Why we’ve launched RALLI
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Why we’ve launched RALLI

SLI stands for Specific Language Impairment and it’s a kind of language learning
impairment which is very isolated in that the child doesn’t have a lot of other development of
difficulties but language seems to be the particular
problem, it’s a bit of a mystery as to why it should be so because you have a
child who’s otherwise developing very normally they learn to
walk at the normal age, they can look after themselves and so on and so forth but for some reason language poses
a particular problem for these children and so both talking and understanding of
language may be affected I found everything difficult it was really extremely hard for me because er I couldn’t spell, couldn’t really talk properly didn’t understand, didn’t understand what other
people were saying to me and I didn’t really understand anything and it was just kind of really hard The surprising thing for many
people is just how common SLI is it’s thought that there’s at least one
child in every classroom who’ll have a Specific Language Impairment it’s at least as common as Dyslexia and
it’s certainly very much more common than Autism both of which are much better
known as development conditions. The problem with SLI is it’s such a hidden disability
that it often goes unrecognised unless a child is given a specific assessment sometimes in English there’s a lot of noise, noise going around me and I’m trying to listen to concentrate with one word and my other ears are trying to listen with the conversation so it’s kind of hard Didn’t know any words really like I was in English with this teacher and erm… she kept on asking me these questions and I had no clue I was just blank didn’t know anything really It’s important that SLI is diagnosed because we need to make accommodations
for these children, we need to realise that they’re not just being idle or stupid if
they don’t always respond to what people say there is a profession of speech and language
therapists that can offer appropriate help for these children but obviously if they’re not diagnosed
they’re not going to get access to those sorts of services My point of view is I don’t think anyone knows they’ve got a problem with speech and language or anything like that because I didn’t know my family didn’t know and it took us a very long time for me to know so I hope that this would go out and whoever watches this would make them think like “Ah” my kid’s got that, or I have that. So, cross fingers

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