Will We Ever Have a MAD MAX Gas Shortage? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)
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Will We Ever Have a MAD MAX Gas Shortage? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Look, if you stuck me in the desert with no water or gasoline for my sweet flamethrower/motorcycle I’d be pretty angry too, but is a Mad Max-esque
fuel shortage ever gonna happen? First, let’s set the stage a bit. In the Mad Max universe, gasoline is more
than just fuel, it’s a precious resource, it is *the* commodity. Lawlessness and a Borderlands-style dystopian future spring from a serious fuel shortage. Anyone is likely to kill you for
a liter of the stuff. Hopefully we won’t realize this future through
a gigantic war like the Mad Max universe does. But the more likely fuel shortage scenario
is something you’ve probably heard about before, so-called “peak oil”. Wait, but haven’t we been hearing about
peak oil for decades? Yeah, and that’s part of the problem with
this idea. What came to be known as peak oil was originally Hubbert peak theory, named
after American geophysicist M. King Hubbert. Hubbert peak theory says that for any oil-producing
region on the planet, the rate of oil production from that region will follow a normal bell
curve. That is to say when a source of oil is first
discovered, production ramps up until it reaches some maximum value and then finally decreases
as the oil reserves in that area are depleted. In a paper published in 1956, Hubbert calculated
that U.S. peak crude oil production would occur sometime in the 1970s and this became
“peak oil”. In fact people in that decade were so worried by peak oil that they were
lining up around the block storing gasoline and fearing the worst. Since Hubbert’s prediction, U.S. oil production
has actually recently increased. Since Hubbert’s initial assessment, we’ve
become much better at locating underground oil deposites locked away and squeezing more
oil out of them. For example we now have much better drilling
technology able to go deeper to locate oil underneath the ground than ever before and
now we can also go horizontally with our drilling to get at hard to reach oil deposits. And
with this directional drilling we can now use hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”
to pump water into these deposits, fracturing the rock and unlocking more oil. Finally we are developing better and better
imaging techniques to find more and more deposits. And we are also now drilling
offshore for our oil. All of this innovation has actually lead to
an increase in U.S. oil production. In 2008, we were producing five million barrels of
oil per day, and in 2014 we were producing eight million barrels of oil per day. In short, it doesn’t look like we’ll be
fighting in thunderdomes over fuel any time soon. Instead, we’ll probably be doing more with
less, or something else altogether. If there is a limit on our fuel, it’s probably
an economic one. We’re gonna be extracting similar amounts of oil and natural gas from the ground
for a long time, but keeping those production rates high will become increasingly more
expensive. This economic pressure will probably force
us into alternative sources of energy, or at least cleaner ones, long before the actual
exhaustion of oil ever becomes a problem. But if a Mad Max future ever really comes
to pass, and you really wanted to conserve gasoline, I have a tip for you: stop making
everything also a flamethrower! Why? Because Science. Oh what a lovely day! Want more science? Check out my last video
on the science of Game of Thrones. Subscribe to Nerdist for more videos. If you want Because
Science two days earlier than anyone else, head to Vessel at vessel.com/nerdist and as
always if you have any comments or questions, hit me up in the comments section below. Thanks.

100 thoughts on “Will We Ever Have a MAD MAX Gas Shortage? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

  1. Peak oil isn't going to become a problem, because, or at least I hope, we're going to make our own hydrocarbons (almost literally) out of thin air in a few decades, if not years. Alcoholic fermentation ftw!

  2. The whole water shortage was brought to light for me with the latest game. The oceans dried up somehow or retreated. seems the mad max universe doesn't know which universe it wants to be in.

  3. Mad Max universe, oil a precious substance and willing to kill for it? drive 20 gas guzzling cars spiting flames constantly over the distance of half a continent to get a just a few litres of it.

  4. Wow guys, looks like we're running out of fuel. Better dress up in oiled bondage gear and drive cars everywhere.

  5. "Stop making everything also flamethrowers" I'm so glad I wasnt the only one who thought they were wasting gas with those haha

  6. Whilst anthropogenic climate change is absolutely real and is absolutely the most dangerous thing facing us as a species (and all other species), I doubt that anything will ever be done about it. I want something to be done, but there just don't seem to be enough people in power who care enough about it/have the resources to change it. We're just too far past the point of no return, unfortunately.

  7. I think the flame throwers/ all the fuel wasting was actually kinda smart. Think about it- gas is precious in Mad Max. Imortan Joe letting his war boys use up so much fuel, for show, is frightening to watch. Because he is showing off his power. He is showing the world he is so strong that he has no limits, that he can waste his fuel. It's a display of dominance. It's well played, as many people seem to think he's being wasteful. But usually, people in power waste what we value to show off. Deep enough yet?

