Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana
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Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

For centuries, humans have been using substances
to alter their state of mind. From caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol
to more extreme drugs. But as the most commonly used
illicit drug in North America, Where does marijuana fit in and how exactly does it affect your brain? First, we need to understand how the brain functions. Neurons are the cells that
process information in the brain. By releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters from the axon of one neuron
to the dendrite of another they change the electrical charge
of the receiving neuron consequently exciting or inhibiting it. If excited, the signal is passed on. Though it sounds simple
these signals work together and the effect is quickly compouned
into complex configurations within milliseconds flashing over the entire brain. This is what happens every single time
you think, breathe or move. So what is going on inside your brain
when you’re smoking marijuana? Well unlike alcohol, which contains molecules
nothing like those in our body, cannabis contains molecules that resemble those
produced in our very own brains: cannabonoids. Although naturally these cannabonoids
circulate at much lower quantities compared to the large influx imposed by smoking, specifically the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol or THC resembles a natural transmitter called “anandamide”. These cannabonoids are specialized neurotransmitters released by neurons having just fired. Neurons temporarily become unresponsive after firing to prevent them from overracting
or being too dominant. This allows your brain to function in a
calm and controlled manner. But cannabonoids interrupt this approach
in some parts of the brain. Instead, they remove the refractory period of neurons
that are already active and can cause your thoughts, imagination,
and perception to utterly magnify itself. This means, once you begin your train of thought it becomes the most significant
and profound thing ever. You can’t see the big picture
or even recall your last epiphany because you’re caught up in the momentum
of a particular idea and your neurons keep firing until a new idea takes hold
and you go off on a new tangent. These cannabonoids also affect the levels
of dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain often leading to a sense of euphoria,
relaxation, pain modulation and general enhancement of an experience, though sometimes causing anxiety. Furthermore, there are cannabonoid receptors in areas controlling short-term memory,
learning, coordination, movement control and higher cognitive functions. Got a burning question you want answered? Ask them in the comments
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100 thoughts on “Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

  1. When I got high for the first time, I was only 18 and got so paranoid since everything around me became stretched and started spinning in a weird manner
    And my body felt like it was in another dimension and like I didn’t have control over it
    I got so scaredd
    And I didn’t get the high that everyone enjoys and make them laugh and shit
    Mind anyone explain

  2. I put a camera in my room and house when I got high (I live alone so ye) and when I wasn’t high anymore I re watched the footage on the cam and the shit I said and did lmao

  3. This is my first time getting high and this video explained all of my questions. Its an experience for sure

  4. all the kids in the comments sayin weed is completely harmless. Addiction to it IS real, i was there and trust me its not a joke

  5. I watched this before getting high and now I'm rewatching it while high nd believe me I can hear the letters laugh

  6. So beware smoking marijuana? This video tells us that when we are high neurotransmitters are basically working overtime instead of resting when overworked like how they do when sober. So I’d imagine becoming a heavy stoner means your neurotransmitters are always at rest when sober and only really super active when high. Good way to beat this could be longer breaks between highs maybe…and shorter high times with longer sober times. Basically smoke less 💨

  7. Is it normal that my eyes, eyebrows and tongue moved by itself repeatedly? Cause i did this when i was high

  8. Smoking weed can kill you faster as the cigarettes? And how this plant affect your lungs and your body when you are smoking it?

  9. It's interesting that he stressed the second syllable in 'cannabinoids', I'd always stress the third. I wonder if that's a difference between American and British English pronunciation.

  10. When I'm high I just feel I'm spinning in circles and my body feels so relaxed it feels so good and than I sleep. Lol

  11. Should of put there that its an enhancement.. And a mineral. That slows the growth of cancer cells from forming… And if you are pregnant you can smoke organically with valcano or zero butane..

  12. So one time I was invited to a party… I was always the quiet one in school… (which means I didn’t really have friends or I never went out) and I decided to go to the party and I didn’t know there was gonna be smoking and drinking so I was just standing there doing nothing like an idiot… then there were these group of people and my one friend was in it and they invited me over… then one of the guys got something out of there pocket… and of course it was marijuana… all of them were smoking except for me… so my friend was also smoking too… and she asked me if I wanted to do it? And I said “sorry, I never tried before so idk” and all of them seemed Soo surprised I never tried so they forced me too… then, they gave me the chute (where I live we use a homemade chute to smoke weed with) and I said “Uhm idk how to light it up” so my friend did it for me. Then I did it! And a few tokes later… my eyes felt low and Fat? And I couldn’t stop laughing and Smiling… lol and I was always shaking my legs😂 idk why but it was an amazing time… then After a few more tokes my crush… (I think we liked each other at that time) invited me over to his room! And I was confused… (I was soooo high that I was confident to do anything…) and then he was rubbing my thighs… and then you know what happens after that…! And then of course I was forced to try alcohol too! Soo idk why I drank it in the first place! So I actually enjoyed it that night… and now me and my bf Kerwin are dating 🙂

  13. Man these people trying to come up with anything to get people to not to smoke you will not stop it its gonna be legal everywhere

  14. So basically cannabis short circuits your brain and causes it to work overtime. That's a recipe for brain damage.

  15. Who else is high? and doesn’t know wtf is going on and you just clicked on this video just cause it said marijuana

  16. And now we just will prance and twirl after we are waving to the sinks that we like to be on…but let's just try to help our dogs cuz we will also sit and be cool for our flies whenever those will be jumping onto some nice trees that will also smile and wave…but lastly we will just probably be into some foods that will be crying for some ice cream with cheese and then agree that we all can just be ok with some other chips🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  17. If thc lights up the portion of the brain that deals with higher learning functions then does that improve the capability of the individual's ability to absorb more information?

  18. Who else feels spaced out when they get high? Im also a bit paranoid, i laugh more, and most constantly asking myself do others feel the same as me…

  19. You know whats funny? The worst thing that could happen to you from weed is getting caught by police… that's of course if you aren't in countries like Netherlands… you lucky bastards…

  20. When I smoke I just get full blown anxiety and I think I’m in a another universe sorry guys but I hate the feeling pot gives me 😔

  21. i drank 6 energy cans a day whilst smoking more weed that my body could handle and ive been suffering from heart palpitations im only 18 but it was worth it i cant smoke weed ever again 🙁

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