Woman Cuffs Childhood Crush with Baby, Allegedly (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Woman Cuffs Childhood Crush with Baby, Allegedly (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Milton vs. Lewis.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. MILTON: Your Honor. Mr. Milton, you have filed
a paternity entrapment suit against the defendant. You claim that she is out
to pin a baby on you because she’s had
a childhood crush on you that she just can’t get over. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Lewis, you contend that you are 100% certain that Mr. Milton
is your daughter Dezire’sbiological fatherand claim that
his meddling girlfriend is the only reason
he is denying her. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Milton,
explain to me this paternity
entrapment suit, right? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Explain. Well, you know,
I met the defendant, uh, when I was a kid and I feel like
she has been plotting on me ever since then, like… JUDGE LAKE:
Since you were kids? MILTON: Yes, ’cause you know
what, ever since I was younger I always had somebody else
in my life. And she always came around. She knew that
I always had somebody but she always want to be
around, calling me,
coming over, all of that, so, like I said, I feel like she had
ulterior motives
from the gate. Okay, so you believe
she’s been pursuing you… MILTON: Yes. …and that was
part of her plot. As soon as she got
the opportunity, she got it. LEWIS: Excuse me, ma’am,
this is what really happened. His grandmother
and my cousin came to my grandmother’s
house with him
and his brother. I was like, “Ooh, he cute.”
I told his grandmother that. She introduced us. I started talking to David and when I started
talking to David… She never left me alone. (WOMAN LAUGHS) How about that? She’s been
chasing me ever since. I have not been chasing him. And never left… As soon as she heard I was out
like I said, she came running. Heels on. Excuse me, I ain’t gonna…
I’m not gonna plot on you. Seriously. Because
when God made one man he made more.
It’s not that serious, David. You’re with a woman. It’s not that serious. Not even with a man. I’ve been there for my baby. But you’re
with a woman, though. You can’t flip it. So, you met
when you were younger? Yes. And you all liked each other? Yes. So, when you were
in other relationships you say, Ms. Lewis used to
always come around. Were you coming around,
Ms. Lewis? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: When he was in
other relationships? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:
Come around for what? Trying to be with him? LEWIS: No, it was… Trying to be with me.
She’s trying to be with me. My family was close
with his family and he know
his mom loves me, and he know how close
his family is with me. How did you get to the place where you all ended up
sleeping together? Okay. With that, I’d seen
his cousin at my kid’s school. She was like,
“Little David and all.” Because my girlfriend, I’ve been with her
for almost eight years now. Okay. And she was like,
“You should have another baby. “I want you to have a baby.” MILTON: It’s a plot,
you hear her! Hold on. “I want you
to have…” Let me finish. Let me finish,
it ain’t no plot ’cause if I can plot it,
it wouldn’t be you. Believe that.
It wouldn’t be you! Hello. Hello. LEWIS: It would not be you! LEWIS: It should’ve take
four years, David. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, hold on, hold on. What I believe both of you
were testifying to is that this was never even a boyfriend
and girlfriend relationship. This was just a friendship and you knew each other
through your family. Okay, that could be fine.
You can say friendship. JUDGE LAKE:
And you had a history. Okay, I’m getting to the point
now where, all right, you see him again. Mmm-hmm. The woman you’re with says,
“I wanna have another baby.” LEWIS: Yes. She was like,
“I want you to have
another baby “so we could raise together
as a newborn.” So, when that happened
or whatever his cousin was like,
“David’s getting…”
I was like, “Hmm.” I’mma just go over there… Hmm! It sounds…
It sounds plot-esque. MILTON: Okay. I’m just going to say… Hello. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Lewis… Okay, that’s why. So, I was like, “Okay.” I was like, “Okay,” and
we happened to mess around and he wasn’t even all that. To be honest, he was not all
that so I didn’t even know. It’s not all that, but
why you tell a man after sex, “I conceive easy”? I’m like, “It’s over right here.
Fun over. End of the night.” LEWIS: After he told me,
I said, “Yes, I’m fertile.” Like, “Yes,
I can get pregnant.” She said that,
then three weeks later she showed up with a dog
or whatever, I was like, “Wow, the baby…” JUDGE LAKE: Wait. Okay,
Mr. Milton, slow down,
slow down, slow down. I’m sorry, Your Honor.