  8. We're already using way too much fuel resources amongst many things, of course we're going to run out of a non-renewable resource.

  9. The day we run out of oil everybody is going to bitch about Obama, and cry about liberals making the good little conservatives use some other for of energy from the devil! lol

  10. i thought it was funny how in madmax there was hardly any fuel but everyone has gas guzzling v8's and semis and shit.. not any fuel efficient cars.. or latest smaller ones

  11. What happens when you mix martial arts with crossfit/weight/strength training/bodybuilding? What is the science behind Godzilla?

  12. If we ever run out of fuel for commercial use, we can just go back to riding horses, and most oil companies are spending loads of money in the renewable energy business anyway, so…

  13. Fun fact most of the extracted oil is actually used for making plastic and not fuel, if we stop using plastic bags and packaging we can at least half our yearly oil consumption…

  14. Your ankle is handcuffed to your car, you have 15 minutes before the car explodes and you have a hack saw and it will take you 10 minutes to cut through the stainless steel, but 5 minutes to cut through your foot. What do you do?

  15. Oil and gas production costs will not cause a problem any time soon. As with any other technology, it doens't only get better but also cheaper. The oil price is determined by how much of it is thrown into the market. It's ironic how the Arabs forcing the oil price down caused fracing to become economically unvialble again. 🙂
    Also, if electric cars keep booming like they do now, it won't be long until we see a significant decrease in oil consumption. (Yes I know, petrol is by far not the only part of the equation.)
    i highly doubt that we will reach peak oil or gas before we get wiped out or wipe ourselves out in some way.

  16. What I'm curious about and something I never hear talked about is: What kind of effects could removing so much natural lubrication and heat sink from the earth have? If any?

  17. While your are correct. Did you forget about the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico??? I don't think that drilling under the ocean is a good move… In fact, I think it's quite dumb. When there's alternative means of fuel as I type this. Oil should already be a thing of the past, as far as fuel goes.

  18. What if the needless fuel consumption (flamethrowers and whathaveyou) was to stave off robbers? If everyone is hurting for it, the guy wasting it and stealing it probably is, too. Taking his fuel might not be worth the hassle.

    Idk. I never saw the films or read up on them.

  19. Anyone else think taking the oil out is like taking away the tectonic plates lube? = earthquakes? and Fracking = sinkholes

  20. We should ditch oil because we can get energy using better technology than simply blowing up liquid dinosaurs. The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones. The bronze age didn't end because we ran out of bronze. Why should we wait to run out of petroleum before we pursue the end of the oil age?

  21. Can you explain why in Mad Max's post apocalypse future everyone is dressed in homo erotic outfits in the hot blazing fucking sun???

  22. Fill up a 1970's unmodified roadster and it would cost you like 300 bucks these days for one fillup won't it? Compared to today's most fuel efficient cars like the Echo as well as the hybrids, we're finding ways to adapt.

  23. A question that the Mad Max movies may not have addressed: without a fuel additive (like what you mix with gasoline in your two-stroke lawn motor) gasoline goes "bad" — like there's no reason to stockpile it and it becomes a worthless hope in post-apocalyptic scenarios. Is there still active oil production in Mad Max?

  24. ok no world war. instead a powerful enough solar eruption to shut us down, emp knocks out everything. most of the population gets whipped out in the first year, reducing our numbers like mad max earth. there is no functioning equipment to drill or other wise acquire more crude. no refineries left to make fuel. and all renewables are used up and can not be reproduced. this also matches all the vehicles in the mad max earth predating computers being put into cars. none of the new vehicals work so we have to use tech build before everything had a chip in it. batshit craziness sets in over a generation or 2 and Ricks your uncle, see what I did there, we match the mad max earth. more or less anyway.

  25. yes, yes…we all know it makes no sense. there's a fuel shortage yet every vehicle is made to run 4 miles to the gallon. but would you still go see it if everyone drove economically savy prius' (or is that prei…)whatever. Point is u went to see over the top senseless violence and destruction. and that's what they delivered.

  26. +Nerdist

    could you explain how scorpions spear (Scorpion from mortal kombat) could/might work in real life using science?

  27. SUGGESTION: why can the terminators in the terminator franchise obtain sentience/ sapience. it has been mentioned in the lore but why does it or rather how does it occur . from what i understand this phenomenon usually happens in the t-800 or 'infiltrator' units (I.E. the same model that Arnold plays in the original terminator ) .if this interests you as much as it does me please do a video on it as i am sure plenty of others will like it as well,

  28. Flamethrowers were a sign of prestige/a show of power and a weapon. They had so much fuel they could waste it and kill you.

