Your Face Could Be Recreated From DNA: Should You Worry?
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Your Face Could Be Recreated From DNA: Should You Worry?

Could we take a sample of your DNA and predict
what your face looks like? Maaaayyyyybe? Maybe. … Okay yes, but also not really. Craig Venter, a pioneer in human genetic research
and sequencing recently co-authored a paper saying if someone got your DNA, they could
use it to reveal your face. In the paper, they sequenced the genomes of
over a thousand people, and captured a bunch of metadata. They fed this into an algorithm. The program compared all the metadata to the
DNA, looking for small differences, and matching features. This paper argues we should be concerned about
storing DNA on publically accessible databases for the sake of privacy. They say, if compromised, someone could pick
out your face armed only with your DNA. Obviously, if true, this is pretty freaky. Especially when combined with another creepy
project from 2013. A New York artist took cigarette butts, hair,
and other discarded items, pulled DNA off of them, sequenced that DNA, and performed
facial reconstruction. The idea being, this face could be the person
who dropped the DNA. The artist told CNN, she could reveal possible
“ancestors…, gender, eye color, hair color, complexion, freckles, their tendency to be
overweight and a handful of dimensions of the face.” Put together, I’d understand if you’re
skeeved. This is a march toward GATTACA…Buuuut there
are still limitations. The artist says, these are “general likenesses,”
not portraits. And, Venter’s algorithm matched a diverse
group to their DNA 80-percent of the time, but only half the time when they were all
one ethnicity. Critics of Venter’s paper say the numbers
aren’t good enough to justify any concern, and one of the paper’s co-authors even said
it misrepresented their data. In the end, we only sequenced the human genome
in 2003, so there’s a lot to learn. Projects like these remind us of the sheer
amount of data we’re throwing away, every day, about ourselves, in stray hairs, skin
cells caught in lip prints, and so many other places. So, can we reconstruct your face? No. But soon we may be able to match it with an
algorithm, based on a hair you left in a subway station. Till then, more research and probably laws
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explains how your DNA could keep you from your dream job if Congress gets what it wants. Watch it here. Are you worried about your DNA privacy? Let us know, and thanks for watching Seeker.

100 thoughts on “Your Face Could Be Recreated From DNA: Should You Worry?

  1. Lol if you want another face of this to go around then feel free.

    If a criminal needs a face that people will just ignore and never suspect, I have the perfect face.

  2. Already happened to Gucci Mane, Kanye West, Michael Jackson was the first experiment and it went wrong but people still bought that a black dude turned white.

  3. The government already stores and keeps any type of DNA samples, straight from our birth from the placenta and the umbilical cord stem cells. Hence why you have to sign a form before you give birth approving and authorising they use the "stem cells" of your baby's unbiblical cord for "treatment" of certain cancer and auto-immune conditions. I'm leaning more towards a theory where the government is preparing a clone of each one of us where it's controlled and not free-willed like real human beings. They have been planning something nasty for decades I'm sure.

  4. If your face get deformed in an accident?Is it possible to recreate face using this technology in the distant future?

  5. I've pondered what people would look like if they were compared to their ideal genetic template without any traces of external influence.

  6. Oh NO!… I sure hope someone doesn't find out what my FACE looks like. I better go post my concerns on my FACE BOOK, where I keep all my most private but publicly accessible details, such as the history of where I have lived, where I work, my social circles, where I went to school, and where my selfies are.

  7. The genome is something like 98% similar between all humans. But a lot of features are envionmentally linked in a single instance of a human.. subject to Age, Nutrition, Viral exposure, Accidents (even a Sun tan) and so forth.. so whole cloth we can only recreate 1% of your overall features as an identifying pattern (at most).. even if those are (all) superfacial (pun intended) those are slim pickins. Hyperstareia will have to wait.

  8. sorry, but there are plenty of criminal investigation methods that are very unreliable that are held up as 100% accurate in court. dental imprints and, believe it or not finger prints, are not as reliable as tv makes you think, and hundreds of people have been wrongly convicted because of it.

  9. Take this to next level…John Smith goes in for a job interview. Employer offers him a beverage during interview. John's DNA is picked up from beverage n sent to a healthcare risk company. John gets passed over because his genetics will cause elevated heathcare cost. Thats our world we live in.

  10. If it work on human. did it work on animal too?? if it work on animal, maybe it can help us to identify the exact face of prehistorical creature or something like that.. meh

  11. Also, it doesn't take into account age or stress wrinkles or injuries to the face, or whether you have acne, facial hair or good dental work.

    Just wondering, though, if they could accurately recreate a face, what exactly could they do with that information? Or what could they do with that information that they couldn't do just as easily by taking a photo of me in public?