I’m sorry. Wait, slow down. ‘Cause I wanna understand
what’s going on here and look, you… So far, like I said, it’s a little
plot-esque. I mean, when you start sentences
with “Hmm.” That’s…
That’s the plot look. LEWIS: Okay. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. But really, I mean, I’m being very honest.
You talked to your partner, you thought about
having another baby. The opportunity
presented itself or either
you created the opportunity to go over and see him, and you all have
unprotected sex. Is that the testimony? MILTON: Yes, Your Honor. All right, and it was sex
one time or how many times? Was it just this one day? First time was one time. Then after the baby was born,
of course, you know, it was getting a little
more familiar,
you know what I’m saying? So, yeah,
it was more than one time, but that’s
after the baby was born. I’m just concerned
with the conception. Thank you for the extra info. MILTON: One time. Thank you. But just the conception. This one night
that we are concerned with that deals with
Dezire’s paternity. Yes. All right. This night, you go over,
you have sex, you don’t use protection. Right. And basically, what has been
testified is that… MILTON: She told me
she was already pregnant. LEWIS: I told him
two weeks later… Basically,
the same night we had, “I conceive easily.” Come on, Your Honor.
Basically, all you’re telling
me is she was pregnant. JUDGE LAKE: So, you’re saying
that very night… She told me
she was pregnant. Oh, he is lying. I waited two weeks.
No, he is lying. Ma’am, because when I went
to his mother’s house… When I found out
I was pregnant I went
to his mother’s house with papers
and your mama was happy. So, quit lying. Quit lying! MILTON: Three weeks later! The baby is already formed
when she tells me. JUDGE LAKE: How long
after this night of sex did you realize you were
pregnant and have the papers? It was about two weeks, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
So, two weeks after you have sex,
you find out you’re pregnant. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Milton,
how did you find out Ms. Lewis was pregnant? She came over to my mother
house with a sonogram and… JUDGE LAKE: She had a sonogram
when she came to your… Yes. …mother’s house. Two weeks
after you had sex with her? I saw a little baby,
black and white, in a sonogram picture. She said, “Don’t she look
like you?” LEWIS: Ultrasound. Ultrasound,
that’s what she said there. She said, “Don’t the baby
look like you?” “It ain’t got no face “and that, how the baby
look like me?” LEWIS: He is lying. He is lying. Not… It is so crazy, man. LEWIS: Why this man lying? Oh, my God! JUDGE LAKE:
The baby does have a face. LEWIS: Yeah, and they do
got features, like… JUDGE LAKE: But I understand
what you’re saying. You’re saying
in this small sonogram, you could not see anything
at that point. And she’s already saying
the baby look like me. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, I wanna understand,
Ms. Lewis, so, you brought the ultrasound
picture for him to see in the black and white photo? Ma’am, he lying. I’m not lying.
I don’t make this stuff up. I did not bring
no ultrasound picture. He is lying. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, what did you have
at that time? I had the paper, ’cause
I went to the urgent care and got the pregnancy test, um, and I had the paper
showing that I was pregnant. It said, “Positive.” JUDGE LAKE: Okay. That’s what it was, ma’am. It wasn’t no ultrasound. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So, Ms. Lewis, you take the
paperwork over to his family and you say
his mother is happy. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: What is
the response you received
from Mr. Milton? Uh, he was all smiling
and stuff. He was happy. JUDGE LAKE: Were you happy,
Mr. Milton? Yes, I was. JUDGE LAKE: You were? All right. At what point
do your doubts kick in? When her girlfriend
called my mother and said she married an African dude and she was having sex
with him. (LAUGHS) You’re lying. Ma’am… MILTON: How am I
supposed to feel? JUDGE LAKE: Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait! Ms. Lewis… LEWIS: Yes. Are you married
to another man? I was. I was married. JUDGE LAKE: You were married
to another man. Yes, I was. Okay, so were you having sex
with that man as well? If you’re married to him… No. No, Your Honor. I was not. It’s like the plot thickens. JUDGE LAKE:
So why would your partner… Because she was mad at me
at the time so, she called Mr. Milton
and told… She didn’t call me, she called
my mother. Let’s be real. JUDGE LAKE: So how old… LEWIS: It might be
the same thing. How old was Dezire when this call happened? Young. Very young, you know. Like, I was really trying
to be there and… JUDGE LAKE:
But now Dezire is four. Yeah. I mean, are you
in her life at all? MILTON: No. JUDGE LAKE: When was
the last time you saw her? MILTON: It’s been a few years. JUDGE LAKE: A few years? Yes. LEWIS: Ma’am, I got proof (VOICE BREAKING) that this man
talking crazy about my baby. He calls her ugly. It was like, I called her
one time. Look, listen… She look like you,
so you’re calling
yourself ugly. MILTON: One time… She looks like you. Me and her,
we’re having an argument,
you know what I’m saying? I get mad
just to make her mad. Then she goes back
and tell the little kid that. What type of person are you?
