made everything up? The concept of good and evil, spirituality?

  48. My house is haunted, scientists can come here and science the crap outta my house to disprove it!! BTW it's not scary AT ALL!!

  49. I’m not open to many paranormal ideas, although some of the stuff I have seen and witnessed are very unquestionable… Visions of the future that turned out to be accurate, prophecies foretold through my mind eye. Nor do I consider myself a Christian.

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