Why Study Biology and Zoology at Newcastle University?
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Why Study Biology and Zoology at Newcastle University?

A good thing about doing a course like zoology is we get to go and do a lot of field work and I love being outdoors and even going on residentials for up to a week, so that’s been really exciting and enjoyable the opportunity to be able to carry out our own research projects not just once like, I’ve done it for my Stage 3 projects but I’ve also done it over the summer and I’ve done it for other modules as well So we’ve done quite a lot of lab work which I like, which gave us the confidence to do my research projects so now I know a lot more about different lab techniques which will obviously be good for jobs in Science and I really enjoyed – I did a module about pollution of air, water and soil and I’ve done a second one this semester so that’s what I think I would like to go on to study So, I’m a zoology student I’ve really enjoyed, especially in 3rd year there’s been a couple of modules on like – current zoology and how zoos nowadays work especially compared to how they used to and I found that really interesting and really intriguing and it has sort of made me think about maybe that’s something I want to do in the future

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