Admit it, you haven’t… That she went to tell
the little girl I called her ugly. JUDGE LAKE:
Tell the little girl? What type of person are you? I did not tell her that. JUDGE LAKE: What is bad
enough… It’s bad enough. You shouldn’t be
calling a child ugly. LEWIS: I have proof, ma’am. Let me see this proof. I was trying to get
under her skin, Your Honor. You know how you’re mad,
two people bickering? Like I said… JUDGE LAKE: But that’s not
about the child. You don’t call a child names. I wanna understand
what this evidence is. Ms. Lewis, what is this? That him calling
his own daughter ugly. This is a message from
Mr. Milton. You had what? I think that day I had asked him for some money
or something. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, for Dezire. For Dezire. JUDGE LAKE:
And then, Mr. Milton responds,“Got $100 in my pocket.“I won’t give you
one red cent.
“Lol.”And then the next line,“You in your ugly kid.”What? “I don’t have no kids.”Now that’s ignorant.LEWIS: He, ma’am… MILTON: But you gotta… You gotta understand… That’s ignorant. Your Honor,
the other day he said the doctor told him
he can’t have no kids, ’cause he been
trying to have a baby with Ms. Tomatohead over there
for a long time. MILTON: Watch your mouth. And I told him… JUDGE LAKE: Hold on! Wait. Hold on. Listen, listen. We’re gonna be respectful
in this courtroom. Yes, ma’am. I think it’s interesting that you’re quick
to defend somebody, but you’re calling
a child ugly. MILTON: But you understand… No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no. I was mad. JUDGE LAKE:
That doesn’t matter. I know. That doesn’t matter.
That’s between you and her. And you did sleep with her. MILTON: Yes. And you didn’t
use protection. You’re right. JUDGE LAKE: So,
you potentially could be
Dezire’s father. So can her husband. JUDGE LAKE: So, it’s not… Look, that may be, but we’re
trying to figure out today who are the other possibility. But the point is,
you don’t call a child names. So, Ms. Lewis, I do have
to ask you about it. You admit you had a husband. Yes, ma’am. You know,
he was like a friend. He asked me to marry him,
I said, “Yes.” Young and dumb,
that’s what it was. Never… I wasn’t attracted
to him like that. Why are you still worried
about it? I ain’t
marrying you! Why are you worried about
who I’m married to? Why is he so worried?
I don’t understand. JUDGE LAKE: But, Ms. Lewis,
I do have to say… Why didn’t you
have a baby with him? I didn’t have no kid. Hold on. Hold on. I do have to say, I mean, in
terms of Mr. Milton’s doubt, if your partner
calls his family and says, “Now you know
she has a husband.” LEWIS: Right. I mean, it is reasonable to assume that you would also be having a sexual relationship
with your husband. And if his testimony that he saw a sonogram, an ultrasound,
at two to three weeks is true,
and you also had a husband, then he is very confused about the paternity. Hello. I wanna hear
from your witness, sir. Stand, ma’am, please
and step up to the podium. DANIELS: Yes, Your Honor. State your name for the court. My name is Teauna Daniels. JUDGE LAKE:
Ms. Daniels, you are… David’s girlfriend.
We’re in a committed
relationship. JUDGE LAKE:So,
what are your opinions?
You do not believe
that is your boyfriend’s
biological daughter?
No, I do not. JUDGE LAKE:
And what do you know about this situation that would lead you
to believe this. Um, I really just think
she don’t know either, ’cause every time
she comes around she never brings the child.