  12. Not my face – was totally rebuilt after a motorcycle accident! Eye positions, cheekbones, nose, etc., are not where they used to be.
    And no – I don't look like Dali had a hand in the rebuild!! :p 🙂

  13. Like Khabib would say: 'Dis iz namber won boollshit.'
    Your click-bait title for this video aside, modern-day academia and research publications are full of hacks peddling pseudo science, crypto ideology, and pure hyperbole.
    It's getting to be surreal.

  14. It can ONLY be recreated accurately by cloning humans which is forbidden. Plus – you get an image of the human some years later, when the cloned childs face is growing with the right proportions that can be used for extrapolation (how it would look like in later years). For the exact computer-calculation of the face-proportions you have to consider multiple protein-gradients. Therefore you may consider every protein involved in the individuals development plus RNA and other cofactors. Mapping gene- and SNP-related face proportions can only give you vague assumptions on how thehuman from which the DNA was taken looked.

  15. You know what my face looks like? all you have to do is think of the most beautiful god damned thing you can ever think of.

  16. That's the most rediculous example of paranoia I've heard in a while. Someone might eventually get ahold of my DNA and thus can figure out what I look like. In what kind of world would that matter, because it is certainly not our own. Our faces are our prime identifying features, thus it is something that the vast majority of people do not hide it as default.

    If someone wanted to specifically single me out and hunt for my DNA, they would probably have a much easier time figuring out what I look like if they have enough information to know where to look to assuredly get ahold of it (or just a computer and a internet connection). If it is just someone randomly finding samples of DNA and comes upon my own, then congratulations, this person spent time and effort to see the face of a random person; I can do that with less than half the work they put into it.

    The only reasonable fear I can see come from this is if someone has been purposely concealing their appearance for a significant period of time or during significant situations and then being found out by this, but that is rare outside of the occasional criminal, and there are still factors that make this process overkill and unnecessary in many situations anyway. Few people can really hope to keep their faces unknown for long and we do have other identifying markers other than their face.

    If we go beyond face value, pun intended, getting better at reading DNA is more of a benefit than a drawback. Most medical facilities one would go to would probably already have a lot of the information that can be found on DNA on file (and as reading DNA does get better, they will have just as much if not more information available to them than others anyway), and if not this makes people actually safer because it means it is getting easier for medical professionals to treat people they don't have on file. Those outside of medical professions won't have much use of this information unless we do go "Gattica" as was brought up in this video, but I find that unlikely, especially as medical knowledge is getting to the point where percieved deficiencies in our own DNA can be corrected and modified. And also because we're not in a work of fiction.

    Simply put, you have to do better than that to make me paranoid, and anyone legitimately afraid of the implications is either overreacting, already paranoid, or somehow has a critical piece of information that I don't have. Unless someone out there had a freaking Death Note, I don't think using my own DNA to find out what my face looks like is particularly threatening when someone can just go on Facebook to do that (and I don't even use Facebook).

  17. So I see the a business opportunity in creating a "DNA Bomb"…. a device that when detonated, doesn't cause any damage, it just spreads the random DNA of a million people throughout the selected area effectively hiding any DNA evidence you may have left behind.

    Until the tech is actually developed, just aggressively empty a couple of garbage bags from the dumpsters of local restaurants onto your "crime scene"…. DNA problem solved.

  18. I want to do a DNA test for family tree reasons but I want it to be private . I hear that all companies pass information on to places like government or police ,etc. Is this true ?

  19. This channel is shit. You're basically holding information for ransom in order to get people to look at the stupid ads. You aren't providing anything of value to the world, just stop making videos.

  20. nice. I am going to get a Jennifer lopez clone, beyonce clone, Hillary duff clone and the Spanish girls in Univision. YAYAY!!

  21. The writer Tom Slemen said in his book Strange Mysteries a few years ago that we could reconstruct the Zodiac Killer's face from the DNA he left behind on postage stamps etc. The forensic potential of this DNA facial concept will be far reaching.

  22. It's only a matter of time before they can do this, and, as with all other new technology, we only find out much later that the military and spy organisations get new technology decades before we do. (e.g. stealth aircraft in the early 1960's; satellite imagery could enough to read newspaper headlines from orbit in the 1980's)

  23. Dammm the animus is comming, then we can be our ansisters just like in assassins creed and then we can see how they where.

  24. CO-WROTE. I hate "co-authored". No one needed to turn that noun into a verb. It does not embiggen anyone's vocabulary.

  25. Two words: plastic surgery
    If someone has done plastic surgery then they probably wouldn't be able to reconstruct that person's face or if a person does plastic surgery after they reconstruct the face cause then the person maybe doesn't look like that anymore but that depends on how intense that surgery would be, if the whole face or just facial features or other body parts would look different

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