  29. the problem with Mad Max's world isn't the gas shortage, this is so annoying, it's that it's gone through a nuclear war and there's almost no water, the gas shortage is a minor thing that people got over. there was a shortage because the pumps stopped working, but as you see in the films… they got the pumps working again, in fact there's a whole community called "Gastown" that does nothing BUT produce fuel, it's still a commodity because the people who pump the gas control the gas, and they're greedy.

  30. Fossil Fuel aka Crude Oil is a renewable resource . The term Fossil Fuel was made up by J.P. Morgan I believe to con the public that it would eventually run out . He did this so he could raise prices and scare consumers so they convinced themselves it would be all gone in the future . I have been to a well here in East Texas that had a placard saying when that well had dried up . The date was in the late 50s . I watched as they ran sonar down into the well . SURPRISE It was so full the crew had a blowout !! Within several months they pulled 25 thousand barrels and capped it of again .This was 2005 or 6 . I passed by the area about a month ago stopped and talked to the Foreman he said they were expecting 50 to 100,000 thousand barrel before it was recapped . That was April 2016 I looked it up after watching this they have pulled 200,000 barrels so far and expected another 75,000 barrels at least probably more ?? Fossil Fuel is and always has been a lie . But most people dont research it !! Also this was not fracking plain old drill pumping oil . Fracking is bad for the ground water and lots of caustic chemicals are used its not needed just tap older wells they regenerate by themselves . Hope whom ever reads this learns something . Peace and MAGA !!!

  31. You missed some key points. Additives and recapturing has lead to around producing over 140% of product from each gallon of oil.

  32. Although some people believe a sudden fuel shortage might cause some kind of apocalypse or economic disaster like the Mad Max movies, the reality will be much more boring (and luckily a whole less violent!).
    When fuel does start running low, fuel prices will start to rise and solar powered cars will slowly replace petrol fueled cars. This will happen slowly over several decades.
    One likely scenario will have solar power panels completely covering roofs of houses. As well as powering the house, it will store power to help fill up the car when it is home and plugged in.
    There will be a time when a solar powered car will become cheaper than a petrol powered car. Fuel companies will freak out but more likely they would have invested in solar power and other renewable companies before then to prepare.
    So solar powered cars, not to mention more LPG and hybrid vehicles, are definitely coming.

  33. The sheer wastage of water and gasoline in Mad Max movie in a world with severe shortage of these, means not one of the characters get to the gates of vallaha,no need to witness those idiots.

  34. Fuel is a precious resource… that reminds me,…
    "refills my thirteen flamethrowers and car with flame throwing exhaust pipes with gas"

  35. Actually the oil shortage was due to pissed off Arabs that hated Israel and the us for supporting the Israeli-Arab war. Not some oversupply.

  36. This is a massive pet peev for me because nobody seems to realize that they have completely doomed all of us with the most destructive thing humans have ever done. COVER THE FACE OF THE PLANET IN NUCLEAR REACTORS!!! Its enough to sterilize the planet so many times over I dont want to count them.
    No organized civilization… NO PLANET, cuz of the meltdowns. Hahha, Fuel….. As if fuel mattered at all in this scenario.

  37. If all the nuclear bombs went off skynet style the fallout would be COMICALLY insignificant compared to all the nuclear reactors melting down. FACT!

  38. You missed one method the US is using, its called invading other countries and stealing oil from them, Middle East ring any bells? its just made to look like they are fighting terrorists, but while creating false flags, killing innocence, lying to the public and selling arms for profit the US takes resources from easy to pick on countries like the Middle east. It kinda seems like they are hording as much as they can, who knows, when mankind is bled dry by the hand of the US, WW3 would be inevitable.

  39. And then we learnt that fracking causes all sorts of other problems like earthquakes, poisoned drinking water, and the general destruction of natural habitat.

  40. Oil is finite. Suggesting that it will never run out is just silly. Yes, there's far more of it than we once though, but we shouldn't pretend it's not ever going to become a problem.

  41. We have huge issues with fracking in Texas. We actually had earthquakes around twenty miles of the fracking area. In addition, we have natural gas in our sinks that can light sinks on fire from the back in. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Arlington-Tensions-Rise-After-Fracking-Site-Accident-493796661.html

  42. I was watching The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder once many years ago, and he had a guest whose name I don’t recall, who made a living predicting how businesses would work in the future. When asked about the bleak future for oil companies and running out of gasoline, the man predicted that gasoline would never go above $3.50 per gallon because we could make gasoline from coal. He said that even with drastic increases in need for gasoline, we had enough coal reserves to supply our needs for 5,000 years or more. I don’t remember his name, or the date the show aired, but he did seem very sure of his figures.

  43. It makes no sense to drill for oil. We have enough CO2 in the air from all that burning anyway. We can just extract that from the air and make oil.

    That's the promise of algae.

    How much oil can we make from all the CO2 in the air? What are the reserves on that? How many metric tons of CO2 are in the air?

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