She brings herself an audience. MILTON: She’s
always calling me audience, friends and stuff, like, it’s never
about the kid. It’s never about the kid. It is about my daughter. Every time she come around
it’s never about the kid. JUDGE LAKE: Well, maybe after
you called the child names, she’s scared to bring the baby
until she approaches you ’cause she doesn’t know how
you gonna react to the child. So how long have you been
with your current girlfriend? About three-and-a-half years. JUDGE LAKE: Have you all been
trying to conceive? Yes, Your Honor. But you have not been
successful thus far? MILTON: Yes. All right. So now, that even furthers
your doubt more in terms of Dezire’s paternity because you feel like,
up until this point, you haven’t even been able to
conceive with your girlfriend. Maybe this is not
your biological child. Yes, Your Honor. Understood. Thank you
so much, Ms. Daniels. You may take a seat. DANIELS: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So,
before I go to the results, are you willing to
be in Dezire’s life if she is
your biological daughter? Only if she comes with me
with a proper
attitude correct, because she gets
under my skin. I’m not gonna deal with nobody
that gets under my skin. Well, you’re getting
under my skin, because if it’s your
biological daughter, (APPLAUSE) your involvement in her life, it can’t be contingent upon… MILTON: So, I gotta be
crucified, too? She gonna try to crucify me. No, no. It’s… Look, look, look. It’s not about
being crucified. It’s about being there
for a four-year-old girl. At this point,
at four years old, you know
if you have a daddy or not. All the other kids
are saying daddy. Their daddy’s picking them up
from preschool, their daddy’s taking them
to the park.She’s at an age now
where she knows.
She knows and I can see tears
in her mother’s eyes. LEWIS: You ask her
what’s her dad’s name, she’d say, “David.” I tell my daughter that
she not dumb. She loves her dad. She might not
know you like that, but she know him. I have no connection
with this girl. We can have connections
but she choose not to. She don’t wanna come
every time I call. JUDGE LAKE: So, you feel like,
as you try to establish a relationship
or a rapport. which would be conducive to
getting to know the child or at least sifting
through this paternity issue, you feel like it’s always met
with combativeness. Yes. And I asked her,
I begged her, I said,
“Please, let’s get along.” She don’t understand it.
Na-na-na-na-na-na-na. I’m not gonna deal with that. I feel like
I should have a life, too. You ain’t gonna crucify me. JUDGE LAKE:
Let’s get some answers. Then we can figure out
where we can go from here. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. (APPLAUSE) Thank you, Jerome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Milton vs. Lewis,
when it comes to
four-year-old Dezire Lewis, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Milton, you… …are the father. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! Had to know. I had to know. It’s my right. Thank you. I told you. MILTON:
You can’t fight to that. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Sow the seeds of doubt. It’s my right to know.
You planted that. Okay. Look, look, look. Just take a minute and take a breath. LEWIS: I told you. JUDGE LAKE: How does that feel
to finally know for sure? I feel great. No more doubts. No more
African man’s in the picture. None of that. When you first found out
about Ms. Lewis’s pregnancy, you admitted in open court
that you were happy. MILTON: I was. JUDGE LAKE: I wanna get back
to that page of this book. She not gonna allow that. JUDGE LAKE:
No, no, no, no! That’s it. But see,
let me tell you something. You cannot live in that level
of negative expectation and expect a positive result. Right? Right. JUDGE LAKE: You really can’t. If everything’s gonna be, “Ms. Lewis ain’t gonna do
this, Ms. Lewis ain’t go…” Dezire is gonna suffer. She’s four now. We can get this train back on the right track, but you all have to
work together. And you guys are gonna have to
let the past be the past. I’mma let the past
be the past, because
I knew the results and we all heard it.
I’m good. I’m blessed. Well, that sounds great
for the results. I’mma step up, be the man. LEWIS: I ain’t gonna
disrespect his girlfriend
no more. We ain’t gotta argue no more.
I ain’t gotta disrespect him. JUDGE LAKE:
Let the church say “Amen.” Then I’ll do it.
I just wanted the answers. That’s all I wanted.
It was the answers. ‘Cause I knew… I knew… JUDGE LAKE: This is good. We’ll give counseling
and resources for you both. MILTON: Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: Take care of that
beautiful little girl. Court is adjourned.

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