YOU MUST KNOW these things about Genetics..
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YOU MUST KNOW these things about Genetics..

Genetics is a novel and rapidly growing field of medicine. The genetic disorders were previously considered rare and not worth looking for. However in a country like India with 130 crore population we are expected to see more number of genetic disorder patients than any other country in the world. The need of hour is that, we clinicians should actively look for the markers of genetic disease and start working up the patients accordingly. Who needs Genetic Evaluation? Couples with previously affected children Genetic problems in parents Parents known carrier for a genetic disorder Family history of genetic problems Anomaly in ongoing pregnancy Advanced maternal age Infertility Positive screening test for Trisomies Teratogen exposure i.e., drugs, radiation or evidence of viral infections like chicken pox Family H/O. Recurrent or Rare cancers or Young age cancers

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